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Life, Scars, Apologies
Life, Scars, Apologies
This Is My Heart
Since Last October Mar 30, 2013
Like the new band.
Since Last October Jul 24, 2012
Line up change
Since Last October Jun 19, 2012
Things are getting a little slow right now because half of us have jobs now and it varies which day we practice. But, we're still trying to get a song put out soon, so sit tight homies.
Since Last October Jun 03, 2012
These riffs are going to make you kids crap out your souls.
Since Last October Jun 02, 2012
My music is the true expression of emotions blaring out into space.- Drigo
Since Last October May 28, 2012
Writing some crazy shit.
Since Last October May 27, 2012
Since Last October May 25, 2012
Justin and I are wrapping up the first song right now and we'll release a demo insrumental version of it when we're done. Get stoked - Alex
Since Last October May 25, 2012
Credit to Justin Ebanks Photography.