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Shylmagoghnar Jul 04, 2019
EDIT: and they're gone, wow that went faster than expected! Thank you all very much once again! Only very few copies of that golden vinyl left for Transience! This is a 200 piece limited edition of the first print, so if you were considering it, this may be your last chance. Many thanks to you all again for the excellent support! Have a great weekend in advance
Shylmagoghnar Jul 01, 2019
Here's one for the fellow Dutch folks among you! (Though everyone else is of course more than welcome to check out the indubitably hilarious results that automatic translation enriches our lives with): Wij willen Progwereld (en in het bijzonder Ruard Veltmaat) zéér vriendelijk danken voor het introduceren van onze band aan de site, met zowel een interview als ook een dubbele review. We hebben gedurende de afgelopen jaren al meermaals gesteld dat we zonder de fantastische hulp van luisteraars en media nergens gekomen waren, en wanneer die ondersteuning uit eigen land komt is dat zeker erg mooi. INTERVIEW: REVIEW Emergence: REVIEW Transience: is een website die zich voornamelijk bezig houdt met progressieve rock en aanverwante stijlen, dus als jullie dit aanspreekt, geef ze zeker eens een bezoekje!
Shylmagoghnar Feb 07, 2019
For everyone who wanted a CD of EMERGENCE and missed out on the previous run: good news, the new batch has arrived today! These are exclusively available through our Bandcamp page right HERE: If you have any questions, requests or simply would like to send us a message, please don't hesitate to do so. You can include a message with an order, or use the "Contact Shylmagoghnar" button on the Bandcamp page. We're always more than pleased to hear from you personally! Have a nice weekend in advance everyone \m/
Shylmagoghnar Jan 01, 2019
Have a great and inspiring start of 2019 everyone! Thank you all so much for making the previous year a memorable one. You are awesome! \m/
Shylmagoghnar Dec 07, 2018
Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that Transience T-shirts of all sizes are back in stock again! They can be found HERE: On a related note, we are doing a re-print of the Emergence CD soon as well. Our intention was to have them in by now, but things got delayed so the new ETA is early 2019. I'll post another update once we know more. We wish you all a very nice winter in advance!
Shylmagoghnar Nov 10, 2018
Hey people! Bana from Bana Salman - Piano recently graced us with her piano interpretation of "The Chosen Path". There are few things that thrill us more than seeing fellow musicians do their thing, and it goes without saying that we consider it a HUGE honor when people cover one of our songs. Thank you so much for this Bana, we love it! Now excuse me while I'll go practice some more piano... (Oh and check out her cover for "The Drapery Falls" as well, intense stuff)
Shylmagoghnar Aug 03, 2018
Reposting this since it is now finally working in the USA!: Our new album TRANSIENCE is fully available on our Youtube channel! If possible, you would do us a huge favor by visiting the video and/or sharing it with your friends. It helps us to get noticed by Youtube and hopefully reach people who've never heard of the project before, just like it did with "Emergence". Many thanks to all of you who have already supported us in word and deed. You've made this release very special to us! And if you like what we're doing and want to aid us in creating future albums, please consider buying a copy HERE:
Shylmagoghnar Jul 13, 2018
Our new album TRANSIENCE is now fully available on our Youtube channel (with another animation by Minghao Xu of course)! If we may request a favor: even if you have heard the album already, please visit the video and/or share it with your friends, so that we can get it rolling on Youtube! On "Emergence" this has made a world of difference to us, so let's see if we can make it work again :) Thank you all VERY much for everything! We hope you are enjoying the new album very much.
Shylmagoghnar Jul 09, 2018
For the Dutch folks among you (and those who wield the arcane powers of Google Translate), a review from Zware Metalen​ (of whom we already had the honor of receiving a review for Emergence back in 2014): This one comes from Marko Bok. Thank you VERY much Marko, both for the review, and for subtly reminding us every now and then that we'd better make this album worthy of your personal year list!
Shylmagoghnar Jul 01, 2018
Some wonderful reviews are starting to appear for Transience - thank you all so much, we feel honored! Here are, in no particular order, some that we've received in the past days: Distorted Sound Magazine (English): Kaaoszine (Finnish): Taurelin (German): Our deepest thanks to the writers of these - your personal reactions are all we could have wished for and we hope other listeners will recognize some of your sentiments!
Shylmagoghnar Jun 30, 2018
We've recently had the pleasure of doing an interview with the Bulgarian Metal Hangar 18 (thank you kindly once again!). They have been so diligent to post it in both Bulgarian and English, and the result can be read HERE: BULGARIAN: ENGLISH: Have a great day everyone!
Shylmagoghnar Jun 29, 2018
Our new album TRANSIENCE is finally out! Many thanks go out to the people who have helped us to make this possible. Our partners, artists, family, friends, the Napalm crew and of course all of you who have supported this project over the years! The song in the video is based upon one of the oldest surviving demos of the project, which formed a cornerstone in the writing of this album. Where the previously revealed tracks focused more on melodic black, this one has more of a death/folk metal undertone. Let us tell you a tale of a mysterious messenger who shares with us a series of visions, revealing a terrifying conflux of conflicting paths... Physical and digital copies are available here:
Shylmagoghnar Jun 29, 2018
Dear everyone, The moment has come: our new album Transience is releasing! Words cannot describe how glad we are to finally be reaching this day again. We have poured our hearts and minds into this album and we hope the result is a journey that will draw you in deeply – both into our fantasy world and also your own. Let us all for a moment consider how unique it is to experience life in all its imperfection and celebrate our mortality! The people who have pre-ordered on Bandcamp should be able to download the full album now, and most pre-ordered Cds and vinyl from both the label and us should be on their way. If you haven't received a confirmation email from Napalm, check your account for the order status– for some people the email just didn't come through. We expect other digital platforms to follow over the course of the day as well (they all have different schedules, so it's hard for us to estimate exactly). We will also soon be doing an album video on Youtube again, like we did with Emergence, but that one still takes a couple more days. Until then we hope you will enjoy the album from your outlet or streaming service of choice! Enjoy and thank you all VERY much once again for making this possible! May the music bring you closer to your transience... And I you haven't ordered your copy yet, you can do so HERE:
Shylmagoghnar Jun 16, 2018
Heads-up for everyone who still wants a copy of Emergence on CD or VINYL: they are VERY close to running out! Napalm Records (Vinyl): Our Bandcamp (CD&Vinyl): The vinyl pre-order for Transience is also moving fast, so don't wait too long (especially if you are interested in the limited gold edition). Pre-orders of all formats can be made HERE: Only two more weeks until the release of Transience, we are looking forward!
Shylmagoghnar Jun 13, 2018
Hey everyone! In between the posts about the upcoming release and pre-orders we wanted to take a moment to just say: thank you all once again for the warm reactions and support to this project. The past few years have really been life-changing for us and we cannot express in words how great it feels to be able to work on something we love and sharing it with people who feel the same deep passion for music. You help us keep the flame alive and we hope we will be able to show our appreciation for this by creating many more albums (be it in Shylmagoghnar or other projects) in the future! Hails from Skirge & Nimblkorg
Shylmagoghnar Jun 05, 2018
The release of our new album TRANSIENCE is coming closer and closer! We have released an official video for the song "AS ALL MUST COME TO PASS" recently, so if you haven't seen it yet, go check it out! Watch the full video here: Pre-order "Transience" here:
Shylmagoghnar May 21, 2018
Reposting it for those of you who have missed it a couple of days ago (or maybe would just enjoy hearing it again ;) ): Our first official music video has been released last week! It features the new track "As All Must Come to Pass" from our upcoming album "Transience"! Watch it HERE: This video was created by our friend Minghao Xu (Void Visuals) - whom you already know from his work on our cover arts - and 3D animations were done by Arman Saberi. Many thanks go out to both of them and to the people who have helped to make this video possible. Enjoy and if you want to read the lyrics, subtitles are included! PRE-ORDERS: If you like what we're doing, please consider placing a physical/digital pre-order for our upcoming album TRANSIENCE here: The support is tremendously appreciated and helps us a lot with the creation of future music. Kindest greetings from Nimblkorg & Skirge!
Shylmagoghnar May 18, 2018
Ladies and gentlemen, We are proud to share with you our first official music video, featuring the new track "As All Must Come to Pass"! Watch it HERE: The video concept and animation were created by Minghao Xu (Void Visuals) - whom you already know from his work on our cover arts - and 3D animations were done by Arman Saberi. It is a tale of a struggle as old as life itself... Enjoy the video and the music everyone! And if you want to read the lyrics, enable the subtitles. For physical&digital pre-orders of the the upcoming album TRANSIENCE, you can visit this link:
Shylmagoghnar May 14, 2018
Hey all! We've got something cool coming up in a couple of days, but for now, let me just remind you that the pre-orders for our upcoming album TRANSIENCE are available! YOU CAN PRE-ORDER HERE: Napalm Records Store: (T-shirts, bundles and limited golden vinyl available here as well!) Our Bandcamp store: The previously unveiled titletrack "Transience" is also available as Digital Single: and of course, the album can be found as digital pre-order on most download and streaming platforms. Thank you all again and have a great week! Monday will be over before you know it...
Shylmagoghnar May 07, 2018
For those of you who would still like to get an Emergence CD or Vinyl: both are close to running out, so don't wait too long! The CD is available through our Bandcamp, and the vinyl through both Bandcamp and Napalm Records: Napalm Records: Our Bandcamp: Have a great week everyone!
Shylmagoghnar Apr 28, 2018
Hey all! In case some of you hadn't received the news last week, I'll post it again: We are introducing our upcoming album TRANSIENCE with the full reveal of the first track, which is also the title track. The track can be heard HERE: We hope you'll enjoy! And for those of you who have previously responded already: thank you again for the awesome reactions, it made our week! We're very much looking forward to this release. PRE-ORDERS: Napalm Records Store: (CD, Limited edition Vinyl, T-shirts, Bundles) Our Bandcamp store: (CD, Vinyl, Digital) Also available as Digital Single: Digital pre-order and streaming are available on the usual digital music platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify, etc) All the best and have a great weekend everyone!
Shylmagoghnar Apr 20, 2018
Time for a FULL SONG REVEAL! Our second album "TRANSIENCE" is releasing on the 29th of June 2018. What better way to introduce it than with the opening track, which is also the title track for the album? Our journey begins with an artist in search of meaning and perfection, finding himself struggling with his mortal boundaries as he embarks on an arduous quest. Follow us beyond a lost dream to where epiphany and insanity go hand in hand. We've poured our hearts and souls into this one... enjoy! You can pre-order a copy of the album here: Napalm Records Store: Our Bandcamp store: Also available as Digital Single:
Shylmagoghnar Apr 10, 2018
In case the news hadn't reached you yet, we have opened the physical pre-orders for our upcoming album "TRANSIENCE"! The album is coming out on the 29th of June 2018. Furthermore I want to inform you that the Napalm Records Online Store has T-SHIRTS, a bundle deal and an exclusive limited edition GOLDEN VINYL. You can find it HERE: The Vinyl for "Emergence" is also getting close to running out, so anyone who still wants one: don't wait too long. If it's gone, it's gone! It's available on the Napalm Records shop, and we also have a few copies left on our Bandcamp: Thank you and have a great week everyone!
Shylmagoghnar Apr 07, 2018
A little while ago we had the pleasure of getting to know JPR at METAL ABYSS and what started out as a conversation ended up turning into an interview. The interview was taken before our reveal yesterday, so please ignore that some of our answers are a little outdated. Thank you very kindly JPR, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! And thank you Editor, for being so merciful to edit my shocking typo at short notice...
Shylmagoghnar Apr 05, 2018
Dear people, It is with immense pleasure that we are finally able to say: we have a release date for our upcoming album TRANSIENCE! It is set on the 29TH OF JUNE this year and it will be available on CD, Vinyl and of course Digital as well. Together with our allies at Napalm Records, we're already opening up the pre-orders for Vinyl and CD worldwide today, so you can reserve your copy at: Our personal Bandcamp: The Napalm Records online store: Pre-orders for Digital will follow soon as well – and maybe even a full track reveal... so stay tuned for more news! For now, let's celebrate with a preview of a song some of you might already be vaguely familiar with... Thank you all so much for the steadfast support over the years. May you love this album to shreds.