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Seremedy Mar 22, 2019
Check out Shallow Water, the new single from Reparture! 🔥🔥🔥
Seremedy Dec 14, 2018
Kids of Tomorrow from Reparture is out now! 🔥🔥🔥
Seremedy Nov 09, 2018
Drown, the new single from Reparture is out now! ❤
Seremedy May 11, 2018
Brand new song from Reparture, check out Just Friends today! 🔥
Seremedy Apr 06, 2018
Check out Rain, the brand new single from Reparture (RAY & LINDER). Streaming on Spotify and everywhere else NOW! 🎉
Seremedy Mar 24, 2017
Reparture (Ray & Linder from ex Seremedy) have relased their first EP! Stream We Are Killing It on Spotify today!
Seremedy Feb 05, 2017
RAY and LINDER's band Reparture have released their new single COLORS. Check it out on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play etc!
Seremedy Sep 05, 2016
SEIKE's band just announced new members and a show in Germany. All MADlings, show your support and spread the word!
Seremedy Apr 16, 2016
SEIKE's new band will have a show in Berlin tomorrow!
Seremedy Feb 14, 2016
Seremedy Dec 15, 2015
Seremedy Dec 14, 2015
DISREIGN just released their 2nd single 「枯れ蓮」 Now available worldwide on iTunes.
Seremedy Dec 04, 2015
Seremedy Nov 01, 2015
DISREIGN has released a new spot from their new single "枯れ蓮"
Seremedy Oct 30, 2015
Reparture, the new band from RAY and Linder have released their second single Stay earlier this week! Listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Soundcloud etc and be sure to follow Reparture on Facebook for updates. Spotify:
Seremedy Sep 26, 2015
Ex members of Seremedy RAY and LINDER have announced their new band Reparture along with their deubut single Shadows! Give Reparture a like on Facebook to stay updated on their project and check out Shadows on Spotify, iTunes and various online stores and streaming services.
Seremedy Jul 20, 2015
Gitarristen YOHIO från Seremedy håller en exklusiv solokonsert ' LIVE 2015 - "Road to DESISTANCE" - ' i Stockholm i år, som också blir den enda i år. YOHIO kommer också framföra nya låtar från den kommande Japanska skivan. Det finns endast begränsat antal biljetter, så först till kvar gäller. Biljett kan du köpa här:…/392761
Seremedy Jun 30, 2015
JENZiiH in Royal Rxxker's '3 in 1' beanie! Yeah, it's actually a beanie too! Buy it here:
Seremedy Jun 16, 2015 The design of the pants that SEIKE used in NO ESCAPE and on the Welcome to our MADNESS album is available through SEIKE's clothing brand Royal Rxxker
Seremedy Apr 13, 2015
Ex Seremedy members, YOHIO and JENZiiH just launched a PV SPOT for their upcoming project together.
Seremedy Sep 29, 2014
Seremedy Sep 23, 2014
Seremedy's cover photo
Seremedy Sep 17, 2014
Seremedy has now reached iTunes TOP 10. Show your support and buy our last single DIVERGE. Much love. Seremedy
Seremedy Sep 16, 2014
Seremedy Sep 16, 2014
Seremedy LAST EP「re:MADNESS」 2014.09.20 RELEASE 1. DIVERGE 2. RED RIVER 3. FACING GREATER BURDENS 4. MAD JOKER SOLD EXCLUSIVELY(and only) at Seremedys last live. Along side with brand new merchandise. * LIMITED EDITION