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Muted Neon
The World We Used to Know
Shattered Skies Aug 17, 2019
Happy to announce that physical copies of Muted Neon are finally back in stock! Anyone at RADAR Festival who missed out, find us at to get your hands on one of these tasty badboys
Shattered Skies Aug 04, 2019
Wow Radarfest. That was something else. Thank you so much to all of you for completely packing out the second stage on a Friday afternoon, we had a crazy amount of fun on stage. Thank you also to some of our dear friends who were part of the amazing team who put this festival together, it was an incredible debut. See you all again soon.
Shattered Skies Jul 31, 2019
GUILDFORD! We shall see you at 2:50pm on Stage 2 THIS FRIDAY! Come check out all these incredible bands at the debut of this epic festival!
Shattered Skies Jul 23, 2019
Our bassist Chris recently acquired a delightful Dingwall Guitars NG2 Combustion bass, so we filmed him bashing out this clank-tastic playthrough of 'Arisen' from our latest album Muted Neon! Check it out! Link on YouTube:
Shattered Skies Jul 14, 2019
We're very much looking forward to playing such an amazing festival in our local area next month! We're playing Stage 2 on Friday at 2:50pm, just after Harbinger on Stage 1! This is going to be an incredible weekend in Guildford!
Shattered Skies Jul 02, 2019
This riff hurts my brain. Full Strandberg Guitars Boden8 8-string guitar playthrough of 'Birth of a Voyager' up now on our YouTube channel! Link to full playthrough: From the album 'Muted Neon':
Shattered Skies Jun 06, 2019
We can't wait to make our live debut in France, cheers to Prog magazine for the coverage!
Shattered Skies May 13, 2019
We're looking to get out and do a load of UK tour dates this year and we can't wait to rock out with as many of you as we can. With that in mind, where would you guys like us to play? Hopefully it'll be on the list, but speak up to make sure it gets added if not!
Shattered Skies May 05, 2019
We've had a lot of requests for this so we've finally added the lyrics of Muted Neon to all the tracks on our Bandcamp! Now you can sing along/wonder what the hell we're talking about!
Shattered Skies Mar 15, 2019
Tickets are now available for READY for PROG Festival 2019! We're beyond honoured to be sharing the stage with Pain of Salvation, make sure to book now!
Shattered Skies Mar 12, 2019
Day splits are up for RADAR Festival in Guildford! See you all on Friday August 2nd!
Shattered Skies Mar 01, 2019
We couldn't be more excited to be a part of this insane lineup in our own backyard! See you in August Guildford!! Tickets:
Shattered Skies Dec 27, 2018
We're excited to announce that we'll be making our French debut at Ready For Prog? Festival in Toulouse on October 12th 2019! Looking forward to this one!
Shattered Skies Dec 19, 2018
Pick up this month's Slayer edition of Metal Hammer to read their 8/10 review of 'Muted Neon'!
Shattered Skies Dec 14, 2018
"Muted Neon is a nostalgic trip to the flourishing beginnings of Djent, but with a futuristic feel to it, delves deeper into a sound that the likes of their more mainstream counterparts, Muse, have only skimmed the surface of." Thanks to Ghost Cult Magazine for the 8/10 review of our new album! Get it here:
Shattered Skies Dec 03, 2018
9/10 review for 'Muted Neon' from Musipedia Of Metal! Thanks guys! We're overwhelmed at the response this album is getting!
Shattered Skies Nov 30, 2018
After an awesome pair of gigs this week, we are beyond proud to announce that Prog magazine have a 3-page in-depth interview feature with Gerry and Ian this month, on sale TODAY! Pick up this amazing new Rush edition now!
Shattered Skies Nov 29, 2018
Soundcheck sounded great Guildford! Show starts at 7:30, 4 great bands!
Shattered Skies Nov 28, 2018
Tomorrow night, Guildford can expect groovy riffs such as these and more at The BOILEROOM! We have the amazing Icarus Dive, You Win Again Gravity and Throatpunch City with us as well you lucky people! Event: Tickets:
Shattered Skies Nov 27, 2018
London, that was awesome. Thanks so much for coming out on a Monday night and making our album launch feel very special. You Win Again Gravity and Icarus Dive crushed it last night, you owe it to yourself go check them out if you haven't. Your next chance to do so is THURSDAY! We are playing with them and the wonderful Throatpunch City at the Boileroom in GUILDFORD! This is a hell of a lineup. Tickets:
Shattered Skies Nov 26, 2018
We're here! See you later folks. First band on at 8pm! £6 on the door at The Black Heart!
Shattered Skies Nov 25, 2018
LONDON! Our album release show is TOMORROW at The Black Heart in Camden! Who's coming down to groove to tracks like this?? Tickets: Event:
Shattered Skies Nov 20, 2018
LONDON! Next Monday we are having our official album launch show at The Black Heart in Camden, with 2 great bands You Win Again Gravity and Icarus Dive supporting! This is an important night for us, as it's the first time we're putting on our own show in quite a long time, so we really hope you can make it. Come down to hear 'Muted Neon' and some groovy bangers from our discography! Tickets: Event: 'Muted Neon':