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Truly Madly Completely: The Best of Savage Garden
Savage Garden
Savage Garden Jul 22, 2019
From Darren Hayes "60 Minutes Australia have just uploaded a HQ version of this interview we did TWENTY-TWO YEARS ago. Can you believe that? Watching this, I don't recognize some parts of myself, yet at the same time, I feel like there are parts of me that have never changed. I'm so grateful for everything that has happened in my life, the entire journey - and I'm SO GRATEFUL to all of you and for the chance to grow into the man I am today, in 2019. What an amazing blast from the past!"
Savage Garden Jun 10, 2019
Savage Garden fans who saw the Affirmation world tour, or who have watched 'Superstars and Cannonballs' will have seen and heard the wonderful Elisa Fiorillo who we were so lucky to have as a backing vocalist. We're sad to learn of the tragic loss of Elisa's husband, Michael, very recently. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help raise the daughter that Elisa will now be raising on her own. If you can spare anything, your kindness would be much appreciated. If you can't donate, your thoughts and love are powerful too. Love, Darren.
Savage Garden May 31, 2019
Stunning cover of 'Truly..' by the effervescent Jack River complete with a sax solo. Gorgeous! - (Darren)
Savage Garden Feb 27, 2019
- From Darren - Thank you Andrew, for sharing your story. This really moved me.
Savage Garden Jan 10, 2019
(From Darren Hayes) This was the last live TV appearance I did before taking a bit (*ahem) of a break. Can't believe this was 8 years ago! #timegoesbysoslowly #singer #musician
Savage Garden Dec 06, 2018
From Darren Hayes today: John Woodruff, the Australian music entrepreneur who first discovered and signed Savage Garden, recently sold his catalogue which encompasses the two Savage Garden albums and my first two Sony solo albums, exclusively to Sony Music Australia. My full statement here: "I will forever be indebted to John Woodruff who, in 1995, was the only ‘yes’ underneath a room full of rejection letters. He plucked us from obscurity and believed in us without any outside interference. His dedication to the idea of what we could be, catapulted us all the from the suburbs of Brisbane Australia to the overwhelming madness of New York's Madison Avenue and the hallowed halls of Columbia Records. That impossible journey proufoundly changed all of our lives for the better. There’s a poetic justice knowing that our master recordings have now returned home, humbly, under the guardianship of another Brisbane music industry legend, Denis Handlin. The full circle-ness feels right and I’m incredibly grateful to John for taking us home, and to Dennis and all at Sony Music Australia for their respect for our catalogue." - Darren Hayes Full article here:
Savage Garden Nov 04, 2018
FROM Darren Hayes "Brooklyn singer-songwriter YOKE LORE (Adrian Galvin) paid tribute to Savage Garden's 'Truly Madly Deeply' when Spotify asked him to record a cover song. In this audio interview, he describes how he came to the decision. It's a heartfelt, emotional glimpse inside what the song meant to him and incredibly true to what I hoped folks might feel when I originally sat down to write. What Adrian doesn't realize, is that him singing this song, was a gift to me, to my own sense of self as a man, a songwriter and a human. It's a rare chance for me to feel the song the way he heard it, and have an idea of some of the reactions it evoked in strangers when they heard it the first time. Something I've never been able to comprehend until now. It's my favorite cover of this song ever, and honestly, I will be doing this arrangement one day. It makes me cry. I'm so, so grateful. And such a huge fan. "Yoke Lore talks Savage Garden “Truly Madly Deeply”
Savage Garden Oct 24, 2018
Pretty cool memories! Thanks folks! Miss you! (From Darren Hayes)
Savage Garden Oct 16, 2018
TUESDAY OCTOBER 16! If you're in Los Angeles - Darren Hayes is a guest performer at The Groundlings Main Stage comedy improv show The Gale. This all live, all improvised and all LGBTQ show is full of some of the funniest comedians working in LA today and Darren can't believe he's been invited to play! TICKETS BELOW!!
Savage Garden Sep 30, 2018
Darren Hayes sang live for the first time in 5 years in support of a great charity- Ava's Heart.
Savage Garden May 03, 2018
'I recorded the vocal for this song the day Michael Jackson died. I can still hear my emotional reaction embedded in the recording. Grant Marshall directed, Savage Garden choreographer Claire Marshall choreographed and my husband, Richard, edited and did post production. Still one of my favorite experiences in my career' - Darren Hayes
Savage Garden Apr 22, 2018
I Wish U Heaven
Savage Garden Dec 25, 2017
Darren Hayes has recorded a cover version of his favorite Prince song for the Prince Tribute album #IWishUHeaven This 2017 recording features piano by Jameson Boyce and strings by Zöe Ley. The whole album is streaming FREE on YouTube.
Savage Garden Nov 27, 2017
From Darren Hayes - You may want to 'like' the page in this post. I've recorded a new version of my favorite ever Prince song and it's going to be on this free tribute album. It's such an honor to pay respect to a man who is a genius and who shaped my career so much. Even more of an honor to be on a record with members of the NPG including the extraordinary Elisa Fiorillo Dease who I was so fortunate to tour with back in my #SavageGarden days. This is all for love.
Savage Garden Nov 27, 2017
I Wish U Heaven
Savage Garden Oct 02, 2017
AUSSIES! The first concert I ever saw was Alison Moyet at the Brisbane Festival Hall, 1987. She blew my mind and has ever since. Alison is touring Australia for the first time in 30 years. It's a MUST SEE show. I saw her in Los Angeles and it was a very emotional full circle moment for me. If you want to see the woman who first inspired me - one of the most extraordinary voices of our generation, this is your (possibly last?) chance. GO! - Darren
Savage Garden Aug 06, 2017
You get me through this cruel, cruel world - 💜 from Darren Hayes
Savage Garden Aug 01, 2017
G'day Australia! Darren here! My movie podcast We Paid To See This is now available for Aussies for free via or by downloading the app! You beauty! (Hey, I still call Australia home, mate!). - big love, Darren Hayes xxx
Savage Garden Jun 02, 2017
Darren Hayes: Love Letter to the LGBTQ Community
Savage Garden May 11, 2017
Hey folks - Darren here. I've been busy writing a musical but in the meantime I have a weekly movie podcast you might like. We talk honestly about films we've paid to see each week but there's also a ton of personal stories and fun anecdotes about what I've been up to these days. Check it out if you're interested!
Savage Garden May 03, 2017
Darren Hayes stopped by the Screen Junkies News studios to sing a few jokey Star Wars inspired songs - check it out!
Savage Garden Mar 23, 2017
From Darren Hayes - probably one of the proudest moments of my career, performing with the late great Pavarotti. Such a privilege. Seems like a lifetime ago!
Savage Garden Feb 20, 2017
Darren Hayes - Sing To Me - This Delicate Thing We've Made
Savage Garden Jan 19, 2017
Hey - it's Darren Hayes - (that felt weird typing my entire name but Facebook made me do it!). I wanted to say hello and to let you know I've been busy writing a musical but in the meantime I host a regular movie podcast called We Paid To See This and I wanted to share the iTunes link if you wanted to check it out! It's free and a fun release for me while I'm working on secret stuff. Much love to you!
Savage Garden Dec 13, 2016
Darren Hayes recently had a blast playing the role of a grumpy old Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Screen Junkies roast of Darth Vader. Check out a preview below!