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Ease My Mind
Optica (Bonus Track Version)
Our Ill Wills
Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Shout Out Louds Jun 01, 2019
Roky was one of a kind, a constant reminder that melodies can always be in major no matter what's beneath the surface. Sleep tight love, thank you for everything. <3
Shout Out Louds Mar 21, 2019
Anyone up for some amazing Swedish music? These guys have been our fair land's best kept secret for an inexplicable amount of time which is every bit as weird as it will be a damn delight to finally get to watch them conquer the world - this is one of the most essential albums to come out of Sweden, ever. Enjoy! ❤
Shout Out Louds Dec 31, 2018
Where ever you are, who ever you are with or without tonight, please remember that you are loved and needed, our thoughts are directed your way and our hearts are yours always. May this be a happy new year! All love, Bebban, Carl, Ted and Adam <3
Shout Out Louds Nov 09, 2018
Here we go: “Up The Hill” is out. This is sort of the last chapter from our “Ease My Mind” era. Produced by Andreas Söderlund and recorded in May this year. Album no 6 is already in our minds so hope to see you all soon again. Hope you like it! Yours 4-ever Shout Out Louds
Shout Out Louds Oct 03, 2018
Hey everyone! So we're done touring for this time, but know that travelling to see you on the back of Ease My Mind was nothing but a damn delight for us! Also please know that we always, always do everything in our power to get to see as many of you as we possibly can, but it's a tough industry and we're not what you might call a power player in it, so if we don't make it to where you are it will never ever be because we didn't want to go. That said, thank you so much to all of you who were able to and decided to travel far and wide to catch us where we were, it almost literally means the world to us, and of course love and thank yous all around to those of you who keep coming back, and to those of you who took a chance on your evening and saw us for the first time this year. We really do love you, think about you often and miss you lots when we're away. Now we are off to take on the ordinary world, such as it is, for a little while. Take care of yourselves and each other please, keep your hearts and minds as open as you can, live on, and we'll see you soon. All love to you all, SOL - Bebban, Adam, Carl and Ted P.S. We will be back with a little something before you know it.
Shout Out Louds Sep 28, 2018
Getting hydrated for our show tonight in Madrid. 💃🏻🥤@coolstagemadrid #shoutoutlouds #madrid
Shout Out Louds Sep 18, 2018
Madrid! See you soon! At Cool Stage, September 28. Photo is from our last time - stolen from Flickr - sorry 😐. #shoutoutlouds #madrid #coolstagemadrid
Shout Out Louds Aug 29, 2018
Ses efter spöktimmen på fredag! Skall bli så förbannat kul!!! #popaganda #shoutoutlouds
Shout Out Louds Jul 13, 2018
Estocolmo! Vi ses på Popas efterfest! Var ju evigheter sen sist! 🎸🌙🍄! #popaganda
Shout Out Louds Jun 21, 2018
See you Saturday Vienna! Great to be back! ❤️SOL #fm4 #donauinselfest
Shout Out Louds May 22, 2018
Linköping! Fredag! Helt galna i huvudet av pepp! Tar med oss @grantissoindie ! Kom! @klubbdinmamma #linköping #shoutoutlouds #easemymindtour
Shout Out Louds May 17, 2018
This weekend! Fredag 18/5 Varberg, Kulturhuset Lördag 18/5 Oslo, John Dee Vi ses! ☠️🕺🏼
Shout Out Louds May 12, 2018
Se denna quattro på Mejeriet i Lund ikväll! Kommer bli 💯!Support @grantissoindie ! #shoutoutlouds #grant #mejeriet
Shout Out Louds May 10, 2018
Norden turné! 🚌🎤🍻! 11 May Uppsala - Katalin 12 May Lund - Mejeriet 18 May Varberg - Konserthus 19 May Oslo - John Dee 25 May Linköping - Backstage Support GRANT (ej Varberg och Oslo) @katalinuppsala @mejerietilund #shoutoutlouds #easemymindtour #grant #katalin #mejeriet #johndee
Shout Out Louds May 09, 2018
Lund! Vi kommer till Mejeriet nu på lördag. Var ju evigheter sen sist! Kommer ni? Vi tar med oss GRANT! Kommer bli fantastiskt på alla sätt! #shoutoutlouds #grant #mejeriet #lund
Shout Out Louds May 08, 2018
Uppsala! Vi tar E4:an upp till er nu på fredag! På @katalinuppsala och vi tar med oss GRANT! #shoutoutlouds #easemymindtour #grant #uppsala #katalin
Shout Out Louds May 01, 2018
What an amazing European tour! Thanks for all the love and for coming to see us play! We miss you already. Sweden is up next! Thanks @kytesmusic for the support and our fabulous crew! ❤️ photo:
Shout Out Louds Apr 26, 2018
Three more shows to go! Dresden is sold out and tickets are selling fast! See you there! 27/4 Frankfurt - Batschkapp 28/4 Dresden - Beatpol 29/4 Bremen - Modernes #shoutoutlouds #kytes #batschkapp
Shout Out Louds Apr 24, 2018
On tour! Tomorrow Switzerland! Kufa in Lyss and Schuur in Luzern! Hope to see you there! Support @kytesmusic Tickets: #shoutoutlouds #easemymindtour #kufa #schuur
Shout Out Louds Apr 24, 2018
Toronto, we love you. 🍁
Shout Out Louds Apr 22, 2018
Vieni stasera! We're playing Ohibo in Milano tonight!
Shout Out Louds Apr 18, 2018
Discoveries#62. Tour posters in the making. For sale on tour! Starting tonight! @falkschwalbe #shoutoutlouds #easemymindtour
Shout Out Louds Apr 16, 2018
ON TOUR - starting this Wednesday. Support: @kytesmusic Hope to see you out there! xo /SOL 🍻🎸🚎🇩🇪🇨🇭🇦🇹! Tickets:
Shout Out Louds Apr 13, 2018
New song out today! "In New Europe" On tour: 18 April Magdeburg (GER) - Moritzhof 19 April Munster (GER) - Sputnik 20 April Karlsruhe (GER) - Substage 21 April Linz (AT) - Posthof 22 April Milan (IT) - Circolo Magnolia 23 April Roma (IT) - Largo 24 April Bologna (IT) - Covo Club 25 April Lyss (CH) - Kufa 26 April Luzern (CH) - Konzerthaus Schuur 27 April Frankfurt (GER) - Batschkapp 28 April Dresden (GER) - Beatpol 29 April Bremen (GER) - Modernes 11 May Uppsala (SWE) - Katalin 12 May Lund (SWE) - Mejeriet 18 May Varberg (SWE) - Konserthus 19 May Oslo (NOR) - John Dee 25 May Linköping (SWE) - Backstage #shoutoutlouds #newmusicfriday
Shout Out Louds Apr 10, 2018
Friday! 🍾! #shoutoutlouds #newmusic