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Recordings From Live Performance, 1981-1983
Live in Europe - 1988
Jamahiriya Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage
Live Trek 1985-1986
Tragic Figures
Savage Republic - Band Feb 23, 2019
Savage Republic - Band
Savage Republic - Band Feb 23, 2019
Savage Republic - Band Feb 19, 2019
Savage Republic - Band Feb 15, 2019
5 years ago tonight That city That audience Absolute magic...
Savage Republic - Band Feb 13, 2019
Recorded 7 years ago today L.A.'s post-punk survivors make a welcome return with their sixth studio album. 'Varvakios' was recorded during an intense three day session in Athens in february 2012 amidst volatile political conditions and can be viewed as a successor to their 1989 LP 'Customs' which itself drew upon middle eastern recording location for inspiration. The reformed lineup last heard on their '1938' for Neurot is supplemented by Tuxedomoon violinist Blaine L. Reininger on a number of tracks, subtly lending a sort of melancholy Rembetika or Balkan spirit to the synergy of field recordings, expansive post punk guitar carvings, tribal percussions and distortion.
Savage Republic - Band Feb 12, 2019
Gettin' that itch! (Note to self, leave your shirt on fat boy 😞
Savage Republic - Band Feb 02, 2019
We had hoped to do a small Midwest swing in April, but it will have to wait. However, we are negotiating a Pacific Northwest swing including Seattle for the first time in a million years. Stay tuned! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Feb 02, 2019
Finally bringing this back into the set. Long overdue.
Savage Republic - Band Jan 30, 2019
A couple days after Bowie died. Impromptu tribute into "Siam" Thessaloniki , Greece
Savage Republic - Band Jan 30, 2019
Athens 2014
Savage Republic - Band Jan 29, 2019
That feeling when FB reminds you of a friend's birthday who has recently departed. Randy Starbacher was unique in every sense of the word. He was a huge SR fan, but grew to be a dear friend. I bounced all of my song ideas of if him. He particularly loved this obscure song that was, ironically written about another fellow fan we lost too soon 😕 I haven't listened to this in years. It brings back pain and happiness. I was a mess when I wrote it and recorded it. Apparently we couldn't even tune our guitars. Thankfully, fill in drummer Bryan Taylor made some sense of my chaos. He always came to our rescue. I have no idea what the corresponding slide slow is about but Randy loved this song. He was so happy when we wrote each other on the morning before his death. I'm glad he was in his favorite place. Miss you buddy...
Savage Republic - Band Jan 27, 2019
Savage Republic - Colony (Rockzone Sessions) @ 90.4 fm (November 29 2011)
Savage Republic - Band Jan 26, 2019
It's calling us...
Savage Republic - Band Jan 17, 2019
2009 Vienna Show clips with interview
Savage Republic - Band Jan 11, 2019
Happy Birthday Arci Kroen
Savage Republic - Band Jan 09, 2019
Savage Republic - El Porto
Savage Republic - Band Jan 06, 2019
Lille 2016
Savage Republic - Band Dec 24, 2018
Merry Christmas from all of us in the Republic!
Savage Republic - Band Dec 21, 2018
Savage Republic - 27 Days
Savage Republic - Band Dec 21, 2018
Poland 2009 Foto by Ramona Clarke
Savage Republic - Band Dec 20, 2018
Savage Republic (full set) @ The Echo, Los Angeles Sunday, November 8, 2015
Savage Republic - Band Dec 19, 2018
The new Autumnfair (Thom f solo 10" record) is available domestically at this site. European distribution news to come. Limited edition of 250 on colored vinyl and includes digital download.
Savage Republic - Band Dec 13, 2018
Savage Republic-The Arab Spring Mix
Savage Republic - Band Dec 06, 2018
Rest In Peace Pete Shelley. It was a true honor to share a stage with you #Buzzcocks #peteshelley
Savage Republic - Band Nov 23, 2018
I have so much respect for old bands/artists that are still making new music. I'm inspired by the Wires, and Nick Caves of the world. I know how much energy and sacrifice goes into trying to keep a band together. It would be much easier to rest on one's laurels, and keep cranking out "reissues" and "best ofs" but God that's boring and safe. Zzzzzz. I'm not about waxing nostalgic. That's ancient history. I'd rather focus my energies and make good use of what time I still have left. So, all that "get off my lawn" mumbo jumbo aside, I'm happy to announce that my solo record Autumnfair "Watching the Sky" is FINALLY FREAKING here! It just arrived in my hands from the Czech Republic this morning. It may be my last, but at least I finally got it f'ing done! Big thanks to Josiah, Brad, Ramona, Laura, and Kerry for helping out! Sadly, the pressing plant printed the cover image too large and the back cover off center, but the actual vinyl looks great and I don't have the energy to fight with these jokers right now. Now, I'm going back into hibernation... Wherever you are out there Val, It would've been a lot more fun making this record with you, but I hope I didn't tarnish our legacy too much. This is for you...