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Poison the Parish
Isolate and Medicate
Isolate and Medicate
Seether: 2002-2013
Seether: 2002-2013
Remix EP
Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray
iTunes Originals: Seether
Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces (Bonus Track Version)
Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces (Bonus Track Version)
One Cold Night (Live)
Karma and Effect
Disclaimer II
Disclaimer II
Seether Aug 06, 2019
Comment 🤠if Country Song is one of your favorite Seether songs! Get The Very Best of Seether CD at Walmart here 🤘
Seether Jul 26, 2019
Shaun breaks down the meaning of their song, Breakdown. "Sticks and stones can break my bones but words can never hurt me" #20YearsofSeether
Seether Jul 24, 2019
The Exit 111 Festival schedule is finally here!! Get your tickets here $1 from every ticket sold will go to Suicide Awareness Voices of Education 🔥
Seether Jul 11, 2019
Who do you think is the biggest prankster in the band?! 😂 #20YearsofSeether
Seether Jul 08, 2019
These Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces inks are so SICK!!! Keep em coming!! #20YearsofSeether
Seether Jul 04, 2019
Throwback to MTV's Rock Band Tour! Comment 🎸 if you're going to a Seether show this year!! #20YearsofSeether
Seether Jul 02, 2019
‪Johnny shared the song that he's most proud of from Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. Which song is your favorite from the album?? #20YearsofSeether‬
Seether Jul 02, 2019
We've updated the #20YearsofSeether playlist!! Check it out here 🔥 Which songs do you think we should add???!
Seether Jun 28, 2019
Who's coming to see us at #RIFFFest in Michigan on July 13??!! We can't wait to see y'all there so get your tickets at Comment ⚡️if you're going so we know!!
Seether Jun 27, 2019
Have you checked out your neighborhood Walmart store for The Very Best of Seether CDs??!! Get yours and share using #SeetherWalmart so we see you got it!
Seether Jun 22, 2019
The Very Best of Seether, Walmart Special CD, is available now on and all your neighborhood Walmart stores!! Get yours here 🤘 Make sure you post a pic of your CD with the tag #SeetherWalmart so we know you got it!!
Seether Jun 09, 2019
John's view! #Seether
Seether Jun 07, 2019
Seether Fact: Did you know that Remedy was on Guitar Hero??!! Comment 🎸if you're still playing Guitar Hero! Bonus points if you remember playing Remedy
Seether Jun 07, 2019
Throwback to the making of The Gift music video that revolved around Día de los Muertos 💀
Seether Jun 06, 2019
Get ready for Exit 111 Festival Rise Above Stage on October 11-13 in Manchester, TN! 🔥 $1 from every ticket will benefit Suicide Awareness Voices of Education. Comment if you've already got tickets! 🤘
Seether Jun 04, 2019
We've updated the #20YearsofSeether playlist on Spotify! What songs do y'all want us to add?? 🔥
Seether May 31, 2019
John with his youngest fans in Dallas, TX 🔥
Seether May 25, 2019
Nothing gets past Dale... 🤨 #20YearsofSeether
Seether May 22, 2019
Who’s coming?? It’s going to be fun!! Rocklahoma Tickets at 🔥🔥
Seether May 17, 2019
Flashback to Seether's interview with Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) in 2004 🔥 Wise words from the one and only, Dale!
Seether May 14, 2019
Airing out that dirty laundry 🤣🤣🤣
Seether May 06, 2019
Need some Seether fix?? Check out this sick Seether Essentials playlist on Apple Music here 🤘
Seether May 02, 2019
#TBT to one of Seether's first interviews on #VH1! Shaun ran away from home to record a demo!! How far would you guys go to chase your dreams??
Seether Apr 29, 2019
Gasoline LIVE from the Disclaimer Tour in 2003!! 🔥 'She's got no one to hate, except for me' ⚡️
Seether Apr 26, 2019
We've updated our #20YearsofSeether playlist with Gasoline, Driven Under, Your Bore, and more! Comment which other songs you'd want us to add 🔥