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You Love You
You Love You
Semi Precious Weapons Sep 27, 2018
It’s my honor. Xo
Semi Precious Weapons Aug 16, 2018
Soooo inspiring! Wow.
Semi Precious Weapons May 01, 2018
Semi Precious Weapons Apr 27, 2018
Justin, Dan and Stevy worked on this amazing anthem by Shea Diamond! Check it out and share!
Semi Precious Weapons Jan 24, 2018
One of my favorite interviews ever.
Semi Precious Weapons Dec 03, 2017
I’m serving that Forbes life, talking about the magic of SPW fans:)
Semi Precious Weapons Nov 29, 2017
I just want to say thank you to anyone whoever supported this band. Your love of our over the top glam punk magic forced the industry to let this queer queen in! And now look?!? A Grammy nomination for Song Of The Year?!?!?!
Semi Precious Weapons Aug 31, 2017
Semi Precious Weapons Jul 19, 2017
She was feeling sporty in Oklahoma 7 years ago today.
Semi Precious Weapons Jun 12, 2017
About last night. Best friends forever is over used, but in this case it's true. Xo
Semi Precious Weapons May 28, 2017
#fakenews ;)
Semi Precious Weapons May 10, 2017
Hey young lgbtq people, and young women, I just want you to know that your ideas are mainstream. Don't stop making art, and don't stop fighting. Good things can happen.
Semi Precious Weapons May 08, 2017
Last night was beautiful. GLAAD does such amazing work, so honored to be able to help.
Semi Precious Weapons Feb 03, 2017
We...yes all 4 of us SPW bitches...wrote a song for the Lego Batman movie! DNCE performs it...BUT there is a bonus track on the soundtrack where you can hear Justin's demo vocal. Check it out and share!
Semi Precious Weapons Nov 03, 2016
Semi Precious Weapons Oct 17, 2016
This amazing trans woman's anthem is blowing up on Spotify! If you're feeling fancy please listen and share:)
Semi Precious Weapons Oct 12, 2016
Obsessed with this song and this beautiful trans woman singing her truth!
Semi Precious Weapons Sep 08, 2016
Miss you.
Semi Precious Weapons Aug 26, 2016
Everybody help Cole out and VOTE for @DNCE as the MTV VMA "Best New Artist" #spwforever #IMWITHTHEM, #MakeMusicGreatAgain
Semi Precious Weapons Jul 06, 2016
I'm so honored to have been able to do something to help the Orlando tragedy. Please spread the love of this song if you can. All money goes to the victims families, and LGBT organizations. Xo, Justin.
Semi Precious Weapons May 23, 2016
Had a great time chatting about music and queer shit with these comedy geniuses.
Semi Precious Weapons Apr 10, 2016
This is something you should def watch. All of SPW wrote and recorded this with the stunning Rich White Ladies!
Semi Precious Weapons Apr 08, 2016
To all the people trying to take away the rights of LGBTQ citizens, feel free to use religion as an excuse to turn off the radio when one of my songs comes on. That is your right. However, I would love it if you would please stop using religion as an excuse to persecute me and my queer sisters and brothers. Xoxo, Justin Tranter
Semi Precious Weapons Mar 04, 2016
Hi! Me and Cole Whittle co-wrote a ditty with The Knocks called "Tied To You". It's on their debut album that came out today. And I'm the featured vocalist on the song too! Check it out on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube!
Semi Precious Weapons Jan 12, 2016
There are very important things about this moment and photo with my bestestes. 1) we are celebrating lots of awesome shit. 2) it's the first photo we've taken together in 15 years where I have my natural hair color. 3) we are hanging in Dan's room which NEVER happens. #semipreciousweaponsforeverinourhearts