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Rise and Shine
The Apocalypse DJ
Smash Into Pieces at Harrys (September 14, 2019)
Venue: Harrys (Köping, Sweden) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces with Awake Again at Apollo Night Club (September 27, 2019)
Venue: Apollo Night Club (Turku, Finland) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces with Awake Again at On The Rocks (September 28, 2019)
Venue: On The Rocks (Helsinki, Finland) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces and Corroded at Hotell Lappland (November 2, 2019)
Venue: Hotell Lappland (Lycksele, Sweden) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at Monkey Music Club (December 17, 2019)
Venue: Monkey Music Club (Hamburg, Germany) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at MTC-Club (December 18, 2019)
Venue: MTC-Club (Cologne, Germany) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at Rockpalast (December 19, 2019)
Venue: Rockpalast (Bochum, Germany) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at Das Bett (December 20, 2019)
Venue: Das Bett (Frankfurt, Germany) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at Rnp Wiesloch (December 21, 2019)
Venue: Rnp Wiesloch (Wiesloch, Germany) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at Backstage (December 22, 2019)
Venue: Backstage (Munich, Germany) Find tickets
Wermland Rockfest Wermland Rockfest 2019
Venue: Nöjesfabriken (Karlstad, Sweden) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces at BETA (January 17, 2020)
Venue: BETA (Copenhagen, Denmark) Find tickets
Smash Into Pieces Aug 25, 2019
ONLY 4 DAYS UNTIL THE GAME BEGINS! 🕹️ Go now & pre-save #ARCADIA to your favorite Spotify/ITunes playlist; It’s time to get hyped #SmashHeads! 🔥
Smash Into Pieces Aug 24, 2019
Tusen takk #SORTLAND 🇳🇴 for making our 3000 km bus drive totally worth it 🔥❤️! The view of our Norwegian #SmashHeads and the beautiful mountains combined was totally epic! We will never forget this! PÅ GJENSYN! 📸 Emil Gustavsson
Smash Into Pieces Aug 23, 2019
#ARCADIA 🕹️ out next week! Let the game begin on August 30th!
Smash Into Pieces Aug 21, 2019
8 days until the game begins! 🕹️🔥 Pre-save our upcoming single #ARCADIA to your favourite Spotify/ITunes playlist and be one of the first #SmashHeads on planet earth to hear it on August 30th!
Smash Into Pieces Aug 20, 2019
”Take me away from this #Arcadia, I’m looking for the glitches to break out of this matrix!” New single ’ARCADIA’ 🕹️ out next friday! Pre-save now;
Smash Into Pieces Aug 15, 2019
UPCOMING SHOWS 2o19/2o2o! 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇫🇮🇩🇪🇩🇰 Who´s coming?! 🖐🏿\¯|¯/💭
Smash Into Pieces Aug 14, 2019
You can now pre-save our upcoming new single ’ARCADIA’! Let the game begin on august 30th! 🕹️
Smash Into Pieces Aug 13, 2019
NEW SINGLE ’ARCADIA’ OUT AUG 30TH! 🕹️ Pre-save now;
Smash Into Pieces Aug 10, 2019
Our 1st ever festival show in Norway 🇳🇴 at Osfest yesterday turned out to be an absolut euphoric moment! Thx for making our 12+ hour drive through the moutains totally worth it! <3
Smash Into Pieces Aug 09, 2019
#Oslo 🇳🇴 was on faijah! Thx for coming out! See you tonight Osfest, #Osøyro 🇳🇴!
Smash Into Pieces Aug 08, 2019
German🇩🇪 #SmashHeads! It’s time! See ya’ll in December! Tickets;
Smash Into Pieces Aug 08, 2019
The Apocalypse DJ & his team members! 🕹️ #SmashIntoPieces2019 #ARCADIA
Smash Into Pieces Aug 07, 2019
NEW SINGLE #ARCADIA OUT AUG 30TH! 👋🏿\¯|¯/🕹️ "Arcadia is the game known to us as our reality. We don't question the playground we're living in, we're not aware of the code that rules our lives. We're just NPCs, controlled by the Arcadia player. But there are ways to break free! Start asking the right questions and you might find the glitches in the game!" ’Arcadia’ is the 1st single from the upcoming new Smash Into Pieces album. Mixed & produced by Dino Medanhodzic (Rise And Shine / Evolver). Pre-save link; Spread the word SmashHeads! #ARCADIA #AUGUST30 #NEWSINGLE
Smash Into Pieces Aug 03, 2019
Coming soon.. 👋🏿\¯|¯/🕹️
Smash Into Pieces Aug 02, 2019
OH-OH! 🔥 LIKE if you’re excited for some cool riffs on our upcoming new album! 🤘🤓 #ALBUM5 #BringBackRiffs
Smash Into Pieces Jul 28, 2019
TACK #Sollefteå 🇸🇪, KIITOS #Oulu 🇫🇮! Beautiful weather, amazing people, worlds greatest support, broken A/C in our SmashMobile, almost didn’t make it in time to the Oulu show due to bus breakdown and time difference miss-calculation combined, BUT WE ****ING MADE IT with help from the insanely cool Qstock crew! 💦🔥❤️ Totally worth going trough all this just to get to perform for you this weekend! THANKS for coming to our shows and singing along with the songs - best feeling/reward you can get as a band! ❤️
Smash Into Pieces Jul 27, 2019
NEW VIDEO OUT SOON!!! 🔥 #SIP19 📸 Emil Gustavsson 🎥 Bravo & Bravo Films
Smash Into Pieces Jul 26, 2019
THIS WEEKEND! 🇸🇪/🇫🇮 Saturday is gonna be special! 🔥 #Summer19
Smash Into Pieces Jul 23, 2019
News from the label; ”RISE AND SHINE” just passed 30 million streams today on Spotify! 🔥 This album DID change our lives to the better! ALOT better! What’s your favourite song(s) from this beauty?! / C-A, B, P, \¯|¯/.
Smash Into Pieces Jul 20, 2019
#SmashFamily! What’s YOUR favorite BANDS/ARTISTS of all time?! All genres are legit! Go go go cause i wanna know! \¯|¯/
Smash Into Pieces Jul 16, 2019
Got Instagram?! Then go FOLLOW us at ‘@smashintopiecesofficial’ ✌🏿\¯|¯/🔥
Smash Into Pieces Jul 14, 2019
Which songs should we do music videos for?! GO GO GO cause we wanna know! 🎥👁🔥
Smash Into Pieces Jul 13, 2019
WHAT should we add in our ✖️MERCH 👕👚?! Be creative SmashFamily cause we’re 👁!
Smash Into Pieces Jul 11, 2019
4 SONGS DONE! Many more to go! #ALBUM5 Hope you guys are as hyped as we are! / C-A, P, B and TADJ.
Smash Into Pieces Jul 10, 2019
ATTENTION NORTH/SOUTH AMERICA 🌎❗️ You can now buy your favorite SIP merch here via IndieMerchstore for our next visit! Better deals, Quicker home delivery! Look good at our shows! 🔥 (More items will soon be added!)