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Beach Boy
Shwayze Summer
Island In the Sun (Bonus Version)
Live At The Hollywood Palladium
Let It Beat
Let It Beat
Beach Blast By Shwayze
Shwayze May 09, 2014
crazy for you
Shwayze Apr 06, 2014
Perfect for me
Shwayze Jan 08, 2014
Shwayze Jan 08, 2014
What it do baby blue
Shwayze Jan 20, 2013
Do you think that we could ever be one instead of two?
Shwayze Jan 09, 2013
baby blue where are you
Shwayze Dec 11, 2012
what it do baby blue?
Shwayze Nov 29, 2012
Baby will ya be my corona and lime
Shwayze Sep 20, 2012
Baby what's the word? I aint trying to kill your mockingbird. I got scared and I started walking backwards.
Shwayze Jul 23, 2012
I wanna smoke
Shwayze Jul 14, 2012
yoooooo whadduupp
Shwayze Jun 02, 2012
i need some weeeeeeeedd
Shwayze Apr 11, 2012
Yooo hittin up NYC in my next tour.. Tickets will go on sale soon. Call (978) 767-6561 for a chance to win free VIP and backstage tickets.. See yall niggas soon
Shwayze Feb 27, 2012
shwayze baby
Shwayze Feb 13, 2012
whos got the weed
Shwayze Jan 25, 2012
do the scrooge mcduck
Shwayze Jan 08, 2012
island in the sun
Shwayze Dec 13, 2011
In the mall is where I met her, wearin a brown sweater. She said she had a man but I said I could do it better.
Shwayze Dec 08, 2011
who got the weed?
Shwayze Oct 25, 2011
Call 716-225-0958 to request a venue for shwayze's next tour!
Shwayze Oct 11, 2011
reefer madnesssss
Shwayze Sep 29, 2011
island in the sun
Shwayze Jul 07, 2011
Chillin with my summer girls kritto and jenn
Shwayze Jun 23, 2011
Its the middle of the night and I call your phone I lost mine so I dial zero and say Collect, collect call Collect, collect call Will you accept my collect call?