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Somewhere to Hide (Ep)
III (Deluxe)
Girls Le Disko (The Remixes) [Bonus Track Version]
Season of Poison (Bonus Track Version)
We Are Pilots
We Are Pilots
We Are Pilots
Shiny Toy Guns May 09, 2019
was just like heaven
Shiny Toy Guns May 07, 2019
❀️ OC Weekly
Shiny Toy Guns May 03, 2019
Tomorrow 🚩 Friday set time : 1235p. Sat set time 625pm . @justlikeheavenfest love you and see you this weekend
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 04, 2019
Keith see you at the rave in the sky brother πŸ˜ͺ thank you for making this possible for all of us. if any of you feel that the solution is to die YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Please say something
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 20, 2019
heaven x 2. a few tickets left for a SECOND show on Friday! see you in the afterlife
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 06, 2019
Shiny Toy Guns Jun 06, 2017
Shiny Toy Guns Apr 22, 2017
@carahfaye and @allkeysblack raging hard in the desert today.. join us at 3pm! Address 58075 Jefferson street la Quinta CA. say shiny toy guns at the gate! @vestalwatch
Shiny Toy Guns Apr 06, 2017
Hey Guys! Our very own Carah Faye is on the Supercan app and ready to talk about ANYTHING you want! Check it out and let's πŸŽ‰
Shiny Toy Guns Apr 04, 2017
γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ€ε…ˆη”Ÿ πŸ™ see you over the mountain mr. kakehashi @roland_us
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 27, 2017
if you were here than you felt the connection of New York City and shiny toy guns like a last kiss. #stillshaking
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 25, 2017
friends in the apple are you ready TONIGHT? last chance for tix RN
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 25, 2017
TOMORROW. NYC. we are pilots, 10 years later. hurry before its gone with Savoir Adore and Tommie Sunshine
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 17, 2017
and the quiet returns. thank you Los Angeles for two incredible nights of wonder. onward Boston, onward NYC
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 09, 2017
the last LOS ANGELES show of WEAREPILOTS LIVE .. hurry before the tickets are gone. MARCH 16th w KITTEN at The Regent or join us with the VIP experience
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 09, 2017
our album WEAREPILOTS turns 10 and we are bringing NYC the entire record performed live, one night only!. 25 MARCH at Webster Hall Grand Ballroom with Savoir Adore and Tommie Sunshine . GA tix bit.lyWEAREPILOTSNYC or come closer w VIP tickets:
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 04, 2017
LA>last night isn't the end. wanna do it again? WEAREPILOTS 10YRSLTR show2
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 03, 2017
Shiny Toy Guns
Shiny Toy Guns Mar 02, 2017
only a handful of San Francisco, California tickets left ... join us as we celebrate the 10YR anniversary of our first album WE ARE PILOTS live. Sat night at Slim's. with KITTEN and #vacances . tix
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 25, 2017
If you missed out on our sold out LA date for WEAREPILOTS 10 yr anniversary show...ur good:) LA date #two 03.16 BIT.LY/WEAREPILOTSLA2 . special guest KITTEN
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 22, 2017
introducing more non-stop flights to Los Angeles
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 22, 2017
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 20, 2017
touchable :: tangible :: SHINY TOY GUNS VIP EXPERIENCE packages are now available!!! very limited quantity. These packages are avail in NEW YORK CITY, (03.25) BOSTON (03.23), LOS ANGELES (03.03), and SAN FRANCISCO (03.04). Special private q&a with members, private soundcheck, rare vinyl releases of WAP songs and dinner with the band are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please note ADMISSION TICKETS are not part of these packages.. see you soon :: )
Shiny Toy Guns Feb 18, 2017
gotham. return fire