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Night Time, My Time
Sky Ferreira Feb 10, 2019
Regram @therealjohncale 3rd night at BAM! 🏹❤️
Sky Ferreira Feb 09, 2019
Sky Ferreira Feb 02, 2019
TBT chronic nosebleeds as long as I can remember. I still have no idea what causes them. I would wake up in the middle of the night covered in blood as a kid lol. It’s never bothers me because I’m used to it? Half of my shirts/dresses have blood stains from random nose bleeds (because I still wear the same clothes I’ve owned since I was 12 🙃). The first time I played @jimmyfallon with @questlove,I had one right before I taped & after. I didn’t have time to clean the off...fortunately wearing all black. Right before the @themarcjacobs show too. A LOT of blood. Right before I played the first show of the @mileycyrus tour...I ended up breaking my leg & both of my feet onstage while playing.I have endless nosebleed incidents...they remind me of bookmarks. lol. I’m releasing my own music for the first time in years & I’m wondering what nose bleeds are bound to happen?Someone told me it’s good luck. They lied. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Sky Ferreira Jan 28, 2019
Pee-wee Herman house sleepover
Sky Ferreira Jan 28, 2019
¡HELLO! Michael Myers! I’m babysitting next door. #DingDongDitch #ONLYTHEBRAVE
Sky Ferreira Jan 27, 2019
LOL ~casual~//// CONCETTA Female Trouble @sandycandykim
Sky Ferreira Jan 24, 2019
KLUTE @m_magazine @alasdairmclellan
Sky Ferreira Jan 22, 2019
Sky Ferreira Jan 08, 2019
🎤🎼🎻Downhill Lullaby🎻🎼🎤
Sky Ferreira Jan 03, 2019
Sky Ferreira Dec 31, 2018
Sky Ferreira Dec 27, 2018
Just landed in America. Half Joker/half ”olden days” arcade photo booth knotts berry farm photo? @jorge_elbrecht informed me about being Stereogum top 2 most anticipated albums when I landed (which makes me really happy since it’s been such a long process & is a complete surprise) & in good company ❤️
Sky Ferreira Dec 23, 2018
lol hi gave myself a princess m’lady makeover for my next record cycle #Mam
Sky Ferreira Dec 21, 2018
Sky Ferreira Dec 21, 2018
Sky Ferreira Dec 20, 2018
Sky Ferreira Dec 07, 2018
Sky Ferreira Dec 04, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 17, 2018
🧮 Nobuyoshi Araki🧮 I want to go Japan
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
the gag and the bind
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻this winter🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 it is official (!)
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 13, 2018
Thanks Edwin for helping me with a ~special project~. I will never be the same because I’m going to wear pink eyeshadow for the rest of my life (lol). Despite blinding myself by getting a ton of glitter stuck inside of my eye/the orbit.
Sky Ferreira Nov 13, 2018