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Night Time, My Time
Sky Ferreira Aug 17, 2019
✨CROSS YOU OUT✨ is out now. THANK YOU Charli XCX! I’m so glad we finally made this happen! I’m honored to work with someone as special & talented as you. I’ve always admired how prolific you are as a songwriter (especially in pop music). I have so much respect for you as a person & artist. I love what this song represents on so many levels. I’ve enjoyed watching you grow within the last (almost short of) 8 years! You’ve always been the sweetest & loveliest to be around. This is ALMOST as good as our rendition of ~Nothing Compares 2 U~ @ my 20th birthday though. You radiate infinite light. Thanks for letting me sing with you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sky Ferreira Jul 26, 2019
~t.A.T.u reincarnated~ aka “sisters” that enjoyed making out with each other etc 🧐. The last one is from our insane promo photo from 2002 #AllTheThingsSheSaid 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ @hollysilius ❤️
Sky Ferreira Jul 23, 2019
Seoul with @arca1000000 & more💋💋💋 BTW tell me the best Korean ~beauty~ products (skincare/hair/ cosmetics etc) to find. I know u know.
Sky Ferreira Jul 23, 2019
Friday Pitchfork Festival. It was a lot but fun.It was over 103 degrees when we played,the system was weird,our gear overheated etc. My mic didn’t work & I couldn’t hear a single thing the entire fucking time. We did well considering the circumstances. It was our first show playing together. I’m thankful for the talented people playing in my band (Ian/Nick/Cam/Johnny). Thanks @jorge_elbrecht for all of your hard work & helping me put the set together. Thanks to the people that came from all over the US to see my first show in ages & sat in a heatwave to see us play. @atcmanagement & I worked really hard to make this show happen & I’m so glad we did...although the show was different than I expected. I’m excited to play again. I’m trying not to throw up while singing in the last 2 photos (I tried to play it off or whatever) due to the heat. I despise the sun & I don’t know how my hair survived the humidity. We’re playing Korea this upcoming weekend. X Sky
Sky Ferreira Jul 17, 2019
@roryculkin @jonasakerlund 🦓
Sky Ferreira Jun 21, 2019
🌒🕯🕳⛓ feral (lol)
Sky Ferreira Jun 17, 2019
Sky Ferreira Jun 15, 2019
😒 #Don’t#Talk#To#Me#Or#My#Son#Ever#Again
Sky Ferreira Jun 13, 2019
I’m on Charli XCX’s upcoming album. Going to be so good ❤️
Sky Ferreira Jun 06, 2019
Sky Ferreira Jun 03, 2019
post shower 📸@gasparnoeofficial
Sky Ferreira May 18, 2019
Sky Ferreira May 13, 2019
I had this photo of my mom taped next to my bed for 8 years (probably more)...every place I’ve lived in. I finally got it framed last year.❤️
Sky Ferreira May 07, 2019
what does it meme?!!
Sky Ferreira Apr 29, 2019
Sky Ferreira Apr 24, 2019
most recent <~press~> photos please use for upcoming release thanks bye
Sky Ferreira Apr 17, 2019
Downhill Lullaby (lyrics)
Sky Ferreira Apr 03, 2019
Sky Ferreira Apr 03, 2019
V Magazine
Sky Ferreira Apr 01, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 30, 2019
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Sky Ferreira Mar 29, 2019
Sky Ferreira Mar 28, 2019
Dazed and Confused Magazine
Sky Ferreira Mar 27, 2019