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Secret EP
Defend Yourself
Defend Yourself
The Freed Man
Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock
The Sebadoh
Bubble and Scrape
Sebadoh Feb 21, 2019
Jason and Lou talked to Noisey about The Sebadoh...
Sebadoh Feb 17, 2019
Sebadoh Feb 17, 2019
's cover photo
Sebadoh Nov 07, 2018
's cover photo
Sebadoh Nov 05, 2018
I would like to introduce to you, the Sonelab Men's Choir of Easthampton, Mass.
Sebadoh Oct 12, 2018
Sebadoh Sep 24, 2018
AVAILABLE NOW: I just finished making D.I.Y. album covers for 50 copies of SPOOKY ACTION on GREEN SPLATTER VINYL (Joyful Noise VIP edition). These are the last of the awesome green vinyl, and the only ones with these hand made covers. D.I.Y. or die!!!!
Sebadoh Sep 24, 2018
Sebadoh Sep 24, 2018
's cover photo
Sebadoh Sep 24, 2018
Sebadoh Jul 30, 2018
Check out Lou's Paste Music & Daytrotter session.
Sebadoh May 02, 2018 hitting the road solo with Bob D'Amico helping with the drives.. check the tour dates, come to a show near you and say hi f'rchrissake!
Sebadoh Apr 25, 2018
Sebadoh Apr 09, 2018
I went and recorded a 7" with a couple of rockers from the town I live in and it's out today.. I also made plans to record a new sebadoh LP later this year w/bob and jake this week, take that 2018!
Sebadoh Mar 29, 2018
hey, it's lou, my new metal collarbone didn't pop out of my incision during the @dinosaurjr UK tour! (look close and see the remains of the surgical tape) I am experimenting with blue/green screen for a vid for a new tune (7"/digital out soon) I'm working on to remind you all of my UPCOMING (one week away!) US southern states TOUR.. loads of spots left in Philadelphia,Richmond, Savannah, Atlanta, Athens, Miami and pretty much everywhere else I'm going to play these intimate acoustic shows.. my dad is coming with me (for the first time ever) to help with driving and lifting (neither of which I can do well yet) .. it's been a long while since I've toured my songs in their natural form and I'm excited.. please check for tix and specifics .. make me look good for the old man, the shows are early, parent friendly and it's going to be good, I promise.. flying home today (hopefully finishing the video during the flight!)..see you soon..
Sebadoh Sep 27, 2017
HOUSE SHOW TOUR! Jake, Bob and Matt are coming to a living room near you, performing songs from Jake's new album Spooky Action, his old album At Sixes And Sevens, and who knows, maybe some seba-tunes. Get tickets now, because space is obviously very limited. Oct 10 - Philly, PA Oct 11 - Raleigh, NC Oct 12 - Atlanta, GA Oct 13 - Murfreesboro, TN Oct 14 - Indy, IN Oct 15 - Chicago, IL Oct 16 - Detroit, MI Oct 17 - Columbus, OH
Sebadoh Aug 17, 2017
Jake wants to play your living room.
Sebadoh Aug 06, 2017 this is a v good live version of this song
Sebadoh Jul 26, 2017
Sebadoh Jul 06, 2017
these fotos were taken on the same day, same place, within minutes of each other a long time ago.. the top was used for the front cover of Elliott's either/or LP.. the bottom has been in the bottom of a box for a couple of decades.. Elliott was opening for a Sebadoh tour and our tour manager/photographer-in-her-own-right Deb Pastor had the idea of capturing us in front of this graffitied mirror in th Phoenix AZ club..we are pictured with our one and only roadie Mike Flood, Elliott with his ubiquitous cigarette.. that night I drove with him in his car so he didn't do the overnight drive to San Diego by himself.. within a few months people stopped talking while he played (as they did on this tour, he was less-known).. he said he preferred the talking t the silence because it made him less self-conscious.. - lou
Sebadoh Jun 16, 2017
Jake's new album "Spooky Action" is out on Joyful Noise Recordings ! Go grab a copy! *Black and bone vinyl re-stock just added!
Sebadoh Jun 09, 2017
Consequence of Sound previews the entirety of Jason Loewenstein's upcoming full length "Spooky Action" - out June 16th on Joyful Noise Recordings
Sebadoh Jun 06, 2017
Hey hey! Another song from J Loewenstein's upcoming LP "Spooky Action"
Sebadoh Jun 05, 2017
Jake's got a new music video.