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Savage Republic - Band Aug 18, 2019
And here is the other side of the single we recorded with Albini. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did recording it. One take, no overdubs. #savagerepublic #stevealbini #electricalaudio
Savage Republic - Band Aug 16, 2019
In this age of hipster colored vinyl, I think we're gonna go totally punk rock with our new single and press it on black vinyl. #savagerepublic #its1938alloveragain
Savage Republic - Band Aug 12, 2019
We have no idea in what form we're going to release this as it's too long for a 7", but I have an absolutely bitchen cover/packaging concept for it, so stay tuned! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Aug 10, 2019
A little photo album of our day recording with Steve last week at Electrical Audio #savagerepublic #stevealbini #electricalaudio
Savage Republic - Band Aug 01, 2019
Nothing turns me on more than people that have their shit together. This is gonna be fun. #electricalaudio #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jul 25, 2019
Well armed with a full quiver as we trudge into battle! Unfortunately our guitar tech will be unable to join us on this tour. He has a previous commitment with Yusuf Islam. #savagerepublic #fenderstratocaster #fenderjazzbass #fenderjaguar #fender #johnnymarr #catstevens #savagerepublicmidwesttrek
Savage Republic - Band Jul 25, 2019
So, we'll be re-recording two songs with Albini. "Siam" and "1938" Both songs have never been released on vinyl, and they've evolved so much though the last 10 years. Kerry's bass playing takes them to a whole other level. "1938" couldn't be any more relevant than it is at this very moment. We're surrounded by facists, both iron fisted, and cowardly, weak ass wannabes like our President. It is our job as Americans to speak up against this fascism! As for the stupid and the blind who support this President and his behavior, fuck you! This video is a history lesson about the behavior you are cowardly enabling. #savagerepublic #wakethefupamerica
Savage Republic - Band Jul 25, 2019
One week from today, we'll be in the studio with Steve Albini. I guess we'll find out if we're really as good as we think we are. I promise to behave better than I did last time when we were hanging out with him in Yugoslavia in '88 😉 #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jul 20, 2019
One last tune up #savagerepublic (Note guest appearance by Ted of Distorted Pony on the upper left) Yes, Ethan sent this to me sideways. And not seen, my brand new Gold boxing shoes
Savage Republic - Band Jul 17, 2019
Arranging a medley of this with "Lethal Musk" and "Peloponessia" Fun! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jul 14, 2019
Absolutely gorgeous announcement and homage to Bruce Licher for our upcoming show in Kansas City next month by Brady Vest! A huge thank you to Patrick Hopewell for putting this show together! We promise to do our part! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jul 14, 2019
Here is the info for the upcoming show in Cleveland.
Savage Republic - Band Jul 10, 2019
We're celebrating Kerry's (aka Gary) 10th year with the band. It might just be the muscle relaxers talkin', but I can't imagine being in this band without him. He's done at least 6 European tours with us and a ton of other shows. He is the glue that we were missing. And speaking of glue, these are pics from Kerry's first photo shoot with us. Needless to say, I was not sober yet. Photos by Ramona Clarke #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jul 08, 2019
I've been so focused on other things that this all kind of snuck up on me! The 4 of us have a lot going on in our lives right now and I think we really need to be a band right now. 4 guys, closer than brothers, all pulling in the same direction. Next Saturday, we will be opening for our old friends Radwaste at the Echo here in LA. 3 weeks from tomorrow we begin our Midwestern swing in Cleveland. We'll be ready to drop the hammer! We're very humbled and honored to still be able to share this music with all of you. See you soon! 🙂. #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jul 03, 2019
"Jim Morrison died in a bath. July 3rd, 1971" SR Paris 2016 #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jun 27, 2019
Hello Cleveland!
Savage Republic - Band Jun 26, 2019
Getting ready...
Savage Republic - Band Jun 26, 2019
2 weeks from Saturday Before we head off to the Midwest to record with Albini and play a few shows, we'll be playing a little local tune up show when we open for our friends Radwaste at the Echo, July 13th. It's an early show, so don't dilly dally!#savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jun 25, 2019
As we continue the process of choosing which songs we're going to record for our 60's/70's tv theme album, Alan texted me this morning with "Hogan's Heroes". I replied, I think we kind of did that already on the last album :/
Savage Republic - Band Jun 25, 2019
One month from today, I will be hopping in Ethan's van headed east to meet the boys in Cleveland with our gear. Let the crash diet and two-a-day workouts commence! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jun 15, 2019
When your calendar reminds you that you have a show coming up in a month. Time to get back in the saddle! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Jun 05, 2019
Alan and I have fun sometimes. #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band May 26, 2019
Before we head off to the Midwest to record with Albini and play a few shows, we'll be playing a little local tune up show when we open for our friends Radwaste at the Echo, July 13th. It will sound something like this 🙂 #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band May 22, 2019
Savage Republic - Band May 18, 2019
Due to our busy lives, trying to make a living, family, etc. we've been unable to get back to Europe over these past 3 years. Our plan was to return in the Winter of 2020, record the new album in Larissa, and tour for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait another year. We still plan to record a new album within the next year, so that is on schedule. To all of our friends in Europe, thank you for your patience, but more importantly, thank you for your love and support all these years. We miss you, and we promise we'll see you again as soon as we can. #savagerepublic Thom, Ethan, Alan, and Kerry