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Night Time, My Time
Tom's Bar Tom's Bar 2019
Venue: Faultline Bar (Los Angeles, CA, US) Find tickets
Sky Ferreira Jun 15, 2019
😒 #Don’t#Talk#To#Me#Or#My#Son#Ever#Again
Sky Ferreira Jun 13, 2019
I’m on Charli XCX’s upcoming album. Going to be so good ❤️
Sky Ferreira Jun 06, 2019
Sky Ferreira Jun 03, 2019
post shower 📸@gasparnoeofficial
Sky Ferreira May 18, 2019
Sky Ferreira May 13, 2019
I had this photo of my mom taped next to my bed for 8 years (probably more)...every place I’ve lived in. I finally got it framed last year.❤️
Sky Ferreira May 07, 2019
what does it meme?!!
Sky Ferreira Apr 29, 2019
Sky Ferreira Apr 24, 2019
most recent <~press~> photos please use for upcoming release thanks bye
Sky Ferreira Apr 17, 2019
Downhill Lullaby (lyrics)
Sky Ferreira Apr 03, 2019
Sky Ferreira Apr 03, 2019
V Magazine
Sky Ferreira Apr 01, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 30, 2019
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Sky Ferreira Mar 29, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 28, 2019
Dazed and Confused Magazine
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019
Sky Ferreira
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019
Dazed and Confused Magazine
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019
I’m on the first digital cover of Pitchfork I’m glad I got to be a part of it. I talk about my first release in 6 years & a lot more. I was genuinely extremely anxious about the interview because I haven’t done a proper one in a LONG time. Thanks @camilledodero for taking 7 hours of your time to talk to me at The Russian Tea Room & somehow turn it into something. Everyone involved was truly great to work with & I can’t imagine a better way to start everything off. I apologize for being so obnoxious within the next few days. This is NOT humble & it’s very annoying/cringe to write & post this but I feel like you’re allowed a few of these moments in your lifetime without judgement lol: I was too nervous to read my interview until this late this morning...I had no idea Debbie Harry and David Lynch were going to be a part of my interview & I didn’t notice until the 2nd time I read it. When I first saw Debbie Harry’s quote, I actually thought it was me saying it about her until 20 minutes later (I can’t remember what I said in the conversation because of my rambling). My mind is still reeling?!? I’m proud of David thinking I gave deep convincing Ella with the armpit rash scratch performance & my cover of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. I had to post it as a reminder I never need anyone else’s approval again/in case the 12 year old me decides to time travel & looks at the internet...but mostly because I sort of can’t believe it’s real????Anyways...this interview involves the process of how I make music/what my single sounds like/producing myself...not knowing the difference between a really bad panic attack vs asthma attack...the Andy Griffith show & what house my cat belongs to in ‘Game of Thrones’. Thanks @pitchfork @camilledodero @_senari_ @matthewschnipper & Sergio for being a real class act. I deeply appreciate it. My single comes out in less than 24 hours. It’s been a really long/difficult (some of it beautiful) 6 years & I’m...back? Photo/Video by @tylerkohlhoff styled by @gurvial Makeup @marcelogutierrez Hair @evaniefrausto (& s.o. to @tomdraperacting) Xoxoxo
Sky Ferreira Mar 26, 2019
Congratulations Pitchfork and @_senari_ on your first (digital) cover.I’m honored to be part of it ❤️
Sky Ferreira Mar 25, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 21, 2019