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In the Black of Night (Remixes)
Illegal Cargo
Slow Train Soul Nov 16, 2017
Whoop whoop...'In The Black of Night' is on the new GranTurismo Sport's soundtrack || #sony #granturismo #slowtrainsoul #gaming #intheblackofnight
Slow Train Soul Apr 20, 2017
Have yourself a STS youtube binge:) #youtube #slowtrainsoul #intheblackofnight #illegalcargo #santimanitay #musicwhileyouwork
Slow Train Soul Mar 23, 2017
Slow Train Soul: Splinter
Slow Train Soul Mar 22, 2017
Slow Train Soul: Twisted Cupid
Slow Train Soul Mar 21, 2017
Oh yeah...let the good times roll!! #newmusic #reunited #slowtrainsoul
Slow Train Soul Mar 20, 2017
Rehearsals for RUST - 2016
Slow Train Soul Mar 20, 2017
Whose travelling from Copenhagen to Brighton tomorrow?! #newmusic #studiotime #slowtrainsoul #reunited #freshtunes2017
Slow Train Soul Dec 23, 2016
2 0 1 7
Slow Train Soul Jul 04, 2016
Somethin' a-brewin'....reunited again
Slow Train Soul May 05, 2015
Lady Z features in Qwestlife's first EP on Shades of Disco compilation: "Don't Break my Heart" Check it out!
Slow Train Soul Apr 30, 2015
Vintage Vid..
Slow Train Soul Apr 27, 2015
#SlowTrainSoul #CPH #Rust_kkh #love #music
Slow Train Soul Apr 17, 2015
The reunion of Morten & Lady Z is happening now! @rust_kph
Slow Train Soul Apr 10, 2015
Buy tickets for the exclusive SLOWTRAINSOUL appearance with PUDDU VARANO here. One night only!!!
Slow Train Soul Apr 09, 2015
's cover photo
Slow Train Soul Mar 13, 2015
Ok we are happy to announce that SlowTrainSoul - Morten Varano and Lady Z - are coming together for a one-off show at Rust in Copenhagen in April!!
Slow Train Soul Dec 19, 2014
Merry Christmas!! Lady Z is currently focusing on Z-STAR, but has every intention of releasing another SLOWTRAINSOUL album in the near future. To follow Lady Z (aka Zee Gachette) and hear her recording of Santa Baby...Like ZStarMusic.
Slow Train Soul Aug 22, 2014
Tomorrow night 22.00 - Villa Zimaleto, St Petersburg, Russia
Slow Train Soul Aug 22, 2014
Slow Train Soul Aug 21, 2014
Я заворачиваю в Санкт-Петербург на один off исключительной SlowTrainSoul концерт ... мне кричать если вы о друзьях! I'm coming to St Petersburg for a one-off exclusive SlowTrainSoul concert...give me a shout if you're out & about friends!
Slow Train Soul Aug 19, 2014
's cover photo
Slow Train Soul Jul 26, 2014
Lady Z & Morten Varano
Slow Train Soul Feb 21, 2014
Slow Train Soul Feb 21, 2014
Happy Valentines ❤ Pledge for 16 Tons Of Love xxx
Slow Train Soul Feb 14, 2014
Happy Valentines ❤ Pledge for 16 Tons Of Love xxx