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Night Time, My Time
Sky Ferreira Dec 07, 2018
Sky Ferreira Dec 04, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 17, 2018
🧮 Nobuyoshi Araki🧮 I want to go Japan
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
the gag and the bind
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻this winter🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻 it is official (!)
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 14, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 13, 2018
Thanks Edwin for helping me with a ~special project~. I will never be the same because I’m going to wear pink eyeshadow for the rest of my life (lol). Despite blinding myself by getting a ton of glitter stuck inside of my eye/the orbit.
Sky Ferreira Nov 13, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 09, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 08, 2018
Sky Ferreira Nov 07, 2018
TBT Bratz Doll/17 years old/when my hair would instantly grow & hairbrushes would snap in half while combing it
Sky Ferreira Nov 03, 2018
I grew into my hair #feral
Sky Ferreira Oct 30, 2018
regram @lordsofchaosthemovie cc: @jonasakerlund @vice @gabaid
Sky Ferreira Oct 28, 2018
Sky Ferreira Oct 19, 2018
😩 Miley Cyrus. I didn’t know this photo existed/I just found it. I’m not a “hugger” so this is a v special moment & sweet (your billion balloons 🎈my laser grid & broken leg lol) @sandycandykim
Sky Ferreira Oct 04, 2018
Sky Ferreira Oct 03, 2018
makeup by @sarahtannomakeup
Sky Ferreira Oct 01, 2018
A demonstration of NOT TO’S -Sit in a dress -put on shoes -where to place your limbs or head on table -sleep @sandycandykim & I makeup by @sarahtannomakeup
Sky Ferreira Sep 30, 2018
Sky Ferreira Sep 26, 2018
near dark🌹
Sky Ferreira Sep 24, 2018
TBT When I was trapped in Las Vegas (2 months) w. Nic Cage
Sky Ferreira Sep 08, 2018
1938 when I exclusively crawled on couches @tommunrostudio @patti_wilson
Sky Ferreira Sep 07, 2018
FBF: 1994/cute (not as much as you thought/peaked)~~right before the awkward phase~~ teenage neighbor boy. Casually creeps through your window unannounced on a daily basis & lying in your bed uninvited :::but it’s ok bc it’s TV anyways::: @pjacerno #BabySittersClub #HoneyIBlewUpTheKids #RobReiner