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Old World Romance
White Water, White Bloom
White Water, White Bloom
Leaves in the River
Sea Wolf Feb 02, 2019
'Intro' from the 'Song Spells No. 1: Cedarsmoke' record has been featured in this new Ram commercial narrated by Jeremy Renner
Sea Wolf Jan 21, 2019
SF Bay Area! Go see new works by @jamessterlingpitt - my good friend, and the artist for Leaves in the River and Cedarsmoke albums - in a great show at @ratio3 in the mission, now through March 16
Sea Wolf Dec 24, 2018
winter wonderland ❄️
Sea Wolf Dec 19, 2018
Happy holidays everybody ✌🏻✌🏼✌🏽✌🏾✌🏿
Sea Wolf Dec 13, 2018
Dec 13th and autumn has finally arrived at the Sea Wolf studio
Sea Wolf Nov 30, 2018
Sea Wolf Nov 26, 2018
working on new stuff today
Sea Wolf Nov 06, 2018
Thinking about who I’m gonna vote for today #electionday2018
Sea Wolf Oct 25, 2018
's cover photo
Sea Wolf Sep 26, 2018
Friends, The new Sea Wolf album is done! Expect it to be released first half of 2019. With some singles coming out before. In the meantime, we will soon begin to be more active on Instagram, so I encourage you to follow Sea Wolf there. Here’s a link: Excited to get back out there with the band and share new music with you in the coming year! Until then... XoABC Los Angeles, September 2018
Sea Wolf Dec 05, 2015
Nice mention from Song Exploder in this interview about his great podcast in which he has musicians dissect one of their songs.
Sea Wolf Jan 01, 2015
In case you haven't heard, my studio was burglarized!! Please share this list of stolen gear and keep an eye out!
Sea Wolf Dec 31, 2014
My studio was burglarized yesterday! Super bummed.. Lots of gear stolen. Here's a link to a list of all that was stolen, please share and keep an eye out!
Sea Wolf Aug 26, 2014
Just reached 60,000 Trackers! - Track Sea Wolf
Sea Wolf Jul 18, 2014
Get the new Sea Wolf album, SONG SPELLS, NO. 1: CEDARSMOKE, exclusively on "Church excels at making the words seem personal, as if they’re meant for one person, but also lending the meaning and imagery to let the listeners feel like they are part of the story" - Paste Magazine
Sea Wolf Jul 11, 2014
Watch 'Ram's Head', from the new special album 'Song Spells No.1: Cedarsmoke' (now streaming on Spotify) live, solo acoustic, here:
Sea Wolf Jul 04, 2014
The Sea Wolf (solo acoustic) / Blitzen Trapper episode of NPR's eTown is airing nationally this week on NPR (! Watch me join Blitzen Trapper and eTown's Nick & Helen in covering The Eagles, here:
Sea Wolf Jun 26, 2014
A special NEW Sea Wolf album "Song Spells, No.1: Cedarsmoke" is coming soon! Available on Spotify July 8th, and July 15th on other streaming services AND as a free or pay-what-you-want download only on
Sea Wolf Jun 05, 2014
Just Announced: Sea Wolf @ Rolling Stone Weekender @ Weissenhauser Strand in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Sea Wolf Jun 05, 2014
Just Announced: Sea Wolf @ Weissenhauser Strand in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Sea Wolf May 31, 2014
Just Announced: Sea Wolf @ The Canyon in Agoura Hills, CA
Sea Wolf May 30, 2014
Tonight's show in Agoura Hills has been CANCELLED. Sorry about that, but I've got laryngitis right now. Rescheduled for June 27th...
Sea Wolf Mar 27, 2014
This Weekend: Sea Wolf @ Commonwealth Bar & Stage (solo acoustic) in Calgary, Canada
Sea Wolf Mar 24, 2014
Alaska, Canada, come see me this week! I'll be doing solo acoustic shows in Vancouver, Calgary, Anchorage and Palmer. Hope to see you there! -ABC
Sea Wolf Mar 07, 2014
This Weekend: Sea Wolf @ The Bartlett (solo acoustic) in Spokane, WA