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Fush Yu Mang (Acoustic)
The Gift of Rock
The Gift of Rock
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Smash Mouth
Astro Lounge
Fush Yu Mang (20th Anniversary Edition)
Smash Mouth at Tioga Downs (August 31, 2019)
Venue: Tioga Downs (Nichols, NY, US) Find tickets
SmashMouth Aug 09, 2019
sometimes we bring kids on stage. #SmashMouthLive2019 (photo by John Flores Photography )
SmashMouth Aug 06, 2019
our new version of our classic PADRINO
SmashMouth Jul 30, 2019
Thanks for coming out Chicago! #RidgeFest2019
SmashMouth Jul 21, 2019
Happy Birthday!!! Wolfe Cevorov #Roadman
SmashMouth Jul 18, 2019
Today in 1997 we released our first Major Label single "Walkin On The Sun". The song reached No. 1 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay singles chart!. Here's our 2018 acoustic version of the song.
SmashMouth Jul 17, 2019
new shirts are in
SmashMouth Jul 05, 2019
i cant talk to my folks, I need something soon.
SmashMouth Jul 02, 2019
We rocked Canada this weekend opening for SNOOP DOGG! (photo by Woodfall Media)
SmashMouth Jul 01, 2019
Who said Canada doesn't like us? Thanks for coming out!
SmashMouth Jun 30, 2019
SmashMouth Jun 25, 2019
SmashMouth Jun 19, 2019
SmashMouth Jun 17, 2019
A buddy of ours needs your support. Local Drummer Legend Matt Kolb has a bump in the road and needs assistance. A music staple in the SF-Bay Area for over 20years! We've all played in bands with him! The Mercury News Aaron Axelsen ALT 104.9 FM
SmashMouth Jun 17, 2019
Rockin Santa Cruz This Friday Night! Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
SmashMouth Jun 12, 2019
This is the story of “All Star,” from the band that made it! Rolling Stone
SmashMouth Jun 11, 2019
Thanks for coming out this weekend!
SmashMouth Jun 03, 2019
SmashMouth May 26, 2019
Introducing the debut EP from our Bass Player/Songwriter Paul Delisle's new project SUB DAYLIGHTS. SiriusXMU Here's the first single titled "Petrified Nation".
SmashMouth May 22, 2019
Check out the new EP from our Bass Player/Songwriter Pauly-D under the name SUB DAYLIGHTS on SoundCloud
SmashMouth May 22, 2019
Check out the new project from our Bass Player/Songwriter Pauly-D under the name SUB DAYLIGHTS. Here's the debut EP on @SpotifyUSA
SmashMouth May 17, 2019
SmashMouth May 15, 2019
The Making Of All Star!
SmashMouth May 08, 2019
Be sure to follow us on Instagram HQ
SmashMouth May 06, 2019
Happy 88th to the best to ever play CF!
SmashMouth May 04, 2019