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Sigur Rós Jun 12, 2019
Sigur Rós Jun 12, 2019
same time, same date, same place - 20 years later. tonight at 9pm icelandic time we will stream the remastered audio from the release day party (june 12, 1999) of ágætis byrjun. mixed by kjartan sveinsson and birgir birgisson watch via YouTube on #sigurrosAB20
Sigur Rós Jun 12, 2019
ágætis byrjun - 20 ára afmæli / 20th anniversary tonight at 9pm icelandic time we stream the 1999 concert audio - global times
Sigur Rós Jun 11, 2019
Jónsi & Alex Somers show number 1 / Sydney Opera House for #vividLIVE
Sigur Rós Jun 10, 2019
final day of preparations for the Jónsi & Alex Somers show, june 11th at Sydney Opera House Jónsi & Alex Somers: Riceboy Sleeps | Vivid LIVE 2019 #VividLIVE
Sigur Rós Jun 09, 2019
Kjartan Sveinsson holding the poster for the release concert for “ágætis byrjun”, june 12th 1999. we’ve listening parties taking place in reykjavík (gamla bíó), london (rio cinema) and globally via youtube. reykjavík: Live at Íslenska Óperan 1999 – Listening party london: Sigur Rós 'Live At Islenska Operan' album listening in the dark online stream: #sigurrosAB20
Sigur Rós Jun 07, 2019
to mark the 10th anniversary and first-ever live performances of riceboy sleeps with orchestra and choir, Jónsi & Alex Somers are releasing a new analogue remastered version of their seminal 2009 ambient work. the remastering has been overseen by the artists themselves, in what they see as the definitive pressing of the record. signed and unsigned versions here: (released august 30th) for the reissue, the album will be expanded from a double to a triple vinyl album for the edition, taking in the 30-minute ep, all animals. the release will come on 3 x standard weight black 140gram vinyl packaged in a special gatefold sleeve with rounded corners. riceboy sleeps tote bag / riceboy sleeps slipmat / riceboy sleeps a5 book #riceboysleeps Jónsi & Alex Somers
Sigur Rós Jun 06, 2019
'riceboy sleeps' by Jónsi & Alex Somers premieres in full for #VividLIVE at Sydney Opera House this coming tuesday 11 june with the sydney international orchestra and choir. some tickets remaining here: #riceboysleeps
Sigur Rós May 29, 2019
track: hugmynd 3 // pre-order the 20th anniversary edition here over 3 hours of previously unheard music... all formats feature the full wealth of previously unheard songs, rare live recordings, alternative versions of every songs on the album, as well as the entire 90-minute release day concert from june 12, 1999.
Sigur Rós May 21, 2019
sigur rós present a liminal sound bath with Jónsi, Alex Somers & Paul Corley - tickets: the great oak stage, hyde park, london from 7pm tues july 9th free event in association with Calm
Sigur Rós May 19, 2019
takk Game of Thrones for the last eight seasons. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “the rains of castamere”, by sigur rós - get it via ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ the song featured in the season 4 episode ’The Lion and the Rose' - performed at King Joffrey's wedding ceremony. #gameofthrones #therainsofcastamere
Sigur Rós May 19, 2019
last weekend at FORM - we hosted an installation of our tónandi collaboration with Magic Leap. the people who came and took part in the demos were incredible. enthusiastic, giving and inspiring. this particular woman was moved to tears of joy after her demo. thank you to form for hosting us and helping us to experiment with how to bring people together to share in the project. tónandi details: #tonandi #magicleap #sigurrostonandi #formarcosanti
Sigur Rós May 18, 2019
sometimes when we’re having a clear out of at sigur rós hq we come across a few choice collectables from a past release, some items from a previous tour, or even a mislaid-yet-pristine limited edition. rather than keep these nuggets to ourselves, we’ve decided that from now on we will add them to our Krunk Records bandcamp merch store - these will be items from the vaults that probably havent been on sale in years, if ever. all items will be shipped from the united kingdom, since that’s where the fabled store of goodies resides. today we start with three items: - the 7” vinyl release of “á” (from our norður og niður 2017 festival) (now sold out) - the limited edition 7” boxset for “inni” - triple vinyl / dvd version of “inni” we’ll be adding more items randomly in the future - follow us on Bandcamp to get the notifications first.
Sigur Rós May 17, 2019
Sigur Rós - Svefn-g-englar (Live at Íslenska Óperan, 1999) - - it was 20 years ago this june, sigur rós played the íslenska óperan in reykjavík, debuting a record that would launch them on the world stage and have writers ask, “is there any other music like this?”. svefn-g-englar was the first song to be released from "the last great record of the 20th century”, and was a word-of-mouth phenomenon, led by jónsi’s keening voice and a submarine sonar sound. this never-before-heard recording has been mixed and mastered from the original Icelandic radio recording.
Sigur Rós May 14, 2019
Sigur Rós presents Liminal - free ambient soundbath, london, july 9. sign-up via - full event details come later Liminal Jónsi Jónsi & Alex Somers Alex Somers Sigur Rós Paul Corley
Sigur Rós May 11, 2019
the Jónsi & Alex Somers "riceboy sleeps" tour starts one month from today with a show in the sydney opera house, then shows in tasmania, paris, london and across the united states and canada. tickets details via: conducted by robert ames, with orchestral arrangements by david handler. featuring the sydney international orchestra and choir, Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, London Contemporary Orchestra, wordless music orchestra and choir
Sigur Rós May 04, 2019
Dark Morph: Pre-order digital + vinyl: Track: BEKA YALO Details. Troubled by environmental injustices playing out in the oceans – affecting human and more-than-human lives – Jónsi (sound artist, chanteur and member of Sigur Rós, living in Los Angeles) and Carl Michael von Hausswolff (visual artist, electro-acoustic composer and King of Vargaland, living in Stockholm) have teamed up for a one-off collaboration as Dark Morph. Album released May 10. Dark Morph is a collaborative project by Jónsi and Carl Michael von Hausswolff commissioned by TBA21-Academy / Ocean Space
Sigur Rós May 02, 2019
sigur rós are proud to be part of a setlist auction to support the Ministry of Stories and the The International Congress of Youth Voices the auction ends shortly - signed setlist from september 24th, 2001 along with a very rare "á" vinyl from our norður og niður festival in 2017.
Sigur Rós Apr 23, 2019
happy birthday Jónsi! photo: alastair thain
Sigur Rós Apr 21, 2019
ágætis byrjun released in iceland in 1999, saw its north american release in 2001. to coincide with that the band embarked on a north american tour - starting in Coachella april 28th 2001. as we near the release of the 20th anniversary edition release of the album we look back to important moments during those days: georg's tour diary. april 28th, 2001 "wow, we're in america. this is such a strange place, the festival is in the middle of the desert and it's hot. i don't know if the americans know how to organise a festival but this is a really cool place." "the show was a laugh. there was no sound check and everything went wrong just before we went on stage. so basically it was a disaster but we enjoyed it. after we finished the sun was gone so we just headed back to the hotel after a good day in the desert."
Sigur Rós Apr 20, 2019
Out 21 june, 2019. Ágætis byrjun - A Good Beginning. 20th Anniversary Edition. Pre-order now: - This early cassette demo is more fragile and in many ways more beautiful than the final title track on Sigur Rós’s breakthrough album. The voice is airier, sweeter and less dry, with whole sections of later abandoned backing vocals in play. Kjartan’s piano is absent at least in the early stages - the melody picked up by Jónsi’s acoustic guitar - with room for Georg’s languid bass and Águst’s simple snare to propel the song forward...or more accurately upwards. Jónsi’s voice is at its most weightless and heavenly; the piano when it arrives like sunlight reflecting off the sea; the whole the aural equivalent of the drowsy content you feel after falling asleep in the sun, not a care in the world. Rescued from a solitary cassette, this version includes historical digital glitches which have been left in - think of it as the patina on a thing of cherished beauty that was very nearly lost.
Sigur Rós Apr 17, 2019
"I worked with Kristin Anna on this album probably longer than I’ve ever worked on any album. Four years on and off; a real labour of love, dedication and perseverance for both of us. And now, finally, I’m very happy to say it’s done and out there, and you can hear what we spent so many thousands of hours toiling away at. Personally I am very proud of this record, despite my absence on the cover." - Kjartan Sveinsson Kjartan Sveinsson has produced the new album from Kristín Anna "I Must Be the Devil" - Listen in full: details below:
Sigur Rós Apr 16, 2019
sigur rós: ba ba ti ki di do / Happy Birthday Merce Cunningham who would have been 100 today. Back in 2003, to commemorate the Merce Cunningham Company’s 50th anniversary, ourselves and Radiohead were lucky enough to be asked to each come up with 20 minutes of music for Merce’s new piece Split Sides. We met the great man, who was lovely, and told that we had to compose blind. The same stricture would apply to costume, set design and indeed choreographer - for each of which there were to be two options - no one had a brief or knew what anyone else was doing. We went away and, probably because Merce’s company danced barefoot, decided to destroy some ballet pointes, turning them into makeshift percussion instruments. We recorded Merce’s voice talking about choreography, which we then chopped into the tight syllables of our eventual titles, “ba ba", "ti ki", "di do”, and also worked with little wooden music boxes where you could punch your own roll cards (although we choose to use the pre-punched cards and played them backwards, slowly). On opening night, Oct 14, 2003 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Merce’s life-long friend and collaborator Robert Rauschenberg rolled a die: odds for Radiohead, even for Sigur Rós, and so on for all the other elements. And thus was born a magical performance dictated exclusively by chance. Split Sides was probably never rendered in the same way twice, and we never really wrote any more music that had quite the same atmosphere or genesis again. It was also the only time any of us got to work with another 20th century titan, Richard Avedon, who photographed Jónsi (only Jónsi) with Thom Yorke and Merce. Wish we had a print of that now.
Sigur Rós Apr 12, 2019
22° LUNAR HALO - digital pre-order: soundtrack to brand new dance work by leading taiwanese choreographer CHENG tsung-lung, premiering in taiwan this weekend. musical director kjartan holm record store day info:
Sigur Rós Apr 12, 2019
sigur rós: variations on darkness digital pre-order: record store day: soundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Íslenski Dansflokkurinn - Iceland Dance Company, originally commissioned for the band’s NORÐUR OG NIÐUR festival New Year 2018. IDC musical “vacillation and transfiguration” expert VALDIMAR JÓHANSSON was granted unique access to unreleased Sigur Rós material, as well as multitracks of the band’s catalogue, using them to create a score of high nordic drama to underpin the apocalyptic vision of choreographer ERNA ÓMARSDÓTTIR. edited for vinyl by KJARTAN HOLM. #recordstoreday2019