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Black Plastic
Neon : Remixes
Savlonic Apr 15, 2019
The vinyl has finally arrived, after months of manufacturing issues. It is a thing of beauty, and it means we can start posting out the next tiers. Every one will have a slightly different effect. We have ordered enough to be able to sell some in store once we've sorted our backers out.
Savlonic Mar 22, 2019
The Matt Aquila remix of 'Sweet' is a banger. #blackplasticalbum #savlonic
Savlonic Mar 18, 2019
It's happening! @TheSavlonic new album is out! To watch the new VR music video then please click here (watching on a VR headset recommended) #savlonic #blackplasticalbum
Savlonic Mar 11, 2019
One week to go....#BlackPlastic
Savlonic Mar 08, 2019
Happy International Women’s Day. Plenty of female icons to choose from but we’re listening to Grimes, Peaches, Ladytron, Miss Kitten, Debbie Harry, Grace Jones, Kate Bush, Little Boots, Bjork, MIA, FKA Twigs, Laurie Anderson and Karin Dreijer. How about you?
Savlonic Feb 27, 2019
Feast your eyes! Look what just arrived at HQ. Look at those Jackets! Looking fly. We shoudl have a limited number to sell on the website once the Kickstarter levels are dealt with. But they will sell like hotcakes so keep your eyes peeled for release announcements
Savlonic Feb 26, 2019
Hello. Just to let you know that pre-orders of the new album, Black Plastic, are available from the store. It all feels very real now, not long to wait.
Savlonic Feb 09, 2019
Savlonic Feb 04, 2019
Savlonic Feb 04, 2019
's cover photo
Savlonic Jan 29, 2019
Hi. We have an official release date for the new album - Monday March 18th! Very exciting. Very soon we will be getting pre-orders up on the store, as soon as we do I'll let you know. Lots of work finally coming to fruition, very exciting times. #Savlonic #BlackPlasticAlbum #NewMusic #Synthwave #ElectronicMusic
Savlonic Jan 22, 2019
Very exciting things happening. The new album is being manufactured as we speak, we think it’ll be a mid March release, just waiting to hear back. New merch is designed and about to go into production. We love the new album, we think you will too.
Savlonic Nov 09, 2018
We've got the lovely Kandi Flaus (aka @KattW_ on Twitter) in the studio RIGHT NOW over on #Twitch! >> #BlackPlasticAlbum is almost in the bag.. #Kickstarted #Crowdfunded #Synthwave #MusicProduction #ListenToThis
Savlonic Oct 15, 2018
Yes! 9 working songs, which means the writing bit is done! So exciting. Just need to finish the last two, do additional vocals, guitar, mix. But yes, we have a complete working album.
Savlonic Oct 04, 2018
We’ve hit another writing spree, two additional songs done and another one ready for vocals. Feels good to be writing again after a summer break. #blackplasticalbum
Savlonic Sep 10, 2018
Hello! So sorry that we've been a bit quiet. Summer happened. But we're back in the studio and already working on a new song today. For anybody that isn't on the Kickstarter and hasn't seen the news, we've pushed the release back until we're happy with the album. At the moment we'd be hitting the prime Christmas market which will be a hectic nightmare. So we're taking a bit more time to get this right, no rushing. All Killer, no filler!
Savlonic Jun 19, 2018
Sorry we’ve been quiet. Been in the studio writing, it’s pretty full on. This is where we’re at, still lots of work to do but sounding pretty good so far.
Savlonic Jun 07, 2018
Weebl's Stuff
Savlonic Jun 04, 2018
Neon cd is finally back in stock, grab yourself one before they disappear again!
Savlonic Jun 04, 2018
Weebl is working on the new Savlonic album over on Twitch right now.
Savlonic Jun 02, 2018
We did it!! Amazing. Black Plastic is go. Thanks to you all.
Savlonic May 22, 2018
Backers can hear a little clip of the title track. Still needs mixing and more vocals but it's shaping up.
Savlonic May 21, 2018
Happy Monday. Hope it's as beautiful where you are as it is at Savlonic HQ today. We took a slight break from promotion at the weekend but we're back and ready to crack on. Amazingly it's looking like we're funded, we would love to try and get up to our stretch goal of 42k so we can make some extra videos. So share, like, tweet, smoke signal or whatever you have to do to help us get the message out. And thanks to everyone who has backed us so far, you're awesome.
Savlonic May 16, 2018
We did it! You're all amazing! Thank you to ALL who pledged, shared, retweeted, and helped us get this far! Now, the more extra we can raise, the more cool things we can do..
Savlonic May 14, 2018
Getting in to the studio today to write some lyrics. Because it's so sunny everything seems to be coming out as sunbeams and tweeting birds, I might have to sit in a dark room for a bit to stop getting so distracted! Thank you to everyone that has pledged for the Kickstarter so far. We're only £700 away from hitting the total which is amazing, check our pinned post for more details on that. There is a lot of positivity in the studio today, we're ready to make a really great album. #BlackPlasticAlbum