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Sara Hartman Dec 02, 2018
ladies and gents! Kelvin Jones and i met at a church here in berlin last month to record this session. check out that reverb! enjoy :)
Sara Hartman Oct 11, 2018
MAGNETIC Video OUT NOW πŸ–€ Such an amazing experience working with Kelvin and his team! Can’t wait for our shows coming up!
Sara Hartman Oct 08, 2018
Coming THURSDAY πŸ–€πŸŽ₯ #magneticvideo With Kelvin Jones
Sara Hartman Oct 07, 2018
C O M P E T I T I O N !!! β€’ β€’ β€’ Your response to magnetic has blown us both away!!! We want to give you an opportunity to see us live in a very INTIMATE setting! So Kelvin Jones and I will be playing an acoustic show for only 20 people on the 16th of October in Berlin!! For a chance to win a ticket here’s what you gotta do: 1. Tag a friend under this post 2. Share magnetic directly from Spotify or iTunes onto your page πŸ˜‹ THAT’S IT!! GOOD LUCK and see you at the show!! xxx #magnetic πŸ“· by @charliekeiy
Sara Hartman Oct 05, 2018
MAGNETIC with Kelvin Jones OUT NOW! Happy Friday my friends <3
Sara Hartman Oct 04, 2018
Somethig special for u guys tonight πŸ’₯ 21:00 (GMT+2) Kelvin Jones and I will live stream a sneak peek of #magnetic πŸ–€ See u guys in a few hours 😎
Sara Hartman Oct 03, 2018
The always charming Kelvin Jones putting this experience into much better words than i could <3 only two more days until the release! #magnetic #kelvinjones #sarahartman
Sara Hartman Oct 01, 2018
Sara Hartman's cover photo
Sara Hartman Sep 30, 2018
Sara Hartman's cover photo
Sara Hartman Sep 28, 2018
Ladies and Gents <3 so proud to announce that Kelvin Jones and I have a song coming out together the 5th of October! We cant wait to share! Photo: Chris Heidrich #newmusic
Sara Hartman Aug 05, 2018
Check out my college roommates new Video if you need a moment of introspection on this fine Sunday ❀️ Lily Byrd is killing it 🌹 #frauenpower
Sara Hartman Aug 03, 2018
Working hard on getting new music out to you guys 😎 slowly but surely making progress thanks to SheWrites: an all-female writing camp presented by Bitch Please <3 Your patience + support is greatly appreciated πŸ™ Happy Friday my beautiful humans. πŸ“Έ @dominikmueller. #frauenpower #fridayfeeling #bitchplease
Sara Hartman Jul 29, 2018
Happy Pride Everybody <3 Love is Alive in Berlin! #csd #csdberlin #pride #pridemonth #vlkberlin #comingout #frauenpower
Sara Hartman Jul 27, 2018
how are you feeling this friday? i found a word to descibe how i feel <3 #fridayfeeling #wordoftheday
Sara Hartman Jul 21, 2018
chilling on the Other side of the world with lil sis <3 happy weekend everybody! #supergirl #frauenpower
Sara Hartman Jul 21, 2018
Photo cred: Kelvin Jones
Sara Hartman Jul 15, 2018
Happy Sonntag Friends! a few weeks back i got to participate in an all female songwriting camp, strange to say that it was actually the FIRST all female writing camp ever in Germany. truly inspiring to be a part of SheWrites: an all-female writing camp presented by Bitch Please <3 cant wait to share the songs! #thefutureisfemale sponsored by: @steinbergmedia @kobaltmusic @adam_audio @nativeinstruments
Sara Hartman Jul 12, 2018
Wish it was #fridayfeeling πŸ€’πŸ˜‚
Sara Hartman Jul 08, 2018
hello my loves. its been a while <3 its a bit of a long story. I am working on new music for you and REALLY cant wait to share. A friend of mine from NY recently made this and it really touched me. I'm proud to say I've also 'sold my soul to the devil of music' Enjoy your Sonntag xo Keriann FitzPatrick Yulia Niko
Sara Hartman Jul 06, 2018
Photo credit Kelvin Jones
Sara Hartman Jul 06, 2018
photo credit Kelvin Jones
Sara Hartman Oct 21, 2017
Ladies and gents I'm proud to present my new song buttons. Hope you enjoy 😊
Sara Hartman Jul 28, 2017
Check out the Video to Dance With A Ghost! πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘»
Sara Hartman Jul 22, 2017
So proud of the video for Dance with a Ghost. Got to work with the brilliant Alex Darby who really captured the essence of what this song means so me. Check it out if you need some new dance moves :)
Sara Hartman Jul 21, 2017
Truly exciting and happy-tear inducing to see so much support for Dance with a Ghost from Spotify! Thank you so much for continuing to believe in my music and so happy to finally share this song with the world. @spotify Making Fridays Great Again ❀️