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Shura Feb 13, 2019
My dear friend Tourist took a little snippet of something I was playing around with and turned it into a beautiful track for his upcoming album - it’s called Love Theme and it’s out now. 💙
Shura Feb 03, 2019
BIG 💙 to The Lot Radio for having me play some tunes this morning. Here's the setlist and link to mixcloud, cause sharing is caring.
Shura Jan 17, 2019
💙inspiration fm💙
Shura Jan 16, 2019
New Year, New Shu.
Shura Dec 11, 2018
HAPPY HOLIBOBS. Everything in my store is 50% off this month so if you, like my Dad, gave away all your copies of my record to your friends you can get it again super cheap. Every order comes with a free sticker pack too, for you to stick on things. <3
Shura Dec 05, 2018
I did remix for my excellent friends Nimmo which you can listen to now. P.S. Thank you Reva for feeding my cats whilst my twin visits me in NYC.
Shura Oct 12, 2018
Did a remix with my friend FaltyDL for our friends Barrie the band. It's out today. So much love for this talented bunch.
Shura Jun 29, 2018
Morning. Here's something I messed around with by AURORA <3
Shura Jun 12, 2018
Really good song by really nice human: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.
Shura May 19, 2018
I spoke about ‘Girls’ for The New York Times’ Popcast with Torres, Wesley Morris and Caryn Ganz. I may or may not have used the word penetrate. 🤦‍♀️ You can listen here:
Shura Mar 02, 2018
Good Morning. A Story: I used to listen to Everything But The Girl in my bedroom on vinyl around about the same time I started learning to play the guitar and write my own songs. I was probably about 13 years old. Today I woke up to a world with a new Tracey Thorn record in it. A record that by some twist of fate I am delighted to have been a small part of with some other truly excellent humans. Congratulations Tracey (and Ewan Pearson. It was a pleasure and an honour!
Shura Feb 05, 2018
This is great. Barrie the band.
Shura Dec 19, 2017
<3 HOLLLLLA EVERYONE <3 I went and did a mix of Video Game Music inspired by my guest slot over at The Lot Radio with FaltyDL and you can download it for Freeeeeee. Merry Mixmas <3
Shura Oct 13, 2017
Special Edition Vinyl FINALLY back in stock over at my store for those of you asking. <3
Shura Oct 04, 2017
Shura Sep 13, 2017
The cateth is out of the bageth. <3
Shura Jul 18, 2017
My friend Marika Hackman wrote an excellent record. We meandered around the Hockney Exhibition at The Tate Britain and pondered it and art and other things. You can read it here thanks to The Line Of Best Fit:
Shura Apr 27, 2017
💙 It's been nearly 3 years on the road with these boys. Thank you all so much for your support. You guys rule. You'll be hearing more from me when I've finished LP2. 💙
Shura Apr 26, 2017
💜 Thank You SO much NYC 💜
Shura Apr 24, 2017
Thanks Coachella. You've been swell. Saw some of my absolute faves. Finally got to meet these absolute lads MUNA and hugged all of Warpaint. Thanks to everyone who came down to the shows. (📷 by V Magazine) #SHUNA
Shura Apr 20, 2017
PORTLAND. We be seeing you tonight. 🤘😏🤘
Shura Apr 20, 2017
Midnight Tonight. Astrid S Remixed. <3
Shura Apr 20, 2017
SEATTLE I AM IN YOU. See you tonight!!! 🤘😏🤘
Shura Apr 19, 2017
So I spoke to Jen Long and The Line Of Best Fit about Space for a new podcast series they are launching. You can listen to us sound like massive stoners even though all we had was a glass of wine right here: