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Muted Neon
The World We Used to Know
Shattered Skies Dec 27, 2018
We're excited to announce that we'll be making our French debut at Ready For Prog? Festival in Toulouse on October 12th 2019! Looking forward to this one!
Shattered Skies Dec 19, 2018
Pick up this month's Slayer edition of Metal Hammer to read their 8/10 review of 'Muted Neon'!
Shattered Skies Dec 14, 2018
"Muted Neon is a nostalgic trip to the flourishing beginnings of Djent, but with a futuristic feel to it, delves deeper into a sound that the likes of their more mainstream counterparts, Muse, have only skimmed the surface of." Thanks to Ghost Cult Magazine for the 8/10 review of our new album! Get it here:
Shattered Skies Dec 03, 2018
9/10 review for 'Muted Neon' from Musipedia Of Metal! Thanks guys! We're overwhelmed at the response this album is getting!
Shattered Skies Nov 30, 2018
After an awesome pair of gigs this week, we are beyond proud to announce that Prog magazine have a 3-page in-depth interview feature with Gerry and Ian this month, on sale TODAY! Pick up this amazing new Rush edition now!
Shattered Skies Nov 29, 2018
Soundcheck sounded great Guildford! Show starts at 7:30, 4 great bands!
Shattered Skies Nov 28, 2018
Tomorrow night, Guildford can expect groovy riffs such as these and more at The BOILEROOM! We have the amazing Icarus Dive, You Win Again Gravity and Throatpunch City with us as well you lucky people! Event: Tickets:
Shattered Skies Nov 27, 2018
London, that was awesome. Thanks so much for coming out on a Monday night and making our album launch feel very special. You Win Again Gravity and Icarus Dive crushed it last night, you owe it to yourself go check them out if you haven't. Your next chance to do so is THURSDAY! We are playing with them and the wonderful Throatpunch City at the Boileroom in GUILDFORD! This is a hell of a lineup. Tickets:
Shattered Skies Nov 26, 2018
We're here! See you later folks. First band on at 8pm! £6 on the door at The Black Heart!
Shattered Skies Nov 25, 2018
LONDON! Our album release show is TOMORROW at The Black Heart in Camden! Who's coming down to groove to tracks like this?? Tickets: Event:
Shattered Skies Nov 20, 2018
LONDON! Next Monday we are having our official album launch show at The Black Heart in Camden, with 2 great bands You Win Again Gravity and Icarus Dive supporting! This is an important night for us, as it's the first time we're putting on our own show in quite a long time, so we really hope you can make it. Come down to hear 'Muted Neon' and some groovy bangers from our discography! Tickets: Event: 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Nov 16, 2018
's cover photo
Shattered Skies Nov 16, 2018
HAPPY RELEASE DAY FOLKS! We're very proud, after a long year of hard work from all involved, to say that 'Muted Neon' is now available everywhere; Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, you name it! You can buy it digitally or physically, along with t-shirts below. Thanks so much for the feedback so far, we hope you enjoy!
Shattered Skies Nov 15, 2018
Shattered Skies is very proud to present the official full stream of 'Muted Neon', a day before its release tomorrow. Check out the entire album below! Pre-orders still available here: "Bludgeoning and bloody catchy" - PROG Magazine "Everything about this album...screams elegance and style, from the production to the performance - there's not a filler in sight. 10/10" - PowerPlay Magazine
Shattered Skies Nov 13, 2018
All album and t-shirt pre-orders have now been shipped! I can't tell you how excited we are for you all to get your hands on these - I have personally sang/screamed to each and every package. Thank you all for supporting us and helping us make the music we want to. Much love - Gerry
Shattered Skies Nov 12, 2018
WOW! Thank you so much to Powerplay Rock and Metal Magazine for the 10/10 review of 'Muted Neon'! Pick this issue up everywhere you buy paper things! Pre-order 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Nov 11, 2018
Why use frets when you can CHUG? #isdjentstillathingin2018 #fretsareforsuckers #8stringsbutonlyonematters Pre-order 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Nov 10, 2018
Super excited that our single 'Shut In' is available now in the Cover CD of this month's Slipknot edition of Metal Hammer! Pick it up anywhere and everywhere! Pre-order 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Nov 08, 2018
There are some tricky guitar parts on this album! Here's a rather fast tapping ditty on the Strandberg Guitars Boden8 from a song from our upcoming release 'Muted Neon'. Would anyone be interested in a playthrough and/or tabs for tracks like this when the album is out?? Pre-order 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Nov 06, 2018
"More confident and fuller in sound than their 2015 debut, Muted Neon is a clear step up." "Bludgeoning and bloody catchy" Pick up this month's edition of Prog magazine to see their amazing review of our new album 'Muted Neon'! Pre-order the album here:
Shattered Skies Nov 05, 2018
When the riff has so much stank it actually moves you to a different...........chair Pre-order 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Nov 03, 2018
Check out this in-depth interview with our guitarist Ian thanks to GigRadar! In it he discusses the struggles of moving to a new country, lineup changes, the creative process behind 'Muted Neon' and more! Pre-order 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Oct 31, 2018
Happy Halloween folks! You know what gets everyone in the Halloween mood? Fingertapping on a new Strandberg Guitars 7-string. Don't ask me how. Just pre-order our upcoming album at and stop asking so many questions.
Shattered Skies Oct 30, 2018
HERE WE GO! Time to start hitting the stage again at last. We're doing an album release show at The Black Heart in Camden on Nov 26th with You Win Again Gravity and Icarus Dive! Tickets: Event: