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Live In Japan - May, 2000
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Casablanca Moon / Desperate Straights
Slapp Happy Sunday Dec 05, 2018
Slapp Happy Sunday
Slapp Happy Sunday Jun 08, 2014
Anybody ready for a return this summer?
Slapp Happy Sunday May 14, 2014
So we really aren't supposed to be ruining the surprise but we are one of the mystery headliners for riot fest this year...
Slapp Happy Sunday Mar 25, 2014
Full album coming this summer plus tons of new shows.
Slapp Happy Sunday Feb 09, 2014
A video to hold you over from Trevor's previous cover duo project
Slapp Happy Sunday Feb 07, 2014
Here is a picture from deep inside the SHS vault. Will be posting these to hold you over till we get things going again! Thanks for staying with us!
Slapp Happy Sunday Jan 22, 2014
On a hiatus right now until the next school break when we have the other half of our band back. In the meantime you all should show your friends our ep you can dl for free on the band page. That way when we come back for a show they are going to be the best yet
Slapp Happy Sunday Jan 01, 2014
Happy New Years from Slapp Happy Sunday
Slapp Happy Sunday Dec 30, 2013
Thanks for everyone that came out to the show last night. We appreciate it cause it was a far venue for us. Great show though stay tuned for upcoming shows
Slapp Happy Sunday Dec 28, 2013
On our way in transit to the show, see you there!
Slapp Happy Sunday Dec 24, 2013
Hey everyone! we have a show lined up for this Saturday the 28th at Pub Yahoo in Carol Streams. We would like to see all of you there make it our x-mas present :) info below we go on at 7 so be there at 6 SAT, Dec 28th @ Legion Underground (Pub Yahoo) 1N150 Gary Av - Carol Stream (Mapquest) 570 S. Gary Av - Carol Stream (Google/Bing) RockChicago Promotions ALL AGES
Slapp Happy Sunday Dec 22, 2013
Attention everyone! We have a new member of the SHS family. I would like all of you to welcome our new second guitarist Pat O'Malley! We have a lot of new ideas available now and we cannot wait to share them with you all. Keep an eye out for some upcoming shows!
Slapp Happy Sunday Dec 04, 2013
This has been under the wraps for a while. You can all finally see our self made music video, made by Carl, for Break Free! Enjoy!
Slapp Happy Sunday Nov 26, 2013
Miss us? Well prepare for upcoming stuff. We are going to be meeting soon for a creative jam session
Slapp Happy Sunday Sep 25, 2013
Who misses us?
Slapp Happy Sunday Jul 15, 2013
To everyone that came to our show yesterday at Bobby Mcgees, thank you so much! It means a lot to us! It was awesome to play for you guys! Hope you guys liked our set along with our NEW stuff never played live before.
Slapp Happy Sunday May 30, 2013
Don't forget to download our songs from our BandPage FO FREEEEEEE.
Slapp Happy Sunday May 15, 2013
So in order to increase fan base we now have a twitter! Come follow us at @SlappSunday for news and more!
Slapp Happy Sunday May 07, 2013
Oh... do we have new songs for you guys!
Slapp Happy Sunday Apr 25, 2013
Hello world..
Slapp Happy Sunday Apr 11, 2013
just to update you all on the SHS going ons: we are in the process of songwriting right now plus(!) possibly a rumor of a music video coming out soon of one our EP songs. Exciting stuff right!
Slapp Happy Sunday Apr 05, 2013
Who is this Slapp Happy Sunday? They sound like a cool bunch of kids.
Slapp Happy Sunday Apr 05, 2013
Have you all checked out the EP yet?
Slapp Happy Sunday Apr 02, 2013
So, I know I'm setting us up here for tons of jokes on one status, but what is a song some of you might wanna hear us do? Please, suggest stuff you'd ACTUALLY want to hear! :D
Slapp Happy Sunday Mar 21, 2013
We finally hit 200 likes guys! This is so exciting! Keep spreading the love and tell your friends to check us out. :)