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Burning At Both Ends
This Will Be the Death of Us
Set Your Goals Nov 28, 2018
Set Your Goals Apr 15, 2018
We are disheartened to announce that Set Your Goals will be unable to perform at this year's Slam Dunk Festival.Please believe us when we say we would never consider choosing the option to cancel unless it was absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, this is a situation where our personal lives and health must take precedence over our passion for playing music, and the result is withdrawing from some of the commitments we have made as a band for now. A huge thank you to everyone involved in Slam Dunk, and our apologies to all who were looking forward to watching us perform this year. We will post another update with more information on our future plans within the coming months. Much love, SYG
Set Your Goals Feb 15, 2018
Kraken Purple Vinyl Limited to 500 up now, plus you get a Free Enamel Pin!!! We also extended the Custom Tee till Friday 02/16 Happy Valentines!!!!
Set Your Goals Feb 08, 2018
We are ready for Slam Dunk and plenty more to come. Here are 2 new Tees that are available @absolutemerch link in Bio. #GAIABLEEDS
Set Your Goals Feb 02, 2018
Make sure you catch @greatcollapseofficial on their European tour Now! Featuring Joe from SYG and members of #StrikeAnywhere and #RiseAgainst
Set Your Goals Aug 28, 2017
Head over to Cold Cuts for some cool new stuff.
Set Your Goals Jun 14, 2017
Finally got around to adding our 10 year Mutiny Flag up. We only made 100 of these bad boys not many left and we won't be making more of them. Artwork by @horsebitesmurals @vnm_horsebites
Set Your Goals Jun 13, 2017
Congratulations to the #GoldenStateWarriors #daBay
Set Your Goals Apr 06, 2017
Please watch this documentary (available on HBO) and then read our story that follows - In 2007, we met a fan of our group who had flown in from his home country of Jordan to see us play in Eastern Europe. His eyes were filled with pure joy, and he spoke with some of us for several hours into the night (after our set) asking us to visit him next time we toured. Later, on that same tour, we would meet several fans travelling from Israel to see our shows. They each became a part of our band in the most intimate way, in music, and in songs. What is happening in Syria - a country that borders both Jordan and Israel - is not stopping, and it is time we all really understood what is happening, if we have not yet. Please watch 'Cries From Syria' linked in this post. We cannot know the impact of what is being done to these indescribably gentle, innocent, kind people unless we hear it from their mouths directly. They have listened to the same music that you and we do. They have worn the same clothes that you and we do. They speak in the same language of emotion and body as you and we do and have only ever asked that their families and cities be protected, something some of us reading this will know first hand, and others of us need to know further. If relief is still attainable, it starts with not just hearing this story, but knowing it, absorbing it. Let this story become a part of you and change how you approach tomorrow morning and every day after. To anyone in any country or from any heritage who has had to deal with, or been affected by, genocide - and to anyone who has lost someone or a part of themselves in any way - may peace fall upon your minds, and may it fill you entirely. May only cool, gentle rest come to you, and those with you; those in person, and those ever present in spirit -
Set Your Goals Apr 04, 2017
Set Times have been announce for #WWWYFest who's ready for this weekend.
Set Your Goals Mar 25, 2017
What's good Dallas! We out here at band practice. Let's go @SanjoseSharks #SharksVsStars
Set Your Goals Mar 24, 2017
Houston see you very very soon. #10yearsofmutiny #riseordietryingtour
Set Your Goals Mar 09, 2017
Tickets for our next 3 shows with some awesome bands and peeps! Come see us in Texas and California on them! Saturday, March 25 Houston TEXAS Four Year Strong Set Your Goals Tickets: Sunday, March 26 Dallas TEXAS Story So Far Four Year Strong Set Your Goals Tickets: Saturday, April 8 Orange County CALI AFI Alkaline Trio Set Your Goals Tickets:
Set Your Goals Mar 04, 2017
By Sonder Life - Why The Recent Set Your Goals Shows Matter
Set Your Goals Feb 27, 2017
Thanks for playing with us this weekend in the South! We love you guys! See us March 25 in Houston with Four Year Strong and Can't Swim & March 26 in Dallas at So What Fest -
Set Your Goals Feb 25, 2017
We've come to take over @sowhatmusicfest
Set Your Goals Feb 23, 2017
Set Your Goals Feb 23, 2017
Nashville what's good doe! Come out tonight and party with us at The End with @cantswim_
Set Your Goals Feb 20, 2017
Nashville, Atlanta, Florida you guys ready!! Get your tickets NOW!!!! Link in Bio.
Set Your Goals Feb 20, 2017
7 Days left. All Proceeds go to Planned Parenthood Action
Set Your Goals Feb 17, 2017
Please Share and Repost. We have teamed up with Bakdrop to bring you a limited edition Mutiny! sock. All Proceeds will be donated to PlannedParenthood.
Set Your Goals Feb 07, 2017
California: We're excited to announce that we're playing "When we were young" in April at The Observatory Grounds in Orange County. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10 am -
Set Your Goals Jan 24, 2017
Limited time only. For our LA fans. 10% off the entire store when you use Promo Code: 2017
Set Your Goals Jan 21, 2017
Can't wait to play in Nashville, Atlanta, and Florida next month - February 23 to 26! for admission and info!
Set Your Goals Jan 09, 2017
Oakland! Who's ready for Friday. Tickets still available link in Bio.