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Simian Ghost
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Simian Ghost Oct 24, 2018
On January 25th Light Vibes will drop their full length debut! Be sure to check it out🖖🏼 🙏🏼 🥂
Simian Ghost Sep 22, 2018
Världsnaturfonden WWF
Simian Ghost Aug 11, 2018
Låt inte de svenska politikerna komma undan med en fortsatt svag miljöpolitik i höst. Kräv en anständig och sanningsenlig debatt.
Simian Ghost Aug 04, 2018
Simian Ghost Jul 25, 2018
420 million years later...
Simian Ghost May 22, 2018
A musician, an artist or a filmmaker will never be as important for society as a paramedic, an electrician or a plumber, and in general, should be held in less regard. 🖖🏼
Simian Ghost May 20, 2018
Mood 🤸🏼‍♀️
Simian Ghost Apr 30, 2018
Meanwhile, in Sweden
Simian Ghost Apr 23, 2018
Have you too kinda forgotten what good news feels like? Get this: The first of innovator Boyan Slats huge plastic collecting systems is about to be deployed in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch! 💚🌍
Simian Ghost Apr 20, 2018
Light Vibes brilliant new EP “Following” is out today! Go have a listen via your digital dealer of choice 🙏🏼
Simian Ghost Mar 30, 2018
New track by Light Vibes out today! The Line Of Best Fit has the scoop -
Simian Ghost Mar 18, 2018
Fun fact; If the ENTIRE US electricity demand was met with solar energy, the farms needed would take up < 0,4% of the total US land area. But I mean, “clean coal” is an option too ofc. (SAD) 🌍🔥
Simian Ghost Mar 04, 2018
The idea of ”Free Will” is a but a poetic description of the plasticity of a system, set within a fixed framework. 🐍
Simian Ghost Feb 20, 2018
Whenever I think about the fact that every living thing on earth evolved from the same set of self-replicating cells, it still blows my mind every time 🌱🌍
Simian Ghost Feb 11, 2018
By the end of this month, two-fourths of Simian Ghost will release a new single under the moniker Light Vibes, following a show at Landet in Stockholm on the 24th! Head over to their fb page to keep yourself up to speed 🙏🏼🌍
Simian Ghost Jan 27, 2018
Reality is a dying tree. 🌍🖖🏼
Simian Ghost Jan 12, 2018
You are an ongoing series of chemical reactions, and so am I. 🙏🏼 🌍 💚
Simian Ghost Dec 14, 2017
Wow - Sara Martinsson at our favorite newspaper Dagens Nyheter names Simian Ghost the best pop album of the year! She also makes references to Scritti Politti AND Bear Quartet, and calls us the best band in Sweden. How about that for an early festivus miracle! 🙏🏼🌍💚
Simian Ghost Dec 13, 2017
Tack GAFFA Sverige för att ni nominerat oss till Årets Pop/Rock i Gaffapriset! Man kan rösta på oss om man känner för det på 💋
Simian Ghost Dec 07, 2017
How good are your eyes? Distinct. Do you have a particular personality? Distinct. What separates somebody from somebody else? Distinct.
Simian Ghost Nov 17, 2017
Hello friends! Maybe you’ve noticed a slight decrease in activity on our socials lately, here’s why: After 10 years or so of making music, I’ve decided to go back to the University, studying Environmental Technology, Psychology and Sustainable Urban Planning. We’ll still be here though, but for a time to a lesser extent. If you’re interested in these subjects, there are links to some great reads below! 💚 you all! /s
Simian Ghost Oct 30, 2017
It really saddens me that the topics of climate change, the accelerating loss in biodiversity and the unquantifiable effects of toxins and chemicals released as a result of human activities, are nowhere near the center of the public debate. Especially since there will be no space to have a debate on any subject if we continue down this path. 💚 🌎
Simian Ghost Oct 14, 2017
#Trump era protip: less screen time, more green time. 🍃
Simian Ghost Oct 01, 2017
Big 💛 to Zoe Ball on BBC Radio 2 for spinning Climb The Walls yesterday, and to Po Tidholm at DN Kultur for that great review! You guys #MadeSundayGreatAgain
Simian Ghost Sep 30, 2017
Nazis are scum, wherever they are. Thank you Gothenburg for resisting ✊🏼