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Sleeping Romance Feb 22, 2019
Sono passate due settimane dalle nostre ultime date in Italia in occasione del "The endless tour" assieme a Secret Rule, Eternal Silence e MazeBrain! Eravate dei nostri? Era la prima volta che vedevate gli Sleeping Romance dal vivo? Fateci sapere con un commento! Two weeks has passed from the last gigs here in Italy together with Secret Rule, Eternal Silence and MazeBrain! Did you join us? Was it the first time you saw Sleeping Romance live? Let us know with a comment below! pic by Luna Elle
Sleeping Romance Feb 20, 2019
Hi guys, thanks a lot for all your pics, we loved them. So many great memories of touring, familiar faces and wonderful gigs. Keep on posting them, and we will share them on our Instagram stories during the next days IL METALLO! Here Marco and Mattia are enjoying the show in Mantova. Thank you Alessandra Alluz of Melody Lane for catching this moment #theendlesstour
Sleeping Romance Feb 18, 2019
Hi guys, have you ever seen Sleeping Romance live? if you did, send us in the comment below, one of the pictures you made during our performance (a selfie of yours, a live photography, whatever you like) or a pic with the band off stage! We will pos them in our stories on Intagram Have a great start of the week \m/ pic by Alessandra Alluz for Melody Lane #theendlesstour
Sleeping Romance Feb 15, 2019
Hey Metalheads! You can now listen to us in the official Spotify playlist "Heavy Queens". Click on the link below to listen it!
Sleeping Romance Feb 13, 2019
"And now I know my place, I'm ready to be heard cause everybody hurts I've found my own place" Thank you Massimo Fiorino for this cool pic taken at our last gig in Mantova with Secret Rule and Eternal Silence! #theendlesstour
Sleeping Romance Feb 11, 2019
Anche questa avventura si è conclusa ed è stato grandioso condividerla con musicisti e amici fantastici! Grazie ai Secret Rule per averci chiesto di prendere parte al loro #theendlesstour e alle altre band, MazeBrain e Eternal Silence, che hanno condiviso con noi queste serate. Speriamo di rivederci presto sui palchi d'Italia e di oltre confine! Il Metallo Pic by Luna La Chimia Photographer "The endless tour" is over and we are so glad we had the chance to share this adventure with amazing musicians and amazing people! A special thank to our friends Secret Rule and to the other bands involved: MazeBrain e Eternal Silence, We hope to meet you all real soon! IL METALLO
Sleeping Romance Feb 10, 2019
Grazie Roma, grazie Mantova.Siete stati fantastici! Tornare a suonare in Italia e ricevere una accoglienza così calorosa è stato bellissimo. Un ringraziamento anche ai nostri fan che dall'estero ci hanno raggiunto per supportarci anche qui; ci avete davvero dato la carica. Vi aspettiamo stasera per l'ultima tappa del "The endless tour" assieme ai Secret Rule e agli Eternal Silence IL METALLO Thank you Rome, thank you Mantova. You' ve been amazing! it was a blast to be back on stage in italy and receive such a warm response. Thanks also to those who came from abroad to support us, this gave us a lot of good energy. We wait for you this evening in Milan for the last gig of "The endless tour" with Secret Rule and Eternal Silence IL METALLO Pic by Fabrizio Iozzo
Sleeping Romance Feb 06, 2019
THE ENDLESS TOUR with Secret Rule - 8/9/10 OF FEBRUARY! Did you save the dates? And after the show we wait for you at the merch stand with our cds, vinils and the NEW and LIMITED EDITION Sleeping Romance merchandising! THE ENDLESS TOUR con Secret Rule - 8/9/10 febbraio Vi siete segnati le date? E dopo lo show vi aspettiamo allo stand del merch con i nostri cd, vinili e con il NUOVO merchandising in EDIZIONE LIMITATA!
Sleeping Romance Feb 05, 2019
Ready to leave in a few days with our fellow Secret Rule! We can't wait to hit the stage and see all your horns up in the air! IL METALLO Reflections of Darkness Reflections of Darkness Copyright: Silvio Pfeifer Fotografie
Sleeping Romance Feb 04, 2019
Hi metalheads, as you may know we are going to leave in a bunch of days together with our buddies Secret Rule for the three italian gigs of their "The endless tour", and Federica has a little something to say to all our italian supporters IL METALLO! Ciao ragazzi come sapete ancora una manciata di giorni e partiremo alla volta di Roma per la prima data del "The endless tour" assieme ai nostri amici Secret Rule; Federica ha un piccolo promemoria per tutti voi IL METALLO!
Sleeping Romance Feb 03, 2019
Federico alle prese con l'ultimo check alle backing tracks prima di rientrare da Berlino per le prove pre-partenza Buona domenica metalheads \m/
Sleeping Romance Feb 02, 2019
Did you check "Destruction" the new video clip of our friends Secret Rule? We will join them real soon during the three italian legs of their "Endeless tour" it's gonna be awesome!
Sleeping Romance Feb 01, 2019
Noi siamo pronti per tornare a spaccare assieme ai nostri amici Secret Rule per le tre date italiane del loro "The Endless tour" e voi ci sarete???? 🤘Venerdì 8 febbraio, Roma Defrag 🤘Sabato 9 febbraio, Mantova, Arci Tom 🤘Domenica 10 febbraio, Rozzano (MI), Circolo Svolta
Sleeping Romance Jan 31, 2019
E' passato un pò di tempo dalla nostra ultima data italiana in occasione della fantastica seconda edizione del Milady Metal Festival presso l' Arci Tom! Siamo carichi e impazienti di tornare a fare headbanging con i metallari nostrani per le tre tappe italiane del "The Endless Tour" assieme agli amici Secret Rule, l'8/9 e 10 febbraio. Ci troverete rispettivamente al Defrag (Roma), Arci Tom (Mantova), Circolo Svolta (Milano) IL METALLO pic by Melody Lane
Sleeping Romance Jan 23, 2019
In a couple of weeks we are playing as support act with Secret Rule in Italy! Who is going to be there?
Sleeping Romance Jan 21, 2019
Hi everyone! We're working hard for the upcoming live shows in Italy! Who's ready to rock with us? Pic by Renée Brunnekreef
Sleeping Romance Jan 15, 2019
Hi guys we hope you all had a great start of the year! We can't wait to hit the stage again and to see you all headbanging hard with us! We have already announced a few live shows for this 2019, and more are coming soon! So follow our pages for all updates and news Il metallo
Sleeping Romance Dec 31, 2018
Bye bye 2018! Thank you all for the amazing support, best wishes for 2019 from the whole band IL METALLO
Sleeping Romance Dec 27, 2018
Dear Metalheads, did you check our Instagram page? There are a lot of pictures and funny stories about the #AlbaEuropeanTour, from our "backstage life" and, most important, the exclusive Q&As and Polls! See you there!
Sleeping Romance Dec 24, 2018
Happy Metal Christmas headbangers! 2018 was a great year for Sleeping Romance and it wouldn't have been the same without you and your support; we reached a bigger audience and we hit beautiful stages, we had two important european tours, "The Symphonic Metal Nights Tour" and our headliner tour "Alba European Tour", we visited a lot of different countries, some of them for the very first time, for example the U.K. So THANK YOU and THANKS 2018. We hope this 2019 will be up to 2018 and even better! IL METALLO! pics by Anrico van der Linden
Sleeping Romance Dec 20, 2018
"Feel the TEMPTATION Reach the unbreakable feelings and I have never thought: “look at the void and lose sight” Hear this, my obsession Fearful of losing my inner wish Now I’ll take a chance, I won’t look back, this is the end" Which is your temptation? Leave us a comment below! pic by Hugues Timmermans
Sleeping Romance Dec 12, 2018
Il 2019 si preannuncia super! Già confermate diverse date nella nostra Madre Patria. A febbraio ci troverete assieme agli amici Secret Rule a Mantova, Milano e Roma, e ad aprile saremo fra gli headliner del "Metaltrave Festival" a Travesio. Metallari d'Italia unitevi, via spettiamo! IL METALLO!
Sleeping Romance Dec 06, 2018
Metalheads, we are planning a really cool promo compaign for the next year with a lot of news! Let us know how did you come across Sleeping Romance? pic by Hugues Timmermans
Sleeping Romance Nov 30, 2018
Have a great weekend everyone! #albaeuropeantour pic by Emeraldpics
Sleeping Romance Nov 28, 2018
This is how everything started in 2013! "The promise inside" was the first single taken from our first album "Enlighten". In 2017 we released our second album "Alba" and it was heavier and darker than "Enlighten". What do you aspect from our third album? Let us know!