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Electric Looneyland
Serpent Power
The Serpent Power Mar 14, 2018
Great French review of our 2nd album 👍
The Serpent Power Feb 06, 2018
The Serpent Power
The Serpent Power Feb 06, 2018
The Serpent Power's cover photo
The Serpent Power Feb 06, 2018
‘Poetic’ Italian review of ‘Electric Looneyland’ “It is as if, suddenly, the crow of Poe made its entrance on stage during a crazy summer party in the baking California sun”
The Serpent Power Jan 19, 2018
Many thanks to Lauren Laverne for playing ‘Golden Dawn’ again on her BBC Radio 6 Music show. Listen back again at 2:14
The Serpent Power Dec 21, 2017
Wow! Our new album has received a 4 star rave review in Q magazine!!
The Serpent Power Dec 16, 2017
The Serpent Power's cover photo
The Serpent Power Dec 16, 2017
Everyone enjoying ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’?...well here’s a new music video from us playing new single ‘Black Angel Rider’ with our alien cohorts..Enjoy!!
The Serpent Power Dec 15, 2017
Our new album ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND is out today in all good record stores and online. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!!
The Serpent Power Dec 14, 2017
Tomorrow we release our new album ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’...We’re pretty excited to say the least...Pre-order here!...
The Serpent Power Dec 13, 2017
Just 2 more nights sleep and we’re in Looneyland...Pre-order your copy here!!
The Serpent Power Dec 12, 2017
Great review of our new album by Loud and Quiet magazine ( minus the typo of Paul’s name😂) Just 3 days until the release!....
The Serpent Power Dec 11, 2017
Just 4 more sleep until the release of our new album ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’! Pre-order it here!
The Serpent Power Dec 08, 2017
Our new album has received 5 stars in Shindig! Magazine... the latest! Huge thanks to those at Shindig! Available to buy at all good outlets including a 2 page feature on the band. Just one week to the release! Pre-order here!
The Serpent Power Dec 05, 2017
Another big shout out to Chris Hawkins on BBC Radio 6 Music for playing ‘Golden Dawn’ from our forthcoming ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’ album released on December 15th! Listen back at 1hr 27mins on below link. Pre-order now available at below link!
The Serpent Power Dec 01, 2017
Just 2 weeks now until our sophomore album ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’ is released. It is now available to pre-order here from Amazon and other outlets. Check out the product description here! We like it! Description Product Description Serpent Power, the audacious musical pairing of Ian Skelly (The Coral) and Paul Molloy (The Zutons, The Coral). Their strange musical odyssey continues with the release of Electric Looneyland, the duo's second long-player following on from 2015's eponymous debut. Some bands invent and invite you into their worlds but none are quite like the technicolour horror landscape as evoked on Electric Looneyland. Imagine a nightmarish sonic theme-park of catacombs, occult mantras, fuzz wig-outs and spacey evocations, inhabited by a plethora of extra terrestrial mutants, far-out freaks and the undead. Written, arranged, produced and performed by the pair after they stumbled across a skip full of mysterious keyboards, seemingly beamed in from a distant solar system. When plugged in and played they tapped into an unearthly Martian scale with the power to raise Edgar Allan Poe from the dead! If H.P. Lovecraft had been born in the baby-boomer age and opted to form a psych-rock band instead of writing science fiction he would no doubt have sounded something like this. Serpent Power make 21st century psychedelia that takes its cues from no-one, and is powered only by the twisted wheels of their own imagination. Consider if you will a small selection of choice moments - the clattering drum groove on 'Gates Of Heaven'; the satanic northern soul of 'Witching Hour'; 'Howling' with its atmospheric analogue synths and eerie vibe; or 'Jekyll And Hyde' which sounds like Abba and Sparks trading riffs and musical motifs while bonding in a Cairo opium den. Yes it's that good! Serpent Power make dark but spiritual music that's beholden to no predecessors, music to help you explore your mind's own corners and recesses. It will seduce all who hear its sinister siren call.
The Serpent Power Nov 28, 2017
And more national airplay for our forthcoming ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’ album! Big shout to Radcliffe and Maconie for playing ‘Golden Dawn’ on their BBC Radio 6 Music show! Tune in at 1hr 26 mins!!
The Serpent Power Nov 28, 2017
Another big shout out to Huw Stephens for playing our new single ‘Golden Dawn’ on his BBC Radio 1 show! Listen back at 1hr:50 mins
The Serpent Power Nov 23, 2017
Big shout to acclaimed music critic Pete Paphides for playing ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ on his Soho radio show and expressing kind words on our forthcoming album ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’. Listen back 43 minutes in!
The Serpent Power Nov 21, 2017
We are delighted to release the pre-order link for our new album ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’ released on December 15th on Skeleton Key Records. All formats Vinyl, C.D and digital available in the links below. We will also be sharing tracks ‘randomly and briefly’ in the run up to the release..eyes peeled!!
The Serpent Power Nov 21, 2017
New Album out 15th December 2017
The Serpent Power Nov 21, 2017
The Serpent Power's cover photo
The Serpent Power Nov 20, 2017
“ The psychedelic dream that is Serpent Power”...Big thanks to Chris Hawkins at BBC Radio 6 Music for playing ‘Golden Dawn’ on his show replete with full guitar solo! Listen back!
The Serpent Power Nov 16, 2017
Big thanks to Huw Stephens at BBC Radio 1 for playing ‘In the Witching Hour’ from our forthcoming album ‘ELECTRIC LOONEYLAND’! Out on Skeleton Key Records December 15th! Listen back!
The Serpent Power Nov 14, 2017
The Serpent Power's cover photo