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Christmas Kisses
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Unlikely Emergency
Serena Ryder Apr 12, 2019
Even better than winning the award last year was getting to pass on this year’s Margaret Trudeau Mental Health Advocacy Award to the beautiful sage soul that is Susan Aglukark . You are magic sister . Love you 💜
Serena Ryder Apr 08, 2019
Serena Ryder
Serena Ryder Apr 08, 2019
Thank you so much to the incredible Melissa Etheridge for having me on the fantastic voyage that is the Melissa Etheridge Cruise. My band and I had the BEST time playing for all those on the open water with us. It was an incredible week filled with music and love and I can’t get this smile off my face. It was so fun meeting and getting to know all of the other artists onboard. I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the autograph signing but I ended up getting a little sick near the end. I promise to make it up to you next year 😉
Serena Ryder Mar 16, 2019
So much love . Wish I was there!! 😘😘#junos #junos2019 #thetrews @colinmacdonald Michael Gorman #mammaincommonlaw Nicky
Serena Ryder Mar 16, 2019
“So much love . Wish I was there!! 😘😘#junos #junos2019 #thetrews @colinmacdonald @michael_rc_gorman #mammaincommonlaw
Serena Ryder Mar 05, 2019
I love the summer! Super excited to be part of the inaugural Squamish Constellation Festival, July 26-28! Enter this special presale code to beat the general onsale. Good from Wed. March 6 at 10 am to Thurs. March 7 at 10 pm PT. Prices are $165 + service charges and fees. Buy early, don’t miss out, and save! Link in bio to get your weekend passes and see the full line up!
Serena Ryder Dec 21, 2018
Such an adorable and talented lady... this is @tilleydoestricks and it's an account that you HAVE to follow! This lady was in so many ways, the star of the show, our director fell in love with you Tilley! Thank you so much for representing rescue dogs! We love you! ❤️🐶 . . . #ChristmasKisses #adoptdontshop
Serena Ryder Dec 19, 2018
Such an adorable photo... thanks @milomeetsworld for being a part of Christmas Kisses! ❤️🐶 . . . #christmaskisses #adoptdontshop
Serena Ryder Dec 18, 2018
So much talent in one picture! Thank you to all three ladies for being a part of this incredible experience Tynomi Banks Lady Bug the Pug and Truffles the Frenchie .... legendary moment. ❤️⭐️
Serena Ryder Dec 16, 2018
Thank you thank you to @hermaninthehoodie and his incredible owner David (not in the photo!) for participating in #ChristmassKisses! You look adorable! ❤️🐶 . . . #adoptdontshop
Serena Ryder Dec 12, 2018
's cover photo
Serena Ryder Dec 12, 2018
thank u Rolling Stone! I’m so so honoured to be on this list I CANT EVEN!! thank you so much to Connor Ratliff and to everyone who’s diggin’ the jazz . 🙏🙏😐🎄🎄🎄happy holidays #ChristmasKisses #Christmas #RollingStone #CountdownToChristmas
Serena Ryder Dec 12, 2018
thank u Rolling Stone! I’m so so honoured to be on this list I CANT EVEN!! thank you so much to Connor Ratliff and to everyone who’s diggin’ the jazz . 🙏🙏😐🎄🎄🎄happy holidays #ChristmasKisses #Christmas #RollingStone #CountdownToChristmas
Serena Ryder Dec 12, 2018
Thank you so much to Rolling Stone for placing CHRISTMAS KISSES in their top 5 Christmas Albums of 2018! If you haven’t already go watch the CK music video and play the song on your favourite streaming service!!
Serena Ryder Dec 11, 2018
The sweetest and most inspirational dog ever! @fortheloveofsmiley and their incredible family do so much for the animal rescue community! Everyone should go give them love this holiday season! Keep up the amazing work! We love you Sunny! ❤️🐶 . . . #christmaskisses #adoptdontshop
Serena Ryder Dec 09, 2018
Let the countdown to the holidays begin! We're going to be featuring some of the gorgeous talent that was part of the Christmas Kisses music video! Here is Rems whose lovely owner runs The Good Boy Shop! #ChristmasKisses #Christmas #Dogs
Serena Ryder Dec 07, 2018
‪GAHHH! This is ALL you guys! Thank you so much for making this happen ❤️ I had so much fun making this record and making the video with the Ontario SPCA and the amazing dog cast. Much love to you all 💋 #ChristmasKisses #AdoptDontShop ‬
Serena Ryder Dec 05, 2018
Serena Ryder Dec 05, 2018
THE WAIT IS OVER! The Christmas Kisses music video is out now and trust me you don't want to miss it. I hope it puts you in the holiday spirit!! 😘 Do you recognize any of the dogs (or humans!) in this video? Please SHARE with all of your friends! xoxox I am proud to partner up with the Ontario SPCA this holiday season! Thank you to all the caretakers and volunteers for your continuous hard work and passion to make rescue animals' lives a little bit better and brighter.
Serena Ryder Dec 03, 2018
oh happy day! I just found out that “Christmas Kisses” is the #1 Canadian holiday song right now! have you heard it?
Serena Ryder Dec 03, 2018
my crew flipped the van on the way to Halifax 😲but they and the piano are still safe and sound thanks to the amazing firefighting team of Québec and New Brunswick thank god for all the rescue workers out there. My heart goes out to you with so much gratitude. Thank you - and please PLEASE , go slow out there- nobody’s life is worth saving a few hours
Serena Ryder Nov 29, 2018
I'm coming to give Christmas Kisses on the east coast of Canada. Who wants one?
Serena Ryder Nov 29, 2018 Thank you CBC Music for the fun First Play Live 🎄🎁
Serena Ryder Nov 27, 2018
Today marks the 6 year anniversary of the release of Harmony. This album changed the entire course of my musical career. I was in a place in my life where I just wanted to make music for fun. I really had nothing left to prove, only a feeling of joy and love that I wanted to share through my songs. I made this record in the back of my then-home’s garage. Just me and my two producers, Jerrod Bettis and Jon Levine. It was the first time I’d ever used programmed instruments. It was all so new and fresh and I LITERALLY recorded the songs the same day I wrote them. I discovered that I could share my inspiration with an immediacy that could be captured right away. And everyone felt it. This album had its own pulse and it still beats so strong. This was my FIRST triple platinum single and platinum album. I don’t pretend to know where music comes from but this album definitely gave me so much gratitude and wonder and since I made this record, it hasn’t gone away. #Harmony #SerenaRyder #music #love #HappyAnniversary #HappyAnniversaryHarmony #Stompa #WhatIWouldntDo #Fall #HeavyLove
Serena Ryder Nov 18, 2018
I am performing Christmas Kisses today with my best gals on CTV! Tune in! #christmas #christmaskisses #santaclaus #santaclausparade