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Living With Ghosts

Rawww EP
Sigha at Flex (March 1, 2019)
Venue: Flex (Vienna, Austria) Find tickets
Sigha at Berghain/Panorama Bar (March 9, 2019)
Venue: Berghain/Panorama Bar (Berlin, Germany) Find tickets
DVS1, Anetha, Jay Clarke, Sigha, and 4 more… at fabric (March 23, 2019)
Venue: fabric (London, UK) Find tickets
Dekmantel festival Dekmantel festival 2019
Venue: Unknown venue (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Find tickets
Sigha Dec 15, 2018
Myself and Shifted are back to back all night at Perron later. It’s almost exactly three years since we last did this, really excited to kick off a new run of shows together.
Sigha Dec 11, 2018
It’s been three years since myself and Shifted decided to call time on our back to back sets Really happy to announce this new run of shows together, kicking off this weekend in Rotterdam at Perron....
Sigha Dec 07, 2018
Vilnius tonight.... You can find me playing live at Kablys + Club for Shifted’s More Static party.
Sigha Oct 07, 2018
Berliners you can find me closing out a stellar line up at Berghain tonight.
Sigha Sep 28, 2018
A few months ago I put a new podcast together for Trax Magazine, bringing together some of the techno I’d been enjoying recently & overlaid with a fair amount of ambient improvisation from myself. You can stream this over on their soundcloud right now.... but personally I tend to listen to mixes most when I’m traveling and offline. I thought I’d make a download available for all of you who like to do the same. Links up top in the bio... TL (not including my own additions) Brehme - K. Ran And Spoke Foresights From The Forest Alexa Sanchez & Ricardo Garduno - The Cancer of Time 1 Robert Lippok - All Objects Are Moving Adiel- Tribale Danza Undveld Breyta- Order And Devotion Oscar Mulero - Dying Asteroid Archivist & Flugal - Far Horizon (Acronym Remix) Wata Igarashi - Void Naty seres & Bensen -Interplanetary Dust Clouds Hobi- The Rhetoric of Confession Uun- Exhumed ii.i Tobias - Keep Me Insane Alfredo Mazzilli - Parhelion Dasha Rush - Time Coil Altinbas- SZ01 Arnaud le Texier - Hideous Engine Matrixxman - Emergent Intelligence Tensal - Santolaya (Shifted Alt mix) Pariah - Here From Where we Are Photo @sayyes_yvonne
Sigha Sep 25, 2018
One more from last weekends @neon.chambers Italian premier at @o.termedidiocleziano We’ll be back in Italy on Saturday for @robotfestival in Bologna
Sigha Sep 22, 2018
If your visiting the Terme Di Diocleziano in Rome I’ve written a site specific piece for the Piccolo Chiostro Della Certosa Di Santa Maria Degli Angeli. It will be running as part of @o.termedidiocleziano everyday until 28/09/18 from 14:00 until 19:00.
Sigha Sep 21, 2018
Rome, you can find myself and Kangding Ray performing as Neon Chambers at Terme Di Diocleziano tonight.
Sigha Sep 17, 2018
Walking out the club yesterday morning to this view was pretty special. Thank you Lisbon x
Sigha Sep 15, 2018
Granular studies for next weeks installation at Rome’s Terme di Diocleziano.
Sigha Sep 07, 2018
You can find me playing alone, or as one half of @neon.chambers with @kangding_ray at one of these spots this September.
Sigha Jul 19, 2018
It's been a long, long time since I last put a mix together.... Heres something new I recorded for Trax Magazine featuring a lot of music I've been playing recently and a healthy dose of live synths over the top. Enjoy x
Sigha Jul 18, 2018
Sigha - Black Massing (Wata Igarashi ´Dusk Falls` Remix) [Token77]
Sigha Jul 12, 2018
In a little early at Hardwax
Sigha Jul 10, 2018
You can stream Flare, taken from my forthcoming Token Records EP, in full if you head over to RA's New Tracks....
Sigha Jul 09, 2018
Out this friday. Video by the29nov films
Sigha Jul 04, 2018
Sigha returns to Token with new release - Orb Mag
Sigha Jul 04, 2018
Sigha Jun 02, 2018
So good to be back in Colombia 🖤 You can find me playing here over the next few days.... 01/06 Cali - Sonido Central 02/06 Medellín - Secret location 03/06 Pereira - Zero Gravity Festival
Sigha May 26, 2018
Just finished a very enjoyable soundcheck... you can find me doing my live thing at Berghain tonight from 4
Sigha May 25, 2018
some places I’ll be making noise over the next month
Sigha May 05, 2018
Toulouse, I’ll be plugging things in and pushing buttons down Le Bikini tonight alongside the wonderful Dasha Rush and SNTS
Sigha Apr 14, 2018
Romeward bound for Ex Dogana tonight
Sigha Apr 14, 2018
Romeward bound (Sorry) You can find me playing some music at Ex Dogana tonight. Plenty of newness and maybe one or two older bits as well if the mood takes me. Looking forward to being back
Sigha Apr 01, 2018
Londoners you can find me at Printworks this afternoon for Photon alongside a heap of friends and amazing artists. Really looking forward to stretching out and having the chance to play something a little different.