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KAABOO Del Mar KAABOO Del Mar 2019
Venue: Del Mar Fairgrounds (Del Mar, CA, US) Find tickets
Sonoma Harvest Music Festival - Weekend Two Sonoma Harvest Music Festival - Weekend Two 2019
Venue: B.R. Cohn Winery (Glen Ellen, CA, US) Find tickets
Sonoma Harvest Music Festival Sonoma Harvest Music Festival 2019
Venue: B.R. Cohn Winery (Glen Ellen, CA, US) Find tickets
Silversun Pickups Aug 12, 2019
“Neon Wound.” Stabbing sounds of dissonant guitars. That’s how this song started. I recently saw a video from a few years back that showed my son dancing around my living room. In the background, you can hear these chords coming from my bedroom. So clearly I was beginning this record way back then. An inadvertent time stamp. I would then later play these strums at many an outdoor shed during soundcheck on a summer long tour, trying to figure out if there was something there and if this was the beginning of wanderlust towards a new album. The chord movement was much more elaborate like Radiohead’s “Airbag” or Pink Floyd’s “In the Flesh.” Once we got to the recording stage, it became simplified and more blunt so the open strings could carry it away. Making it more of a percussive thing rather than a lick. I wasn’t quite sure how this song was going to propel itself, but that showed itself quickly once Nikki and Christopher attached themselves to it. We knew it was going to open the record. One of many reasons why my first words are “Hello my friend… It’s nice to see you again.” I love the idea of taking a second to greet everybody. Good manners are important. The Neon Wound is a glaring internal malfunction that has not only caused some major problems, but also is the source for confrontation that can hopefully lead to someplace stronger. By giving it a “cute” name, it’s an attempt to defuse its potency…_b 📷: Yuliya Peshkova
Silversun Pickups Aug 06, 2019
#WidowsWeeds // 📷: Claire Marie Vogel
Silversun Pickups Aug 05, 2019
Nikki chats with Bass Magazine about her influences on #WidowsWeeds, bass tones from song-to-song, and more!
Silversun Pickups Jul 31, 2019
To celebrate the 13th anniversary of Carnavas, we’re excited to release Carnavas on 2LP sea glass green vinyl, exclusively through @NewburyComics! This release is limited to 500 copies. Pre-order yours here:
Silversun Pickups Jul 29, 2019
I’ve been asked about “It Doesn’t Matter Why” a lot lately and it’s built in pun is never tiring to me. “What’s this song about?” My answer, “It doesn’t matter.” It’s the little joys I love. Dad jokes aside, it’s not wrong. Fundamentally, it’s about understanding that someone is upset or in a spell and instead of trying to deconstruct why or how they got to this state, the fact that they are there is all that needs to be recognized. Stop trying to solve it and just be there and listen. There’s also something very mischievous about it. Someone is demanding answers and needs relief and the answers that are coming to them are simple and not helpful in the slightest. Like trying to find safety in the hands of playful gremlins. When I would mess around with singing this song, I always used a voice that sounded more like The Knife in their most pitch shifting whisper shouts. The only time this song gets a little testy is when I say, “Feeling like you’re on your own, oh no.” Tsk tsk Bri Bri. This song introduces the strings element that has a major impact on the sonics of the record. They really drive most of the song and give a heads up to what their role will be throughout. Very filmic and not subtle and make their presence known. All the drive and tightness and repeating phrases are all built around getting to the bridge of the song. That’s where there’s a scene change and everything opens up and blooms…_b 📷: Citizen Kane Wayne
Silversun Pickups Jul 25, 2019
Carnavas was released #OnThisDay in 2006! Thank you for all the love!
Silversun Pickups Jul 25, 2019
Happy giraffes, happy shiny shoes, and happy birthday Nikki🎂🍰🍷🎁🎉...~x 📸: Citizen Kane Wayne
Silversun Pickups Jul 24, 2019
nice to meet you Awkwafina and coney island. . .we love you both. . .n.💕
Silversun Pickups Jul 22, 2019
Thanks for coming out to celebrate Widow’s Weeds release, Freakazoids. Where to next…_b 📷: Yuliya Peshkova
Silversun Pickups Jul 19, 2019
Encores and sparkly shoes from the other night...~x
Silversun Pickups Jul 18, 2019
thanks for the Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site tour, Ian!. . .n.
Silversun Pickups Jul 17, 2019
we’ve been having the best time with you all on this July run…portland, stroudsburg, sayreville…you’re next! ~x 📷: Yuliya Peshkova
Silversun Pickups Jul 16, 2019
hello burlington. . .it’s good to be back. . .n.❤️
Silversun Pickups Jul 15, 2019
Thanks to our friend Math Bishop for his remix of “It Doesn’t Matter Why.” Listen to the remix everywhere here:
Silversun Pickups Jul 14, 2019
Thank you Clifton Park/Albany and Upstate Concert Hall for last night. Great seeing you again. You’re all amazing...~x
Silversun Pickups Jul 13, 2019
what a beautiful place...thank you 95X and baldwinsville for an amazing time...~x
Silversun Pickups Jul 12, 2019
Our friend Math Bishop remixed “It Doesn’t Matter Why,” and we are thrilled to share it with you! Listen to the full song everywhere here:
Silversun Pickups Jul 10, 2019
#WidowsWeeds // 📷: Claire Marie Vogel
Silversun Pickups Jul 02, 2019
That’s one cool cat.. #WidowsWeeds 📷: Chris Heidel
Silversun Pickups Jun 27, 2019
Lots of different screens in lots of different places, and certainly a lot of Arturia plugins on Widow’s Weeds. -j
Silversun Pickups Jun 25, 2019
happy birthday, joe!❤️. . .n. 📷#1 Claire Marie Vogel 📷#2 Citizen Kane Wayne
Silversun Pickups Jun 20, 2019
We ❤ Amoeba Music. From our pop-up shop & in-store celebrating the release of Widow’s Weeds. Thanks to everyone who came out and made it special!
Silversun Pickups Jun 19, 2019
Don’t Know Yet …_b
Silversun Pickups Jun 17, 2019
Comedy Bang Bang is the best. We had the pleasure of being guests this week. It was great meeting the talented Scott Aukerman, Jessica McKenna & Paul F. Tompkins. We are fans of all these people. Enjoy..._b Listen here:
Silversun Pickups Jun 14, 2019
Thanks to our fan Mike for sharing his deluxe copy of Widow’s Weeds! Lucky no. 375! Listen to Widow's Weeds here: