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Ambient Forms
No Traces
Sleepy Town Manufacture Oct 25, 2017
Dirty Owl - Jolx imminent in november! check out preview
Sleepy Town Manufacture Sep 12, 2017
fresh liveset
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 24, 2017
b2 dirty owl - gorsky potch ^^
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 15, 2017
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 14, 2017
hello. here's my 'ambient forms' album, which was released by ...txt recordings several months ago. finally some sleepy town manufacture in digital shops, enjoy. there will be more to come soon. itunes: spotify: google play:
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 03, 2017
preparing some stuff for Yaga Gathering 2017 playing there live with both of my projects - beautumn at 10-30am 5 august, Dirty Owl at 2am 6 august can't wait to go there! meanwhile, it's really hot in here, made this jam without much of prebuilding, so enjoy it as it is - messy and unstable )) love
Sleepy Town Manufacture Apr 05, 2017
new release from stanislav vdovin aka unit21, very touching stuff time goes back indeed
Sleepy Town Manufacture Mar 14, 2017
Sleepy Town Manufacture Jan 13, 2017
wow, there's a new 'cottage industries' compilation on neo ouija, and 14 years later, sleepy town manufacture is back on it once again! who would have thought ) it is now available on bandcamp and the cd will be available in march. all proceeds from the digital sale of this album will be donated to touched - music for macmillan cancer support. Artists - Arovane, Bauri, Metamatics, Tim Koch, Christ, Qeshi, Ambidextrous, Coppice Halifax, Roel Funcken, Sleepy Town Manufacture, Gis,Ghostwerk & Zebra, Lackluster & Novel 23 - have a listen!
Sleepy Town Manufacture Jan 05, 2017
Sleepy Town Manufacture - Ambient Forms compilation of our pure ambient stuff. there's some unreleased tracks, also some tracks first time in cd quality. lovely valve mastering. coming in march 2017, on txt recordings. preorder page -
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 24, 2016
also, if you missed it - i made a tune recently with recorded factory sounds, then went to the factory again and played it live. guys from 34mag made a video, check it
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 24, 2016
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 18, 2016
Sleepy Town Manufacture Aug 16, 2016
Sleepy Town Manufacture Jul 29, 2016
Sleepy Town Manufacture Feb 26, 2016
Beautumn – Bordeaux (INFX 066) '2016 cd order» Tracklist 01 Telegram 02 Snöhetta 03 Relent 04 Offer Me Questions 05 Meadowhole 06 Bordeaux 07 Please Do Something 08 But What Can You Do 09 Blame The Mars The long-awaited follow up to Beautumn's "Northing". Minimal ambient textures entwined with cello and distant voices. Vinyl release slated for later this year! released February 25, 2016 Music by Alexander Ananyev. Mastering by Stanislav Vdovin. Violin on 'Bordeaux' played by Maria Romanova. Artwork by Pyhai.
Sleepy Town Manufacture Feb 10, 2016 bordeaux cd preorder. will be available on 25feb, vinyl will be ready later
Sleepy Town Manufacture Oct 14, 2015
Sleepy Town Manufacture Sep 11, 2015 fresh mix from me to you. electro and what not. pretty dirty if you ask me.
Sleepy Town Manufacture Nov 28, 2014
such a breathtaking epic compilation with so many huge artists - it's crazy, but there's so much good stuff in there, you can easily get lost in big names like autechre, plaid, bibio, orbital, luke vibert, dmx krew, ceephax acid crew, fsol etc.. and most of it are new exclusive tracks! also there are artists we haven't heard from for a long time - wisp, secede, brothomstates!!! also discover for yourself some new names - 255 tracks and i don't believe that there's even one track as a filler! please don't hesitate supporting it, it's all for a great cause - all money goes to macmillan cancer support. happy to be a part of this project, thank you martin!!!
Sleepy Town Manufacture Oct 29, 2014
and in case you're wondering, what i'm up to - here's a little update. next month there will be some mellow 'dirty owl' tune on awesome compilation by touched - sadly i missed a first part, but was prepared for part two. the track is called 'you're so worth it' and it's a bit personal and about my daughter, so yeah.. ) also i'm making some fresh stuff, it sounds quite nasty, as you can hear below. hope to release it as soon as i can. as for beautumn news - bordeaux album is still coming up on infraction, though no idea when exactly. sorry guys it's taking so long, hope it will worth the wait. and last but not least - every two weeks i'm making a podcast with my friend andrey, about some fresh music. it's on russian, but there's not a lot of talking, so i guess, you may dig it even if you don't understand us. you can subscribe to it here - or watch my soundcloud - i repost them all the time. that's it for now, till the next time!