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Sing Me Insomnia Nov 18, 2013
Marshall, Wes, and Jared are in a new music project! Go give it a 'LIKE', and get ready for their debut music video, coming NEXT SUNDAY!!
Sing Me Insomnia Oct 24, 2013
Go grab Marshall's new single "Tell Me Where To Go" on iTunes today! His video is also on youtube!
Sing Me Insomnia Oct 05, 2013
Sing Me Insomnia May 23, 2013
If you missed "Miss Me Now" (pun?) on Real World: Portland last week, check it out below! It starts around the 15:30 mark!
Sing Me Insomnia Mar 27, 2013
The Real World: Portland debuts on MTV tomorrow night at 10 PM! Maybe you should watch it, and listen for something familiar! :)
Sing Me Insomnia Jan 31, 2013
Check out Marshall Cunningham's cover of Hallelujah
Sing Me Insomnia Jan 13, 2013
Sing Me Insomnia Jan 11, 2013
We're going to start shipping out T-Shirts tomorrow! If you haven't picked up a $5 T-shirt, do it now!
Sing Me Insomnia Jan 03, 2013
EVERYTHING on our webstore ONLY $5 for a limited time! Scoop up some goods!
Sing Me Insomnia Jan 03, 2013
For a limited time only, EVERYTHING on our webstore is only $5!!! Check out more info in this video from Murphey McDaniels here:
Sing Me Insomnia Dec 24, 2012
Merry Christmas to all of our friends, fans, and family! Treat someone you love to our newest record this Christmas!
Sing Me Insomnia Dec 10, 2012
Pick up our new record if you haven't yet! It's also available on Amazon for non-iTunes users. Spread the word!
Sing Me Insomnia Dec 04, 2012
It's that time of the year again. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!
Sing Me Insomnia Oct 22, 2012
Sing Me Insomnia Oct 12, 2012
Check out an incredible drum cover of "Die Young" from our handsome friends at @JTCovers !!
Sing Me Insomnia Oct 01, 2012
We will be sending a FREE copy of your choice of either our No Time To Waste EP or our Self-Titled EP to anyone who purchases our new record, Die Young & the B-Sides! Forward your iTunes confirmation email to [email protected], and tell us which EP you want for FREE, and we will send it to you!
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 26, 2012
What are you doing?? Go buy our new record, "Die Young & the B-Sides" NOW! It came out today!! Go pick it up, and make your friends do the same!!
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 25, 2012
Our new record, Die Young & the B-Sides, is AVAILABLE ON ITUNES NOW!! Go pick it up, and spread the word! Tell a friend, tell an enemy, tell your cat! We are so excited that you guys can finally hear everything we've done in the past two years! We love all of you, and are so grateful every day for your support. Please continue to support us by picking up this 23 song album for $9.99. Love, Marshall, Jordan, Wes and Jared
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 25, 2012
DIE YOUNG & THE B-SIDES HITS ITUNES TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!! We're so stoked! Head over to Twitter, and let's get #DieYoung trending to celebrate the release! GO INSOMNIACS!
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 24, 2012
"Die Young & the B-Sides" in TWO DAYS! And here's the lead single off of the record:
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 22, 2012
THREE days until "Die Young & the B-Sides". Who wants to hear more songs before it comes out??
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 19, 2012
Our record, "Die Young & the B-Sides" hits iTunes in SIX DAYS! We are so excited!!
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 18, 2012
What do you guys think of our new song, "Die Young"?? LIKE this status and leave a comment to let us know!
Sing Me Insomnia Sep 17, 2012
We are incredibly proud to present to you our new single, "Die Young". Available on iTunes September 25th! LIKE, SHARE, & SPREAD THE WORD!