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Shura Aug 17, 2019
‪My new album forevher is finally out. Buy her, stream her, save/add her to your libraries. She’s yours now. 💙‬ ‪
Shura Aug 17, 2019
‪My new album forevher is finally out. Buy her, stream her, save/add her to your libraries. She’s yours now. 💙‬ ‪
Shura Aug 16, 2019
Had a lovely conversation with Rachel Brodsky whilst walking down the Uxbridge Road for the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs about my new album forevher. You can read it here. 💙
Shura Aug 16, 2019
SHE’S OUT AND SHE’S PROUD. So happy to be able to share my new album forevher with you. Take care of her. She’s yours now 💙🏳️‍🌈💒💫🚀💎
Shura Aug 16, 2019
That feeling when your second album is finally out in the world. It’s midnight and I’m going in. Love you guys. 💙🚀🏳️‍🌈💫💒🙌🔥😭
Shura Aug 15, 2019
MIDNIGHT. TONIGHT. #forevher 💙
Shura Aug 15, 2019
SHE HAS A FILTER. You can access it over on my Instagram page. In stories or the filter tab. Here’s a handy instructional video. Or visit this link:
Shura Aug 13, 2019
Shura Aug 13, 2019
To celebrate the imminent release of forevher me and Stitch are gonna be doing a reddit ama tomorrow over at popheads. 6-7pm BST. Ask me all the things. 💙
Shura Aug 13, 2019
3 DAYS. #forevher 💙
Shura Aug 12, 2019
She’s comin’. This week. #forevher 💙
Shura Aug 10, 2019
Just me serving you some lesbian content on the London Underground. If you see these out and about send me pics/tag me in them because this lesbian pope is v excited by her big gay posters. 💙🏳️‍🌈💫🔥💒
Shura Aug 09, 2019
Shura Aug 02, 2019
See some of you guys tomorrow at The Lot Radio 4-6pm. There’ll be some giveaways (maaaaaybe a signed test pressing of forevher) snow cones and good vibes. 💙💒🏳️‍🌈💫
Shura Jul 31, 2019
Trying to film yourself opening a record whilst holding a phone in one hand is difficult but we got there. Unwrapped this foil wrapped babe this morning for the first time. 💙
Shura Jul 30, 2019
Shura Jul 26, 2019
Catch it if you can 🕵️‍♀️
Shura Jul 25, 2019
‪Also VERY excited to announce that pal and incredible musician/all round excellent human Rosie Lowe will be joining me on some dates in Europe. 💙‬ ‪
Shura Jul 25, 2019
Good morning from me and this absolutely 🔥 remix of religion by Gabe Gurnsey. 💙💒💫🌴
Shura Jul 23, 2019
Absolutely thrilled to announce the wonderful Quinn Christopherson and Hannah Cohen will be joining me on my North American dates. 💙 Tickets Available Now:
Shura Jul 19, 2019
‪Forevher Tour Tickets On Sale Now. Bring your friends or your date or fly solo because no one’s alone at a Shura gig. Cannot wait to see your faces. 💙‬
Shura Jul 16, 2019
Spent this morning signing these babes for youuuu. Get your paws on a copy here:
Shura Jul 15, 2019
the stage I wrote this song about my first date with my current girlfriend. I had flown to New York to meet her for the first time. I was nervous as hell. My friends MUNA were playing a show that night at Music Hall of Williamsburg and were kind enough to put me on the guestlist after I told them I was bringing a first date. Facts I included in the song: - Not being able to see Katie, Naomi or Josette because I am 5”3 and can never see anyone at gigs. Must buy stilts. Facts I did not include: - Talking about the shoes I was wearing to my (thankfully) now gf for at least 5 minutes because I was nervous and didn’t know what else to talk about.
Shura Jul 14, 2019
cannot wait to see some of you at the forevher listening party tomorrow. For those of you that missed out on tickets... you got a little gift comin’ tomorrow too 💙