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Sleeping Romance May 24, 2019
Ci vediamo stasera metalheads!!! Temperance + Sleeping Romance + Altair live at MK Live Club a Carpi! il metallo!
Sleeping Romance May 22, 2019
Un Zana estatico, catturato dalla macchina fotografica della grandissima Luna Elle, vi ricorda che fra due giorni vi aspettiamo sotto al palco dell' MK Live Club per una serata all'insegna del metallo: Temperance + Sleeping Romance + Altair; per darvi un valido motivo in più al banco del merch ci saranno anche le nuove t shirt in edizione limitata! Quindi ci vediamo lì! Non accettiamo scuse IL METALLO An ecstatic Zana, catched by the amazing Luna Elle, reminds you that in a few days we will perform at MK Live Club together with Temperance and Altair for a rocking metal night! If you need another good reason to join us, at the merch stand you could find our new limited edition t shirt! So what else? See you there IL METALLO
Sleeping Romance May 20, 2019
Ciao ragazzi, nella lista delle cose da fare assolutamente questa settimana non dimenticatevi di segnare il live di venerdì sera al MK Live Club (Carpi); trittico da scapocciamento: Temperance + Sleeping Romance + Altair Vi aspettiamo già con le corna al cielo IL METALLO! Goodmorning metalheads, did you take notice about our next gig at MK Live Club? We will perform together with Temperance and Altair this Firday and we' re gonna rock the stage! Waiting for you there with your horns up to the air IL METALLO pic by Fabrizio Iozzo
Sleeping Romance May 17, 2019
Beware of those two partners in crime! In a week we will hit the stage of the MK Live Club together with Temperance and Altair! We will perform in our hometown Carpi after a long long time, so metalheads we really hope you would be REALLY supportive! Wait for you there screaming out loud under the stage! IL METALLO ATTENTI A QUEI DUE! Fra una settimana saremo sul palco dell' MK Live Club assieme a Temperance e Altair! Forse alcuni di voi sapranno che Carpi è proprio la città che ha dato i Natali agli Sleeping Romance, quindi cari amici metallari, sarà una data importante e ci aspettiamo un caloroso sostegno! Vi aspettiamo rumorosissimi! IL METALLO pic by Fabrizio Iozzo
Sleeping Romance May 02, 2019
The art of #bassface "Facce da bassista" ne abbiamo? Back on stage in less then a month! #tbt #mantova #theendlesstour pic by Massimo Plessi for
Sleeping Romance Apr 26, 2019
Happy metal birthday to our singer Federica!! Send us your favourite picture of Federica or a shot you took with her! We will post your pictures in our stories! IL METALLO! Pic by Fabrizio Iozzo
Sleeping Romance Apr 19, 2019
After the italian gigs of #theendlesstour with the romans Secret Rule and the announcement of the liveshows aboard with Ancient Bards, we are super excited to share the stage with another killer italian metal band: Temperance! We will perform on May 24th in our hometown at MK Live Club. We will be there for an evening of a good italian metal, and you? IL METALLO!!!! Dopo le date italiane del "The Endless Tour" con i romani Secret Rule e l'annuncio delle date all'estero con gli Ancient Bards, siamo carichissimi di dividere il palco con un’altra band di metal italiano che spacca: i Temperance! Ci troverete il 24 Maggio al MK Live Club di Carpi per una serata all'insegna del buon metal italiano, ci sarete???? IL METALLO!!!!
Sleeping Romance Apr 18, 2019
The gigs of our next tour in October together with our italian buddies Ancient Bards will be all annouced real soon so stay tuned! Hope you had a great week guys, and to wish a rockin weekend let's say with Federico: "IL METALLO!" pic by Massimo Plessi for #tbt #theendlesstour #secreturule
Sleeping Romance Apr 17, 2019
Such a pleasure to announce that we are going to share the stage once again with our friends Askara and Ancient Bards on October 13th at TOPOFF Restaurant und Kulturzentrum in Interlaken (Switzerland)! Hope to see many of you there! IL METALLO
Sleeping Romance Apr 16, 2019
Hi guys how you doing? This is what is hidden behind "Forgiveness", in our opinion one of the best song of our album "Alba". What do you think? If you haven't watched it yet, go and check it out! IL METALLO
Sleeping Romance Apr 05, 2019
Synergies on stage \m/ Which are your plans for the weekend? Thanks Massimo Plessi cause your shots for always rock! #theendlesstour #livephotography
Sleeping Romance Apr 03, 2019
Goodmorning metalheads which is your playlist at the moment? Remember you can always find us on Spotify too and check both "Enlighten" and "Alba" for a really metal awakening! Have a great rockin day
Sleeping Romance Apr 01, 2019
Hi guys, who wants to be TEMPTED this morning? Check out our "My Temptation" recording sessions! IL METALLO #alba #napalmrecords #webisode
Sleeping Romance Mar 28, 2019
Throw back to our latest italian gigs with Secret Rule. Here we are at Arci Tom in Mantova. Did you join us? Thanks to Massimo Plessi and for the great shot #tbt #theendlesstour
Sleeping Romance Mar 25, 2019
Behind the release of an album there is a WORLD: hard work, writing and recording sessions, mistakes, and also a lot of fun. Did you check our webstories on Youtube? #alba #napalmrecords #webisode
Sleeping Romance Mar 21, 2019
"Into the night I fall Into the night I call In the night I see a flashing light that I can reach" pic by Fabrizio Iozzo #tbt #theendlesstour #touchthesun #alba
Sleeping Romance Mar 15, 2019
We can't wait to be back on the stage of Female Metal Event - FEMME! One of the most exciting show we ever had. Will you be there???? IL METALLO
Sleeping Romance Mar 15, 2019
it's a tough life for drummers pic by Massimo Plessi for #theendlesstour
Sleeping Romance Mar 13, 2019
Our badass melodic session catched my Daniele Mannozzi #strings #bassplayer #guitar
Sleeping Romance Mar 11, 2019
This is how everything started! Do you remember it? If you don't this is a little reminder Have a great week metalheads IL METALLO #thepromiseinside #enlighten #ulteriumrecords
Sleeping Romance Mar 08, 2019
When you have to rock singing out loud do it with your buddy thanks and Massimo Plessi for the great pic!
Sleeping Romance Mar 06, 2019
Love to feel the energy of the audience on stage! Thanks to Fabrizio Iozzo for this amazing shot
Sleeping Romance Mar 05, 2019
[ENGLISH BELOW] Con grande dispiacere comunichiamo che il Metaltrave è stato annullato e, di conseguenza, anche il nostro concerto del 28 aprile all’interno dell’evento. Continuate a seguire la nostra pagina per essere aggiornati su tutte le nuove date! ENG We are so sad to announce that Metaltrave has been canceled, so our concert on 28 of April is canceled too. Stay tuned on our page for all the new concerts and news! Sleeping Romance
Sleeping Romance Mar 05, 2019
Did you have your daily dose of Sleeping Romance today? pic by Massimo Plessi for
Sleeping Romance Mar 01, 2019
Headbanging catched by Luna Elle during our last gig in Mantova at Arci Tom Because we worth it #theendlesstour