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Grå Värld / Svarta Tankar
Enkel Resa Till Rännstenen
Skitsystem Aug 29, 2018
Skitsystem Aug 05, 2018
Ok, some news. We are gonns do a one-off show, exclusive, next year. It’s gonna be w/ a new line up, again, as well... keep you hangin in there for a while then. Up the punx! / F
Skitsystem Jul 10, 2018
Skitsystem - Revolt (Asocial)
Skitsystem Apr 26, 2018
It would be an total understatement If we only said that this place has meant alot to the underground music scene in Gothenburg. Hell, in the whole of Sweden! Now it seems it has come to an end, in worst case... I think we have played with SKITSYSTEM four or maybe five times (or more) at Truckstop Alaska, both in their old and the (not so new) place. We were playing the final gig they had at the old place (and our last gig in 2007 before our long hiatus) and we opened up the new place when we reformed again, so we have shared both death and birth over the years. We hope that the place can continue to exist, even though it seems dark this time, because It is needed for all the non-mainstream people in our society! The exploatation of the free, non-state controlled art and it’s vonteers and artistic minds are set in bright contrast to the ”need” of super luxorious million dollar apartments once again and shows its ugly face of free market capitalism. Thanks for everything, so far! We stand united with you in the struggle and we will back you If needed Truckstop Alaska ❤️ /Skitsystem
Skitsystem Apr 12, 2018
Om någon filmade något i fredags från Pustervik så posta det gärna!
Skitsystem Apr 07, 2018
Tack för igår allihop! Tack Pustervik.
Skitsystem Jul 01, 2017
Original members of Skitsystem re-unites in new death metal band.
Skitsystem Apr 25, 2017
Skitsystem Mar 21, 2017
Skitsystem Mar 21, 2017
Skitsystem Mar 17, 2017
Whilst on wait: no d-beat here 🤔, but still three of the orginal members getting back together for some new stuff, might appeal some of you anyway!
Skitsystem Mar 17, 2017
It's been a while. A turbulent time. As always.... Many debates about why the new album isn't done already. Many debates why it should ever be. Conclusion: what was done will still always overcome what was never written. What was done is still always more than good enough. A circle has been closed for now. Before any actions are taken we will rest. So to put it short: We have decided to put the band on a hiatus, yet again. Still we might return again, If we decide to. No bad blood within the inner core, just some piece of mind. We love and respect you all for all your time, support and patience. For now, a small possible teaser, just to keep you hang in there... //Fredrik
Skitsystem Nov 11, 2016
First rehearsal for some time. New song, one out of many. No vox, no second guitar, non in-tune, just the way it is. Enjoy. Haters gonna hate!
Skitsystem Sep 17, 2016
The publicity of Erling Broberg should be upon you! Once again! Honoured by few, remembered by many!
Skitsystem Sep 17, 2016
Ace! Makes us happy!
Skitsystem Jun 18, 2016
Found a bunch of older flyers fromthe past...
Skitsystem Oct 26, 2015
Ok, gonna re-count the shirts and put the rest up afterwards so I removed the salesinfo for now. All size XXL are gone, big fellows to be informed! Im also gonna put up som spare copies of older shirts in various sizes next time. Still working on getting right figures for EU postage/world. /Fred
Skitsystem Oct 24, 2015
Ok, the postage from sweden is a fucking terror, I'll post the price within EU/rest of the world tomorrow so then you can decide! /Fred
Skitsystem Sep 05, 2015
Straight outta the metalfactory!
Skitsystem Aug 06, 2015
Complete recordings of Freds old deathmetal band, now availible for purchase.
Skitsystem Jun 28, 2015
SKITSYSTEM @ Temples Festival 2015
Skitsystem Jun 10, 2015
Guns of Bristol. Skitsystem Temples Festival
Skitsystem May 31, 2015
Thank you Bristol! It was intense!!!
Skitsystem May 28, 2015
Going through the setlist for the Bristol show this saturday. Hope for the best, I have totally lost my voice 😨! See you there! /Fred
Skitsystem May 10, 2015
A slightly unusual cover of one of our songs! Cheers!