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Secret Rule with Sleeping Romance and Neurosphere at Defrag (January 8, 2019)
Venue: Defrag (Rome, Italy) Find tickets
Secret Rule with Sleeping Romance and Eternal Silence at Arci Tom (January 9, 2019)
Venue: Arci Tom (Mantova, Italy) Find tickets
Sleeping Romance Dec 12, 2018
Il 2019 si preannuncia super! Già confermate diverse date nella nostra Madre Patria. A febbraio ci troverete assieme agli amici Secret Rule a Mantova, Milano e Roma, e ad aprile saremo fra gli headliner del "Metaltrave Festival" a Travesio. Metallari d'Italia unitevi, via spettiamo! IL METALLO!
Sleeping Romance Dec 06, 2018
Metalheads, we are planning a really cool promo compaign for the next year with a lot of news! Let us know how did you come across Sleeping Romance? pic by Hugues Timmermans
Sleeping Romance Nov 30, 2018
Have a great weekend everyone! #albaeuropeantour pic by Emeraldpics
Sleeping Romance Nov 28, 2018
This is how everything started in 2013! "The promise inside" was the first single taken from our first album "Enlighten". In 2017 we released our second album "Alba" and it was heavier and darker than "Enlighten". What do you aspect from our third album? Let us know!
Sleeping Romance Nov 23, 2018
Did you know that Federico recently released an EP inspired by the novel "The Little Prince"? Go check it out!
Sleeping Romance Nov 22, 2018
"Don't make me wonder if I can feel free from the state I am you'll ask forgiveness but I can only try to be indifferent" Which is your TOP 3 from our new album? pic by MetalBoys
Sleeping Romance Nov 20, 2018
Already two months from our headliner european tour! Here is one of the best moment we can remember! Who can tell where it was? pic by Laura Wienk
Sleeping Romance Nov 18, 2018
We are so glad to announce three gigs in Italy next February supporting Secret Rule’s “The Endless Tour”! Can’t wait to hit the stage again in our Country! Secret Rule
Sleeping Romance Nov 15, 2018
Two months have been passed from the "Alba European Tour", we miss being on stage! New gigs are going to be announced soon. Stay tuned and keep supporting! #tbt #albaeuropeantour Pic by Roxana Keizer
Sleeping Romance Nov 09, 2018
Wishing our Federico good luck for his performance tomorrow with the amazing 2Strings at Brainstorm Fest! Check the whole program below and don't forget to support him!
Sleeping Romance Nov 07, 2018
Saturday was Alba's birthday! Do you wanna sing happy metal birthday with us? pic by MetalBoys
Sleeping Romance Nov 03, 2018
One year ago today our second album "Alba" was released via Napalm Records! Which song from this album you enjoy the most during our live shows?
Sleeping Romance Nov 02, 2018
Have a great weekend metalheads!
Sleeping Romance Oct 31, 2018
"I can't look in your eyes without hurting myself, I'll fight but I am scared to face the dark side of me" #albaeuropeantour pic by MetalBoys
Sleeping Romance Oct 29, 2018
Horns up for Mattia's birthday! We are going to celebrate all together in the weekend, but in the meantime we wanna wish to the youngest Sleeping Romance a true metal birthday! Pic by Interdependent Photo
Sleeping Romance Oct 26, 2018
Looking at Mattia's face, you might suppose the guitar riff in this song is really ecstatic ;) Which song could it be?
Sleeping Romance Oct 25, 2018
That moment at the end of the gig, when you put your horns and instruments up cause the night was a blast #tbt #albaeuropeantour pic by Emeraldpics
Sleeping Romance Oct 23, 2018
Hi guys, here is the new Federico's video for “Reflection” taken from his first solo album “The Great Grey Ocean”. On 10th November I'll perfom live at Brainstorm Festival 2018 in Apeldoorn (NL). Will you be there?
Sleeping Romance Oct 19, 2018
This is "catching the right moment": guys are literally floating in the air. Thank you Emeraldpics for this amazing shot taken at @ Nekarsulm during our #albaeuropeantour
Sleeping Romance Oct 18, 2018
Say "IL METALLO" to the camera! #tbt #albaeuropeantour Sleeping romance @ Roeselare, pic by Cèdric Demon, Metalship
Sleeping Romance Oct 15, 2018
Which was the very first time you have seen Sleeping Romance live? Tell us in the comments below! Have a good start of the week, IL METALLO In the pic Federico & Federica during our performance @ Metropool, Hengelo, pic taken from #albaeuropeantour
Sleeping Romance Oct 12, 2018
Another short footage from our European Alba Tour! Do you recognize the song?
Sleeping Romance Oct 09, 2018
Our videoclip of "Where The Light Is Bleeding" recently reached 100k views on Youtube. Thank you everyone, Il Metallo!
Sleeping Romance Oct 05, 2018
Have a rockin' weekend metalheads! Francesco at FullMetal Osthessen, Warm Up Show, pic by El Lobo
Sleeping Romance Oct 04, 2018
"Fight, you can't take your pain away, take a breath, it's not too late, a light so bright is pushing me forward" Here is Federica energizing the audience during one of the gig of the "Alba European Tour". Do you know which song the lyrics are from? credits by El Lobo you can see the whole photoshooting at the link below:[email protected]N02/sets/72157701318798794/