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Meri Bebe
Sharry Mann Jun 26, 2019
Good luck to Nikk ft Avneet For yaari ..πŸ‘
Sharry Mann Jun 21, 2019
Tinka bro’s new song Support and share
Sharry Mann Jun 21, 2019 Cm chahal ..ghaint song
Sharry Mann Jun 11, 2019
Rip fatehveer...saddest day for punjab πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
Sharry Mann Jun 05, 2019
ajj waqt de panne frol k beh gea, dil apne nu khol k beh gea.. jhere khaali jeb ch v naal hunde si, aise yaar puraane tol k beh gea.. ohh sasti kameej na labhi mainu, sang jidhe waqt betaaya si, ohh jean v kite gawaach gayi, jinu paa paa nitt handaaya si.. raati paina chatt te pind naanke, faraata hi AC hunda si, main taarean wal vekh vekh k, supne kinne bunn da si.. english aali teacher da lecture, kinne geet si mertho likha gea, jeonda rawe ohh last bench bai, jo gum-naam da naam bna gea.. ajj kathe krke paise yaaron, mehfil ohi laa lawo, main jeeni ohi zindgi fer ton, aao yaaron gal naal laa lawo.. ❀️ Lub u all
Sharry Mann May 31, 2019
Harsimran new song
Sharry Mann May 26, 2019
Lao V Apne Aale Harsimran de song da teaser. Full song 31 may Nu. #harsimran #gurlejakhtar #oshinbrar #kichahida.
Sharry Mann May 20, 2019
Best wishes to Garry Sandhu ft Gurlez Akhtar. Promotions - Gold Media
Sharry Mann May 16, 2019
Chote veer @amardeepmaana nu bohut bohut mumbarka Movie te Song RedBull layi, vadia lage taan share jaroor kreo 😊😊
Sharry Mann May 15, 2019
Very Nice song with a Great Msg to all the humanity πŸ‘Œ Kro v share. Good job Chetan veer .
Sharry Mann May 06, 2019
Bai Amardeep Singh Gill di short film..ik vari zrur dekh ke daseo kiwen taan bahut e sohni laggi πŸ™πŸ™
Sharry Mann May 05, 2019
Gurpreet baba and team work filmz
Sharry Mann Apr 21, 2019
Kiwe ho anmulleo.. new song on the way.. ❀️
Sharry Mann Apr 16, 2019
Good luck to Garry sandhu ft Kaur B for Doabey Wala .. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Sharry Mann Apr 10, 2019
Manitoba jaani ke mini moga Winnipeg waale yaaro aajo miliye 21 april nu club regent vich...thanx @amrik_samra and yaar anmulle team te apna live show with full band...see you winnipeg πŸ˜ŠπŸ™
Sharry Mann Apr 08, 2019
Paise kamaun de layi vekho aha video @sukhtrehan @sharrymaan
Sharry Mann Apr 06, 2019
Ghaint gana by @mistabaazofficial @iamdeepfateh πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Sharry Mann Apr 05, 2019
Yaar anmulle records brar ...patake
Sharry Mann Apr 02, 2019 OHI YAAR - Deepfateh - Mista Baaz - dir Jamie - raviraj - Tseries apna punjab !! Plz support as much as possible ..ghaint song by @mistabaazofficial and team πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Sharry Mann Apr 01, 2019
Karan brar ....motivational song
Sharry Mann Mar 30, 2019
Ghaint gana on the way, 2nd April @mistabaazofficial @iamdeepfateh @ravirajforu
Sharry Mann Mar 28, 2019
After nightouts Punjabi parents be like...Raat kithey gya si? 🀣🀣
Sharry Mann Mar 27, 2019
Sharry Mann Mar 26, 2019
Apne ale cheeme da new song
Sharry Mann Mar 25, 2019
Good luck jot grewal..