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The Singularity (Phase I - Neohumanity)
The Unseen Empire
Dark Matter Dimensions (Exclusive Bonus Version)
Holographic Universe
Pitch Black Progress
Symmetric in Design
Scar Symmetry Apr 25, 2019
日本 😍
Scar Symmetry Apr 24, 2019
Massive thanks to Line6 for the wonderful little device called the HX Stomp ❤️ A tiny little box weighing almost nothing, yet it carries everything we need for our live guitar tone needs... Check it out for yourselves - here's me improvising over the intro to "Rise of the Reptilian Regime" with a seriously creamy lead tone courtesy of the HX Stomp (with some help from Jim Dunlop picks and strings, Klotz cables, my Strandberg Singularity signature guitar with its EMG pickups, and I suppose, my hands). What are you guys using for your live tones? Still using real amps maybe? /Per
Scar Symmetry Apr 20, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 18, 2019
THE ILLUSIONIST For many years now we've done a sing-along with the audience during the second to last chorus of The Illusionist, some nights noone sings and some nights the entire audience sing their hearts out; this particular gig was somewhere in between 😎 If you notice a different vocal timbre at the end of the video, it's Lars giving the mic to one brave voice in the front row 😍👌
Scar Symmetry Apr 17, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 17, 2019
Check out this nice little interview with Per Nilsson from a while back! What do you think? WILL PHASE II EVER BE RELEASED?!? #chinesedemocracy
Scar Symmetry Apr 16, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 15, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 15, 2019
THE ILLUSIONIST! It's hard to believe this song is now a teenager, it was released around this time back in 2006 and has been a setlist staple ever since. It used to be our most popular song but has long since been eclipsed by songs like The Anomaly, Morphogenesis and The Iconoclast though we don't think it will disappear from our setlist anytime soon 😍😎
Scar Symmetry Apr 14, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 14, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 11, 2019
Scar Symmetry Apr 08, 2019
Our first Japan tour is in the books! Big thanks to our tour mates Omnium Gatherum, Orpheus Omega and Blood Stain Child and tons of love to all the fans who came out to the shows! ❤️ Shoutout also to our business buddies helping us out on the gear side of things; Strandberg for the guitars, Jim Dunlop USA for the picks and strings, Presonus for the monitor mixer, Line6 for the guitar tones, Klotz for the cables and 4sound Gävle for their general badassery 😍😍😍
Scar Symmetry Apr 06, 2019
Thank you Tokyo, that was AMAZING!
Scar Symmetry Apr 06, 2019
MEANWHILE IN OSAKA Neither bicycle nor bipeds were harmed #captainmorgan #bicycleDUI #japan #nobelprizenominees #swedenessabroad #tufft #gott #proffsigt
Scar Symmetry Apr 01, 2019
SCAR SYMMETRY/OMNIUM GATHERUM co-headline tour in Japan with special guests Orpheus Omega and Blood Stain Child is imminent! Apr 4 - Osaka Apr 5 - Nagoya Apr 6 - Tokyo Apr 7 - Tokyo
Scar Symmetry Mar 31, 2019
Thank you Finland and Heavy Metal Heart for an amazing weekend! We're travelling home in style on the Silja Galaxy cruise ship, here's Henrik and a new friend that he just made! Big thanks to the Silja Galaxy crew for expertly helping us get all our gear onboard! @ Silja Galaxy
Scar Symmetry Mar 30, 2019
Tonight's show in Helsinki is now SOLD OUT!!!
Scar Symmetry Mar 30, 2019
Tampere you were AMAZING!!! Tomorrow's Hell-sinki. Kippis!
Scar Symmetry Mar 29, 2019
Our show in Tampere, Finland tonight is sold out!!! Paljon kiitoksia! 😍 There are still a few tickets left for our show in Helsinki tomorrow. We're looking forward to meet you all tonight and tomorrow and perform a set of songs covering all of our albums!
Scar Symmetry Mar 29, 2019
Pre-cruise meal for ultimate strength and endurance; Ben's having a Pizza Hawaii and the photographer - who shall remain unnamed - is having a pizza with ham, banana and curry spice. Any questions? (Full disclosure: Henrik ate kebab)
Scar Symmetry Mar 28, 2019
TONIGHT WE'RE GONNA ROCK YOU TONIGHT We're doing Close-Up Båten, the mighty drunken metal cruise, this very evening! Tomorrow's Tampere and Saturday's Helsinki, hope to see you people there! Big love to Presonus, Line6, 4sound Gävle, Strandberg guitars, Jim Dunlop Guitar Products and Klotz for all the support! 😍❤️👌
Scar Symmetry Mar 25, 2019
Only a few days now until we once again embark on the Close-Up Båten death metal cruise ship in the Baltic Sea!
Scar Symmetry Mar 24, 2019
Full production rehearsal today, here's our FOH boss Andreas "Bagge" Baglien working the Presonus mixing desk that we'll be using for our upcoming shows in Finland and Japan!
Scar Symmetry Mar 18, 2019
As you might have heard, we're forced to do our upcoming tour without a bass player because of a little boo-boo that our (now former) bass player pulled on us - read all about it on our Facebook if that interests you 😄 Now, what do you do when life hands you a bag of dic... I mean lemons? You roll with the punches, record bass to be played by a laptop and get on with the show! Come out to our shows in Tampere , Helsinki, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo and the Baltic Sea and witness The Bassless for yourselves, it's the first and hopefully last time 😎 A lil disclaimer: Andreas did an oopsie and put us in this spot, BUT he is still one of our favourite people and we love him dearly ❤️ Hugs and kisses to Darkglass and Ibanez for making the gear that will save the show 😍