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The Realm of Fancy
Panda Volume One (Compiled by Sensorica)
One Story
Masta Of Sound
Sunlight Again (Remixes) [feat. Eva Kade]
Body Flow @ the Beach
Triangle Reality
Equilibrium/Train of Thought EP
Sensorica May 18, 2019
Sensorica Sep 06, 2017
Yeah! Now I'm ready to start it inside!
Sensorica Jun 27, 2017
Sensorica Apr 28, 2017
Puzzles (Extended Play), by Sensorica
Sensorica Mar 25, 2017
Sensorica - L'unica Realta
Sensorica Feb 16, 2017
Igromir 2016 - INTEL Stand
Sensorica Jan 14, 2017
Слегка мистический rhodes :)
Sensorica Sep 03, 2016
Строительство студии и жилого дома. Часть 7.
Sensorica Aug 29, 2016
Строительство студии и жилого дома. Часть 6.
Sensorica Aug 06, 2016
Строительство студии и жилого дома. Часть 2.
Sensorica Jul 31, 2016
We inserted windows on the mansard. And now the kit of boards for tying piles is ready
Sensorica Jul 30, 2016
By superhuman abilities we finished & covered all mansard frame from the rain)! Yeah! Now we’ll take a rest for a while. Get preparing to warming of the house and another ground work.
Sensorica Jul 28, 2016
There was a lot of work today. Rain is forecast for tomorrow, so we covered all construction to protect it from wind and water.
Sensorica Jul 28, 2016
Today we set 3 walls, the hardest – to make the accurate cut for bevels. Now we think how to fix rafters of the mansard, which will be girth rails of the walls at the same time.
Sensorica Jul 27, 2016
So, let’s make our mansard. We cut the kit of timbers, strengthen the floor on the second level. Also we’ve bought windows. We began fitting of walls.
Sensorica Jul 26, 2016
That’s how our timbers look like! It’s 4 cubic meters 50x200x6000 and 1 cubic meter 40x150x6000. Soon we start mansard trimming.
Sensorica Jul 24, 2016
Tomorrow our first 5 cubic meter of calibrated timber will be delivered. It’s for mansard and for tying piles. We adapted workshop for timber’s keeping: made two “technical windows” to push this piles out – very simply. Also we fix crafting table there and add “tables” of useless wood sheets – it makes our work to be comfortable and fast. And gaps for replacing the windows on standard pvc-windows are also ready.
Sensorica Jul 24, 2016
Строительство студии и жилого дома (каркасные здания). Часть 1.
Sensorica Jul 23, 2016
The latest news. As our timbers are being dried, we make some useful stuff: set the second door and the window in the workshop, bring the electricity there, clear the first floor in the house. Oh, and our ex-window looks like the wall now.
Sensorica Jul 22, 2016
Today we set the door (carefully painted before) and insert the lock.
Sensorica Jul 22, 2016
Sensorica Music 003
Sensorica Jul 21, 2016
We covered the roof by trapezoidal sheet, that left from the mansard, that’s how we save 9 thousand rubles :) Also we beat bars to fix the facade (trapezoidal sheet or siding?). I haven’t decided yet. But now we aren’t afraid of rain or even snow!
Sensorica Jul 21, 2016
We watch as the rain drops fall on the roof and leisurely cover our wood bricks 40x40 by fire protection layer. Than we fix them, keeping ventilation gap in 40 cm.
Sensorica Jul 20, 2016
Yesterday we spent much time to some stuff: board preparing for hanging cover – it provides air flow on the roof. Using lever arm we lifted parts of roof frame, making a small skew. Wind protection is on the top.
Sensorica Jul 20, 2016
Damn rain! We need trapezoidal sheets to cover the roof and to forget about weather disturbing. Now all walls, roof frame are ready. There are very few efforts to prepare our construction for finishing decoration of facade and setting the door and the windows.