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Scarlet White
Scarlet White Jul 29, 2019
Please consider helping the family out with funeral expenses. I know they would be forever thankful for any amount donated ❤️
Scarlet White Jul 29, 2019
One of the best memories I have during our years in Scarlet White....this was a great day. We were on our first national tour, we had negative bank accounts, we probably had no gas in the van and no idea where our next meal would come from, but we saw this amazing, breathtaking place that made us feel in awe of God. The Grand Canyon. During this time we were the three amigos. We relied on each other during the difficult days and we laughed together every single day. What I would give to go back to this day. We will forever miss you, changed so many lives and left such an impact that is clearly seen today. I’ll miss your quirkinesses and your random jokes. Ill miss getting after you for being late to every van-call 🤨 I’ll miss taking band pictures with you and telling someone “take 3 because his eyes will be closed in 2!” (as seen below). But mostly I’ll miss seeing the way you would interact with those who were hurting, you always had a way of making them feel special. Until we meet again 🖤💔 -Erica
Scarlet White Jul 29, 2019
It is with heavy hearts we write this status... Spencer was involved in a motorcycle accident last night. We are confused and angry and sad at God’s timing. It’s never easy to get news that someone was taken all too soon. Please, please lift up his family in prayer. Ask God to wrap his arms around them and give them comfort during this time. Spencer changed many lives and his legacy lives on through music. Please join us in prayer today for the Minor family. “We will rest in your love, we will rest in your grace. And all our brokenness will be laid down”
Scarlet White Jul 15, 2018
Hey Lifest! Come hang with us at 10pm! We wanna see your beautiful faces and rock with you one last time!!! #lifest #quakestage #oshkosh #wisconsin
Scarlet White Jun 17, 2018
Last two shows, both in Wisconsin! We hope to see as many of you there as possible! Let’s make these last two shows rock 🤘🏻 July 6th: Cup O Joy with Project 86 — doors open at 7pm July 14th: Lifest Quake Stage at 10pm
Scarlet White Jun 13, 2018
Statement from Dan: 10 years ago, I had the privilege of being the founder and an original member of Scarlet White. I always had a passion for music and how powerful it really can be. I’ve heard many amazing stories over the years from many fans on how our music, and the music of many other artists, have changed their lives. Those were, and are, the stories that have kept me going. The passion to record and play music has to be 200% in order to keep going in this industry. Scarlet White has had many ups and downs, constant financial issues, attacks spiritually, attacks on families, and attacks from people that are supposed to be supporting you. The list goes on. Unfortunately for SW, the passion to overcome these issues is not strong enough amongst all band members. A band has to be a team, and if everyone is not on the same page, it fails. I’m not saying that any of this is easy. I know many other artists feel the same and have plenty of hardships. With that being said, Scarlet White will be playing their final 2 shows this July. We will post the dates and venues soon. So please come out if you want to see us perform for the last time. What I do want everyone to know is that I have so many songs left unwritten, a passion that just won’t die out. It’s your stories at shows, messages on social media, and the many people who send their love and support for what we do that keeps me going. God is the reason I started this, He will always be the center of everything I do. I just won’t stop! With all of that being said, I will be announcing a new project sometime later this summer. Please keep checking back for the announcement and all the other info you will need! Scarlet White will always be a part of me and I will always be proud of the accomplishments made from a 100% independent band. I would like to thank all of people that have helped us along the way! -All the fans for always believing in us, and of course spreading our music as much as you could! We would’ve never made it this long without your encouragement! -All the Kickstarter donators over the years. We couldn’t have accomplished anything without you. -Nancy Matthews, Scott Matthews, Dango, Mike Langford, Justin Rose, Richie English, Peter Letros, Nathan Winter, Lori and Lawrence Minor, Scott, Macey, and Donna Morcom, the Fetter family, Shane Boyd, Kyle Fenton, Jenna Riley Sherman, Brandon Mills, The Russell family, Ellie Lane and family, and Jennifer Walter.
Scarlet White Mar 25, 2018
When in Green Bay..... Thanks for having us, Wisconsin! We can’t wait to be back! #cupojoy #greenbay #wisconsin #lambeaufield
Scarlet White Mar 09, 2018
Scarlet White's cover photo
Scarlet White Mar 09, 2018
Scarlet White
Scarlet White Mar 09, 2018
Easter, Tax Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, all around the corner! Wanna know what’s a great gift for all occasions?! Our newest album, The Other Side! 🐥🌷🥚🎁 #giftit #theotherside #newmusic
Scarlet White Mar 01, 2018
17 weeks on the charts and still hanging out at number 7! Thank you for spinning Silence! #billboard #radioplay #silence #scarletwhite
Scarlet White Feb 09, 2018
I guess sometimes there’s beauty in snowstorms.... #winterstormmateo #michigan #iceicebaby
Scarlet White Feb 04, 2018
Get ready, Wisconsin. We want to rock with you in March!
Scarlet White Feb 01, 2018
Just want to give a shoutout to all of the stations that are spinning Silence! Thank you SO much for the support and for keeping this in the top ten for several weeks. Special thanks to our radio guy, Kyle, for doing such a killer job too! Don’t forget to keep requesting Silence! #theotherside #silence #billboard #radio #scarletwhite
Scarlet White Jan 30, 2018
Huge shoutout to Jenna for hosting the coolest birthday party ever! Had such an amazing time in Florida this weekend. Catching up with old friends and making new friendships that we will carry with us for a lifetime! Spencer also started training his future replacement 😉 Did we mention we can’t wait to go back??
Scarlet White Jan 25, 2018
See you tomorrow, Florida!
Scarlet White Jan 20, 2018
Gettin’ ready to rock!! Tonight event starts in 20 minutes!
Scarlet White Dec 26, 2017
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and hope that everyone was able to spend the day with loved ones! Happy Birthday, Jesus!
Scarlet White Dec 19, 2017
Who’s still finishing up Christmas shopping?! Need a last minute gift idea? Our newest album is available along with some other great merchandise at Check it out and happy shopping!!
Scarlet White Nov 15, 2017
Well this is a nice surprise! Jumped up to number 7 this week! Keep those requests coming in for Silence! Don’t forget, our brand new album released yesterday! Get your copy at or digitally on iTunes, Amazon, google play, etc!
Scarlet White Nov 14, 2017
The Other Side is finally out! Download your copy at iTunes, Amazon, google play, etc! You can also order physical copies from our merch store We’re SO excited for you to hear it! #theotherside #newalbum #newmusic #itunes #amazon #googleplay
Scarlet White Nov 13, 2017
Officially holding a physical copy of The Other Side. We poured our hearts out in this one and jumped through so many hoops to make it so you guys could hear it! Surreal. The Other Side releases digitally tomorrow and we will be sending out the physical copies to our campaign contributors this week! Head over to Today is the last day to preorder the album and receive a poster! #newmusic #newalbum #theotherside
Scarlet White Oct 22, 2017
Thank you, again, Germany! We were honored to play in your country and cannot wait to be back!! Thank you to Fabian, Karina, Nadine, Hardy, Daniel, Frank, and many many others who helped put on the show and who were so accommodating. We felt at home right away! Looking forward to coming back! #germany #lapfestival #demonhunter #project86 #decyferdown #scarletwhite
Scarlet White Oct 19, 2017
Made it to Iceland with 5 minutes to board our flight to Frankfurt..... we made it! Next stop, Germany. #wowair #germanybound #itsearly #nosleep #needfood #excited
Scarlet White Oct 18, 2017
ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we unfortunately have to push back our album release a couple of weeks. We have done everything in our power to get it out in time, but it’s just not possible. Our listening party will be postponed to a later date, but still before the release! Also, we’d appreciate prayers as we travel to Germany today! We are so excited to be playing over there!