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Scissor Sisters
Scissor Sisters Apr 11, 2019
As thousands of revelers head to the desert for weekend 1 of Coachella this weekend, allow us to bestow a #TBT of your Scissters’ own Palm Springs-area shenanigans from April 2011. Were you there? 🌴🌴🌴
Scissor Sisters Apr 03, 2019
Scissor Sisters Mar 25, 2019
Stepping in to Monday like 👠 ........ Behind the scenes on the Nightwork album shoot, March 24, 2010 📸 by Kevin Tachman
Scissor Sisters Mar 14, 2019
#tbt to Scissor protégés Wigs on Sticks’ first and only live tour in March 2007. If you were lucky enough to see these electrifying performers in person, share your memories in the comments!
Scissor Sisters Mar 08, 2019
“Personhood is about equity, not equipment.” - Martine Rothblatt On this #internationalwomensday we worship at the altar of our own bionic woman. Check out Ana’s Ted talk “Living the Electric Dream” at TEDxStormont as part of #TEDWomen 2015. #fbf
Scissor Sisters Feb 28, 2019
Reissue Alert ⚠️⚠️⚠️ Attention collectors and vinyl nerds! The half speed master of the self-titled 2004 album is out on April 19th! Cut at Abbey Road Studios, it features the hit singles Laura, Filthy/Gorgeous and Take Your Mama. The album will be presented on heavyweight vinyl with high spec packaging to create a thoroughly bespoke vinyl experience that most importantly, provides a sound quality superior to anything else currently available. You can pre-order your copy here: Half Speed Mastering is an artisan technique offered by Abbey Road Studios which results in the very highest quality sound reproduction. UMC have created a range of bespoke vinyl pressings of iconic albums utilising this process and have carefully selected Scissor Sisters to be a part of the series. In over 15 years of half-speed mastering, Abbey Road engineer Miles Showell has mastered the art of creating the finest audio-quality vinyl pressings available, with his specialist work creating a whole listening experience for some of the most iconic albums of all time.
Scissor Sisters Feb 20, 2019
It’s BRIT Awards night in the UK which got us thinking back to the band’s first ever performance on the broadcast (in 2005) created in collaboration with the Jim Henson Creature Shop. 👹👹👹 The band opened the show and also took home 3 awards that night: Best International Album 🏆 Best International Group 🏆 International Breakthrough 🏆 ‘Twas a night to remember. Good luck to all the nominees and performers tonight!
Scissor Sisters Feb 19, 2019
RIP Karl Lagerfeld 🖤 This shoot (in 2006/7?) was one of the more memorable in Scissor Herstory. Karl was the photographer on the day and was equal parts funny, shady (let’s just say he wasn’t thrilled with Del’s Galliano jacket) and generous (he gave Babydaddy a ring right off his own finger.) Sending love to his friends, family and all who loved him. X
Scissor Sisters Feb 04, 2019
This week in Scissor Herstory: On February 2nd, 2004 the debut album was officially released upon the world and the band celebrated with a performance and signing at the long gone Virgin Megastore in Oxford Street, London. Were you there? Do you have photos? Do you remember CDs?
Scissor Sisters Feb 01, 2019
Let’s welcome in February with some of the earliest known images of your Scissters, shall we? We believe these photos were taken at Larry Tee’s legendary Electroclash night Berliniamsburg at club Luxx around 2002 A.D. If anyone has any additional info, leave it in the comments. And if you’ve got an even older photo of the band we sure as hell would love to see it. #fbf
Scissor Sisters Jan 25, 2019
15 years ago this week Comfortably Numb was officially released into the wild. To celebrate, let’s harken back to these clowns at Bestival 2004, shall we? And 10 points to anyone who can correctly identify the full name of Comfortably Numb’s B-side...
Scissor Sisters Jan 10, 2019
#TBT to this Magical Melbourne moment in 2010 when we surprised the hell out of y’all with our old pal Kylie Minogue who stormed out to join us for a couple of tunes. ICYMI Jake will be joining Kylie on the road in her motherland in March! Full tour dates and info here:
Scissor Sisters Dec 31, 2018
Ringing in the new year like....
Scissor Sisters Dec 18, 2018
Nothing says Christmas quite like covering ‘Super Trooper’ on German television accompanied by two muscle marys with a synchronized pectoral routine and members of the public dressed in Aldi bags. Did we mention Rod Stewart was there? God bless Wetten Das. Originally aired live on the 4th November 2006
Scissor Sisters Dec 11, 2018
We’ve seen some pretty special Scissor covers in our day but this one might take the cake. May we present to you: Mark from Clunge destroyer with Boycott The Baptist and their rendition of Laura.
Scissor Sisters Nov 06, 2018
Jake Shears is currently on tour. Toronto, Chicago, St Paul, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles... hold on to your hats! 🎩
Scissor Sisters Nov 02, 2018
She’s got legs...and she’s taking em on the road! America! If you missed Jake Shears on Late Night with Seth Meyers you can catch him in a city near you very soon! BrooklynSteel tonight, more dates and tickets here:
Scissor Sisters Oct 25, 2018
‘Twas a true dream come true working with icon and goddess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (official) for our Halloween Special back in 2010... #tbt
Scissor Sisters Oct 25, 2018
JAKE SHEARS US & CANADA TOUR ALERT‼️ Dates and tickets at
Scissor Sisters Oct 04, 2018
Throwin’ it back to the October 2010 edition of Scissor Sisters News: Dave Grohl Special Report. #tbt #davegrohl #testiclethursday Foo Fighters
Scissor Sisters Sep 19, 2018
12 years ago this week we took over Trafalgar Square for an incredibly special gig supporting (RED) foundation. Were you there? Did you get naked and jump in the fountain? Join us in reminiscing in the comments below...
Scissor Sisters Sep 01, 2018
Sending a big birthday WOOF to Babydaddy! #scissorbirthdayseason
Scissor Sisters Aug 31, 2018
Happiest Birthday to our own Del Marquis 🍆 #scissorbirthdayseason
Scissor Sisters Aug 10, 2018
Today is the day, friends. Jake Shears OUT NOW!!
Scissor Sisters Aug 09, 2018
Jake Shears