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Scuba Nov 23, 2018
This one's called 'Ripchord', one of my two previously unreleased tracks from Sounds Of SUB:STANCE. A 29 track compilation based on the night which ran at Berghain / Panorama Bar and other venues around the world from 2008 til 2013. Compiled by me. Featuring previously vinyl-only and hitherto unheard music from (in order of appearance): Mala Matty G Vex'd Peverelist Trevino Scuba Skream Shackleton Toasty Appleblim Instra:Mental Cosmin TRG Search & Destroy Addison Groove Sepalcure Boddika Roska Untold Jon Convex John Osborn Check it at Paul x
Scuba Nov 22, 2018
Ganz, ganz großes Dankeschön an Spotify für eure Unterstützung und dass ihr mein neues Album Sub:stance in der New Releases-Section gefeatured habt! Wow, das ist wirklich mega! DANKE! 🖤 STROM:
Scuba Nov 22, 2018
Ganz, ganz großes Dankeschön an Spotify für eure Unterstützung und dass ihr mein neues Album Sub:stance in der New Releases-Section gefeatured habt! Wow, das ist wirklich mega! DANKE!
Scuba Nov 05, 2018
Thank you Beatport for making me Artist of the Week. SUB:STANCE in Retrograde album is out now:
Scuba Nov 02, 2018
Proud to present the full length video to 'Ants'. Taken from my new album SUB:STANCE in Retrograde, out today:
Scuba Nov 01, 2018
Scuba Oct 27, 2018
Listen back to my mix for Beats 1 on with classic tracks from Joy Orbison Norman Nodge Instra:Mental Sigha and more 🖤
Scuba Oct 25, 2018
More new music by me from the SUB:STANCE era in the form of free track 'Differential' available via XLR8Rs excellent XLR8R+ service. Tracks from Alex Smoke and Janeret are also part of the package 🖤 Link:
Scuba Oct 19, 2018
The 1st of the triple album drop is out now. 'A Mutual Antipathy Revisited' remastered and repackaged, featuring visionary remixes from MARCEL DETTMANN, Martyn, Jamie Vex'd (Kuedo) + an unreleased collab with Amp Fiddler. Up now on Spotify and other digital outlets Paul x
Scuba Oct 10, 2018
From 2008 til 2013 I ran a night called SUB:STANCE, which was mostly at Berghain but also at various other places around the world including collaborations with Blkmarket Membership in NYC and The Hydra in London. It's five years since it finished and ten since it started, and to mark that we'll be releasing three albums on Hotflush over the next few weeks. The first is a remastered edition of my first album, A Mutual Antipathy Revisited (19 Oct), which was originally released just before we got started with SUB:STANCE in 2008. There's some extra stuff on there too including a track with Amp Fiddler. After that will be SUB:STANCE In Retrograde (2 Nov), ten tracks which I made during the sessions for that album and also my second album, Triangulation. These tunes (and hundreds more which I won't be releasing) have been sat on a hard drive ever since, and I'd totally forgotten they existed until I rediscovered them a few months ago. Finally, Sounds Of SUB:STANCE (23 Nov) is a compilation of tracks which represent the many sounds played at the parties, including a lot of contributions by artists who played the party too, including Mala, Shackleton, Trevino, and many more. All of the tunes on the comp are either previously unreleased, or were previously vinyl-only releases. So everything on there is fresh as an HD digital transmission for the first time. You can stream a track from each release now, hit the link below. These releases have taken ages to come together, and they represent a period in my life which I look back on with a lot of affection. So I very much hope you enjoy the music x
Scuba Oct 10, 2018
Cat's out the bag... or should I say Ant? Full Info: Pre-save & pre-order here: A Mutual Antipathy Revisited - SUB:STANCE in Retrograde -
Scuba Oct 09, 2018
Scuba Sep 06, 2018
Next on Hotflush. A little bit lighter than most of what we've been putting out recently, but super SUPER high quality... think you'll agree.
Scuba Aug 31, 2018
Heading to DC10 Ibiza on Monday for Circoloco.
Scuba Aug 28, 2018
Mind Against's Celestial Dub mix of my track 'Test Tubes' is out this Friday on Hotflush Recordings. Here's Dubfire & Chris Liebing giving it a play at B my Lake Festival Official at the weekend. Pre-order:
Scuba Aug 02, 2018
Scuba Jul 24, 2018
Schall im Schilf Open Air 2018 this weekend. Tickets:
Scuba Jul 17, 2018
NeXTones 18 Beyond Music & Mountain this weekend. Tickets:
Scuba Jul 11, 2018
Tanzhaus West & Dora Brilliant Sommerfest 2018 this weekend. Tickets:
Scuba Jul 09, 2018
Ten hour set on the dot... 1-11am. Extra emotional for me as it might be a long time before I get to do that again, as I'm taking an extended break from touring starting in a few weeks time. It's something I've needed to do for a while and it's time to make it happen. I'm not quitting entirely and I'm sure I'll play the odd show particularly in London where I live. I just need a long break from the travelling, I did 1500 flights in the last ten years and that's more than enough for anyone. I will however be back at this amazing venue next month to play the Saule room, with Or:la and Saoirse. Gonna play a totally different set that night though, it's on Thurs 23 Aug, pop along if you're in town and fancy some proper bassbin action. And THANK YOU to everyone who stayed with me til the end this morning. Atmosphere was really lovely xx
Scuba Jul 04, 2018
Balaton Sound Official this weekend! Tickets:
Scuba Jul 02, 2018
Scuba Jun 29, 2018
SCB - Extinct is out now 👽 Featuring remixes from ANNA, Ireen Amnes, and a brand new SCB track. Listen at
Scuba Jun 28, 2018
In Frankfurt next month for Tanzhaus West & Dora Brilliant Sommerfest 2018 👍
Scuba Jun 27, 2018
Playing at La Belle Electrique this Saturday. Tickets: