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Recordings From Live Performance, 1981-1983
Live in Europe - 1988
Jamahiriya Democratique et Populaire de Sauvage
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Tragic Figures
Savage Republic - Band Dec 06, 2018
Rest In Peace Pete Shelley. It was a true honor to share a stage with you #Buzzcocks #peteshelley
Savage Republic - Band Nov 23, 2018
I have so much respect for old bands/artists that are still making new music. I'm inspired by the Wires, and Nick Caves of the world. I know how much energy and sacrifice goes into trying to keep a band together. It would be much easier to rest on one's laurels, and keep cranking out "reissues" and "best ofs" but God that's boring and safe. Zzzzzz. I'm not about waxing nostalgic. That's ancient history. I'd rather focus my energies and make good use of what time I still have left. So, all that "get off my lawn" mumbo jumbo aside, I'm happy to announce that my solo record Autumnfair "Watching the Sky" is FINALLY FREAKING here! It just arrived in my hands from the Czech Republic this morning. It may be my last, but at least I finally got it f'ing done! Big thanks to Josiah, Brad, Ramona, Laura, and Kerry for helping out! Sadly, the pressing plant printed the cover image too large and the back cover off center, but the actual vinyl looks great and I don't have the energy to fight with these jokers right now. Now, I'm going back into hibernation... Wherever you are out there Val, It would've been a lot more fun making this record with you, but I hope I didn't tarnish our legacy too much. This is for you...
Savage Republic - Band Oct 21, 2018
Spain 2010 #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Oct 20, 2018
Amoeba Records, Hollywood 2013 Fotos by Melissa Logan #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Oct 19, 2018
Kerry just got a new bass yesterday. I can't wait to beat up on that one too. #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Oct 17, 2018
Preparation! Preparation! Preparation! #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Oct 17, 2018
Practice makes perfect #savagerepublic
Savage Republic - Band Oct 11, 2018
Wroclaw, Poland 2013
Savage Republic - Band Oct 10, 2018
Rural Poland 2009 mini tour Praha/Wroclaw/Wien Foto by Ramona Clarke #SavageRepublic
Savage Republic - Band Oct 03, 2018
I get to make noise with these 🤡 tonight. It will be the first time in 10 months since we were in the same room together. I hope Ethan Port showered... #SavageRepublic Castellon, Spain 2010
Savage Republic - Band Oct 01, 2018
Working on "Gods & Guns" for rehearsal tonight so we can debut it at our show next month. Are you out there horn players? Watch out kids! The old man's digging the trombone out! #savagerepublic #God&Guns
Savage Republic - Band Oct 01, 2018
30 years ago today...
Savage Republic - Band Sep 28, 2018
Bordeaux 2009
Savage Republic - Band Sep 25, 2018
We need to get back and see our friends. It's been too long...
Savage Republic - Band Sep 17, 2018
Thinking about friends in faraway lands.
Savage Republic - Band Sep 11, 2018
Coming up on 3 years already! Time flies! Looking forward to 2020
Savage Republic - Band Sep 07, 2018
And here is Side B of the new single I haven't heard an exact count from Ethan, but I know they're going fast. We should've pressed more. Who knew? #SavageRepublic
Savage Republic - Band Sep 05, 2018
Don't rest on your laurels. Don't get bogged down with the past. Another record down, and another one on it's way. Ok, what's next? #SavageRepublic #Autumnfair
Savage Republic - Band Sep 05, 2018
Savage Republic - Band Sep 04, 2018
Beginning to work on new material for the next record #SavageRepublic
Savage Republic - Band Sep 02, 2018
Ben Is Dead Magazine
Savage Republic - Band Sep 01, 2018
Savage Republic - Victory
Savage Republic - Band Aug 28, 2018
The new Savage Republic "God & Guns" 7" is now in stock and available at Limited edition of 250 copies pressed to heavy weight 70 gram royal blue vinyl.
Savage Republic - Band Aug 28, 2018
The Cure - The Hanging Garden (Savage Republic cover) HQ
Savage Republic - Band Aug 28, 2018
Savage Republic - 27 Days