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Rise and Shine
The Apocalypse DJ
Within Temptation with In Flames and Smash Into Pieces at PlayStation Theater (March 2, 2019)
Venue: PlayStation Theater (New York, NY, US) Find tickets
Within Temptation with In Flames and Smash Into Pieces at L'Olympia de Montréal (March 5, 2019)
Venue: L'Olympia de Montréal (Montreal, QC, Canada) Find tickets
Within Temptation with In Flames and Smash Into Pieces at Skyway Theatre (March 9, 2019)
Venue: Skyway Theatre (Minneapolis, MN, US) Find tickets
Within Temptation with In Flames and Smash Into Pieces at The Roseland Ballroom (March 14, 2019)
Venue: The Roseland Ballroom (Portland, OR, US) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces Dec 10, 2018
GIGANTIC ANNOUNCEMENT! 🇺🇸/🇨🇦 This February & March we team up with Within Temptation & In Flames for a tour in the US & Canada. No words can describe how excited we are to visit North America again! #SmashIntoPieces2019
Smash Into Pieces Dec 09, 2018
Ending 2o18 with dignity! 👌🏿\¯|¯/ Thx Jay Smith for joining us on stage during “Boomerang” - always a pleasure! Also thx to the people behind Örebro Rockfest for delivering an absolute epic evening in our hometown #Örebro! ❤️ 📸 Steven Erixon
Smash Into Pieces Dec 08, 2018
Listen up #SmashFamily 🌍-wide! Thanks for all you’ve done for us this year - best year yet in our careers and even greater it will become! You guys are our fuel to keep on going! We have some absolutely crazy 2019-news to share with ya’ll very very soon so stay tuned. Tonight we’re doing this year’s last show in our hometown of #Örebro! Wish us luck & see ya’ll next year! LET’S PARDEEEY LIKE IT’S 2018 TONIGHTAAAH! 🔥🍻🍾 #OverAndOut 📸 Ilona Gerasymova
Smash Into Pieces Dec 07, 2018
Thanks tAKiDA & Writing The Future for a fantastic European tour! Also thanks to all of you fans for coming out and singing along with us every night! We will never forget this! You guys will forever have a special place in our hearts! ❤️
Smash Into Pieces Dec 07, 2018
Happy 30th #birthday to the man with THE voice! ❤️ Drop an happy birthday wish here! He would like that, ALOT! 👏😉🔥 / Per, Banjo, TADJ. 📸 Ilona Gerasymova
Smash Into Pieces Dec 06, 2018
Mixed feelings today.. Last show on the #LiveInEurope2018 tour with tAKiDA & Writing The Future here in sold-out #Hannover, Germany. BUT don’t be sad, we have moved the show next door to an even bigger venue! That means there’s still 🎫 on the door, come early! Let’s end this with a BANG!!!
Smash Into Pieces Dec 05, 2018
#Berlin Berlin Berlin! Nuff said! #LiveInEurope2018 ❤️ 📸 Ilona Gerasymova
Smash Into Pieces Dec 05, 2018
The show MUST always go on! Our very 1st experience with #Poland 🇵🇱 last night was in blood, sweat & tears.. LITERALLY!! Thanks for an unforgettable epic evening! 2 more shows left on #LiveInEurope2018 with tAKiDA & Writing The Future! BANGARAANG!
Smash Into Pieces Dec 03, 2018
Hungary 🇭🇺! You guys are this tour’s BIG surprise! ❤️ #LiveInEurope2018 tAKiDA Writing The Future
Smash Into Pieces Dec 01, 2018
To go on tour together with other bands, new people you don't know before stepping onto the tourbus is always exciting and worrying at the same time. Imagine sharing your home with a bunch of people you don't know for near a month... kinda mixed feelings right ? But!... This tour with tAKiDA and Writing The Future have truly proven all doubt and worrying to be completely unnecessary. We have never met a bunch of guys that are more humble, passionate and kindhearted than these two bands. All you SMASH HEADS out there make sure you give these two bands your full support, they truly deserve it. //Chris, Per, Ben & Apoc! 👌❤️ #BestTourEver #tAKiDA #WritingTheFuture
Smash Into Pieces Nov 28, 2018
Münich 🇩🇪 you’re now officially our loudest audience on #LIVEINEUROPE2018! ❤️ It was a blazt! BANGARAAANG!!! #Takida #SmashIntoPieces #WritingTheFuture
Smash Into Pieces Nov 26, 2018
Almost half-way through #LIVEINEUROPE2018! Coming up; 27.11 *DE🇩🇪 Munich, Backstage Club 28.11 *AT🇦🇹 Vienne, Viper Room 30.11 *IT🇮🇹 Milan, Legend Club 01.12 *IT🇮🇹 San Dona Di Piave, Revolver Club 02.12 *HU🇭🇺 Budapest, Durer Kert 03.12 *SK🇸🇰 Bratislava, Randal 04.12 *PL🇵🇱 Krakow, Klub Zascianek 05.12 *DE🇩🇪 Berlin, Musik & Frieden 06.12 *DE🇩🇪 Hannover, Mephisto 08.12 *SWE🇸🇪 Örebro, Conventum Kongress Tickets still looking for owners! BANGARAAANG!
Smash Into Pieces Nov 25, 2018
No the best picture - BUT definitely the loudest! Thx #London 🇬🇧 for an unforgettable evening! We will be back soon with a more successful crowdsurf! 👌😂 #LIVEINEUROPE2018
Smash Into Pieces Nov 24, 2018
London 🇬🇧 baby!!! #LIVEINEUROPE2018
Smash Into Pieces Nov 23, 2018
There’s a few things that REALLY matters in this life - to follow YOUR dream is definitely one of them! My biggest dream was to play music and share it with the world. I have realized my dream with alot of hard work & dedication - NO PAIN, NO GAIN u know.. I wanna know what YOUR biggest dream is! Are you already living the dream? - Please let me know your dream by dropping a comment here - I wanna know! 💭 I’m watching.. /Chris Adam.
Smash Into Pieces Nov 23, 2018
Trier 🇩🇪 - that escalated quickly! Nijverdal 🇳🇱 tonightaaah! BANGARAAANG!
Smash Into Pieces Nov 22, 2018
Frankfurt 🇩🇪 was amazing yesterday - you guys has been the loudest audience yet on this tour! ❤️ Tonight we’re playing Trier 🇩🇪 in western Germany! BANGARAAANG! #LIVEINEUROPE2018
Smash Into Pieces Nov 19, 2018
#Repost tAKiDA: Everyone’s included! Good gang! 15 gigs to go, Logo in #Hamburg tonight! 🔥 #LIVEINEUROPE2018 #Takida + #SmashIntoPieces + #WritingTheFuture
Smash Into Pieces Nov 18, 2018
Epic start on the European tour! 2 sold-out shows this weekend in a row in Copenhagen 🇩🇰 - 2nd Danish show tonight! Thx for buying tickets to our shows, means the world to us! Let’s do this! BANGARAAANG!
Smash Into Pieces Nov 15, 2018
Hope you´re ready #Europe cause this week the #LiveInEurope2018 tour starts with our good friends in tAKiDA (+support by Writing The Future)! Who´s coming?!!! Grab the last 🎫 here:
Smash Into Pieces Nov 14, 2018
Hey guys have you heard Paradise yet? What do you think of it? 🤔 "Paradise is a song that I wrote in the car on my way home, right after a break up with a girl that meant a lot to me. I had so much emotions going on so I turned off the radio and started to sing. The first words in the song paradise and the melody was in a deep connection to what I felt after the break up. “I just wanted to breath you in for one last time, my paradise” // Benjamin Jennebo 🖤
Smash Into Pieces Nov 09, 2018
Your weekend is saved by your favourite superhero drummer! Here´s the new #SmashHitsOfTheMonth-playlist containing Apocs favorite Evolver-songs mixed with songs from our superhero-musician-sidekicks out there! 👉🏿\¯|¯/👉🏿 Follow SMASH INTO PIECES on Spotify to get exclusive updates about new upcoming releases! Have a smashing weekend! BANGARAAANG!
Smash Into Pieces Nov 08, 2018
"To love is to burn, to be on fire!" ⛸️\¯|¯/💕 ´Paradise´ on Spotify:
Smash Into Pieces Nov 06, 2018
Smash Into Pieces signs management deal with California-based The Artery Foundation´! 🇺🇸🔥 "The Artery Foundation is excited to announce the addition of Sweden's SMASH INTO PIECES to our roster! Artery will handle North and South American management for the band. With 3 albums, 11 singles, more than 40 million streams on Spotify, plus 8 million views on YouTube, Smash Into Pieces recently released their fourth studio album, “EVOLVER”. The alternative rock band Smash Into Pieces made a big breakthrough in their home country Sweden in 2015 with their second album release, “The Apocalypse DJ”. The following years would see the band on several world tours as support to bands like Alter Bridge, Halestorm, and Amaranthe, to name a few. In 2017 the band released their third album “Rise & Shine”. Their success continued and massive international touring grew the band’s fanbase across the globe. With over 500,000 monthly listeners on digital platforms, and 150,000 streams per day, Smash Into Pieces have established themselves as one of the most interesting upcoming rock bands from Sweden."
Smash Into Pieces Oct 29, 2018
Happy #birthday 🎂 to the yellow personality, born to entertain! With the greatest passion for music on this planet - he always has a new melody on his mind, creating the strongest pop hits there is. Leave a happy b-day wish! He would like that veeery much! ❤️ Photo by Steven Erixon.