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Sleigh Bells Mar 30, 2019
Big brain hey there young kRauss 🤓 @alexiskrauss
Sleigh Bells Mar 25, 2019
Sleigh Bells Mar 21, 2019
If you’re feeling down maybe order a pizza and watch The Goonies OR come to Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night we will be spinning our favorite songs should be rad✌️
Sleigh Bells Mar 13, 2019
@alexiskrauss smiling and giving me the finger
Sleigh Bells Mar 07, 2019
@alexiskrauss way back on the set of the Rill Rill video cc @jnwtts 📸 by ?
Sleigh Bells Feb 20, 2019
Happy Birthday, Kurt ✌️❤️
Sleigh Bells Feb 03, 2019
@alexiskrauss smiling here + skylight
Sleigh Bells Jan 25, 2019
NYC tickets are now on sale for our Brooklyn Bowl DJ set on 3/23 come on out and get down if you’re around✌️
Sleigh Bells Dec 31, 2018
Krauss is killer here but the real story is how massive the back of my head looks? Anyway HAPPY NEW YEAR. We have a ton of new music in the oven. Thank you for listening and coming out and thank you to everyone that made a record or a movie, wrote something rad, hit a buzzer beater from 30 feet out, kicked a field goal as time expired, worked out or climbed with us, cooked something real tasty or was just flat out cool. You inspire us. We are ready for 2019 🖤✌️
Sleigh Bells Dec 16, 2018
Reposting this from @alexiskrauss account cause it has been a while. Listening to a lot of Larry Heard, Outkast, Kraftwerk and Mica Levi. I hope the Saints win on Monday. What else what’s up everybody doing ok?
Sleigh Bells Nov 06, 2018
Sleigh Bells Nov 04, 2018
“I have been beaten, my skull fractured, and arrested more than forty times so that each and every person has the right to register and vote. Friends of mine gave their lives. Do your part. Get out there and vote...” -John Lewis. It’s so easy to be dark and cynical right now but VOTING. MATTERS. Please vote next week.
Sleigh Bells Oct 28, 2018
Sleigh Bells Oct 23, 2018
This legend joined us on stage last night for Bitter Rivals @brooklynsteel. DAMN. Thanks man @tommorello and thanks to everyone that came out, the other artists and @momandpopmusic @goldie.momandpop for making it all happen. Second two 📷 by @jesswilliamsphoto
Sleigh Bells Oct 01, 2018
Brand new one from the @officialjacksonguitars Custom Shop. Bit of a nod to the Stef Carpenter model with my own tweaks + I stuck a badass PE sticker on there. Thank you guys for your top shelf craftsmanship and extra thanks to my dude Mike Tempesta for taking care of me.
Sleigh Bells Sep 27, 2018
Reposting this old story from tour cause I love it + it’s Alexis’ birthday today. Happy birthday @alexiskrauss you’re a flesh and blood Superhero. Get home safely see you soon ❤️
Sleigh Bells Sep 12, 2018
Ronnie being perfect. One of my favorite voices 📷 by Winston Vargas
Sleigh Bells Sep 11, 2018
So hyped to celebrate 10 years of Mom + Pop Music October 22nd Brooklyn Steel pre sale tickets: see you there 🖤
Sleigh Bells Sep 01, 2018
Here’s a good one from tour. Home working on new music now. LSU vs Miami tomorrow. Not sure what to expect from this season but fuck it I’m ready.
Sleigh Bells Aug 20, 2018
Last day of tour. To everyone that was/is a part of, bands, venues, friends, family and our badass team...thank you so much for an incredible summer. Love you guys ⚡️
Sleigh Bells Aug 17, 2018
@alexiskrauss earlier tonight in Minneapolis. Flying. Thank you guys so much. Chicago tomorrow 📸 @christophergoyette
Sleigh Bells Aug 16, 2018
Timeline Photos
Sleigh Bells Aug 14, 2018
Goddess 📸 @debidelgrande
Sleigh Bells Aug 09, 2018
See you Friday OC 👊
Sleigh Bells Jul 31, 2018
The best