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Bedrooms of the Nation
Violent Hearts
Shimmering Stars Aug 20, 2019
New suffer fools music:
Shimmering Stars Mar 04, 2019
Check it out: "Sabians," one of the very first Shimmering Stars songs (a top 40 SMASH), gets a mention in this retrospective article about the best kept secrets of the 2010s. One of my favourite SS songs. Sometimes when you have no clue what you're doing, that's when the magic happens.
Shimmering Stars Apr 05, 2016
Check out Andrew & Rory's other project silver matter's new single on Quick Before It Melts! Then listen to the whole EP:
Shimmering Stars Dec 21, 2015
In case you missed it: the other track on our new single - "LSD" Thanks for the support everyone, it's much appreciated!
Shimmering Stars Dec 18, 2015
"Are You Invisible /// LSD" - new Shimmering Stars singles out today, please listen, share, download, & enjoy!! Really happy to be sharing new music! Give both tracks a listen, they're quite different. If you don't have a credit card/paypal message us, we'll send you a download code. Thank you!!
Shimmering Stars Dec 18, 2015
"Are You Invisible /// LSD" coming tomorrow. Artwork by Jana Sasaki
Shimmering Stars Nov 28, 2015
Something in the works. New music coming...
Shimmering Stars Aug 24, 2015
Check out the new silver matter SMASH TOP 40 HIT - 'off paxil' - streaming on Exclaim! right now. And please 'like' our fledgling FB page if you are so inclined:
Shimmering Stars Jan 04, 2015
Happy 2015 everyone! You can now stream our record on youtube in its entirety, as it's meant to be heard.
Shimmering Stars Dec 16, 2014
'Bedrooms of the Nation' makes top 10 albums of 2014 in The Georgia Straight. Thanks John!
Shimmering Stars Dec 09, 2014
First practice in a while, we are frantically preparing for this Friday's show at Red Gate. Hope to see you there! (See the post below for event info).
Shimmering Stars Nov 04, 2014
These little suckers are popping up all over the world.
Shimmering Stars Sep 28, 2014
CiTR Radio 101.9FM is the best. Thanks for the suppport!
Shimmering Stars Sep 23, 2014
The vinyl has finally arrived! We'll be shipping out all the packages later this week. The records look amazing! Thanks for your patience everyone!
Shimmering Stars Sep 01, 2014
A really nice review from POPnews out of France. Thank you Julien!
Shimmering Stars Aug 30, 2014
Oh hey, it's us on 'I Found Love' featured as the song before a Nickelback track, no less! Clearly we're on our way.
Shimmering Stars Aug 21, 2014
Have you given our new record a listen? If not, stream it on bandcamp! You can order a vinyl or CD copy here:
Shimmering Stars Aug 15, 2014
Dig it.
Shimmering Stars Aug 13, 2014
'Bedrooms of the Nation' officially out today! Vinyl pre-order & CD order here: Thank you!
Shimmering Stars Aug 09, 2014
Really nice review of our new record - thank you to Mark & Ride the Tempo. (Mo, note the score - conclusive evidence??)
Shimmering Stars Aug 05, 2014
We're grateful to have a nice write up and a stream of our new album on Exclaim! Check it out as it's only available for a short time ahead of the official release on Aug. 13th. Thanks for the support!
Shimmering Stars Aug 03, 2014
The tour was a complete blast! Thank you so much to everyone who came out, all the bands we played with, all the new friends we made, and all the karaoke bars we terrorized along the way. We're still waiting on the vinyl, but shipments will start as soon as its in. Stay tuned for more details. See you soon! (photo by Jana Sasaki)
Shimmering Stars Jul 31, 2014
Sailing through the Prairies... (Photo by Jana Sasaki - hope you made it home safe!)
Shimmering Stars Jul 27, 2014
Epic times in Saskatoon. (Photo by Jana Sasaki).
Shimmering Stars Jul 25, 2014
The hits just keep coming. New single premiering on no fear of pop. today!