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Saqi at Soundwell SLC (June 29, 2019)
Venue: Soundwell SLC (Salt Lake City, UT, US) Find tickets
Saqi with Ryan Herr and Isaac Chambers at Tonton's Artisan Affections (July 5, 2019)
Venue: Tonton's Artisan Affections (Talent, OR, US) Find tickets
Saqi, Isaac Chambers, and The Family Band at Miner's Foundry (July 26, 2019)
Venue: Miner's Foundry (Nevada City, CA, US) Find tickets
saQi Jun 21, 2019
So stoked to rock some tunes this weekend at COSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors with the homies EarthCry, Yaima, 5am and of course, Alex Grey & Allyson Grey ! Going to be a great night of music ⭐️🎺⭐️
saQi Jun 12, 2019
Salt Lake City! Looking forward to coming down and rocking with you on Saturday, June 29th at Soundwell SLC 🎺🎺🎺 cheap presales here:
saQi Jun 11, 2019
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saQi Jun 06, 2019
Hey friends, so I've been trying to think of more ways to say thank you to all of you who supported my fundraiser to replace my stolen gear. I was just moving boxes of some of my CDs and was like "hey, these are heavy and just sitting here and maybe someone might want to have them?.." So.. I'd like to offer my catalog of albums to you if you donated. I also have some cool stickers and even a funny trading card with my silly mug on it. Just PM me your addy and I'll hit you up! (Oh...also if any others are interested in purchasing the albums that'd be cool too as I have a lot left here due to my less than amazing abilities at shameless self promotion...hehe)...Thanks again guys, Love you <3
saQi May 30, 2019
Wanted to help promote this fundraiser for community center in Oakland...check our the details and donate if you can..πŸ™β€ *link in comments
saQi May 19, 2019
Hello friends, so you may have heard that my car was broken into and all my music gear stolen this weekend. Fortunately my trumpet was found but not my other stuff. Based on encouragement of the community Ive decided to do a small fb fundraiser to replace things. If u feel called to support me I'd be ever so grateful. Promise I will be bringing so much more good vibes and music to you in the near future. Thanks again, love saQi..β€πŸ™ *link in comments 😊
saQi May 15, 2019
Playing an intimate gathering in east bay this weekend. Special 2 hour set...Link in comments...;)
saQi May 11, 2019
I couldn't be more honored and excited to return to COSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors to present my music for a special Solstice gathering with Alex Grey and Allyson Grey next month. Will be joined by some fine fellow musicians Yaima and EarthCry. Sooo grateful..β€πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™β€
saQi Apr 26, 2019
Prepping new jams for Serenity Gathering 2019 this weekend! I'm on at 1 am sat night 😎❀🀘
saQi Apr 08, 2019
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saQi Mar 31, 2019
Having massive good times on the south island of New Zealand w the legend that is Isaac Chambers Music crafting some delicious new beats, basking in the glory of the beauty that surrounds, rowing and swimming in the sound and dining on a leg of lamb like 2 fat little hobbits in the shire. I'll quote the man himself and....."Ahh...I love life mate"...❀😎😎πŸ₯β›°
saQi Mar 19, 2019
Excited to perform at this awesome gathering Wave Spell Festival, taking place in Belden Town, CA August 15-18. Tickets go on sale this Friday March 22 at 10am PT!
saQi Mar 08, 2019
Luna stage set at Envision Festival!!!πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
saQi Mar 01, 2019
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saQi Feb 26, 2019
Very excited to be back in Costa Rica for Envision Festival! Have an awesome set opening night at midnight between Deya Dova and Adam Antennae Ohana. Then I'm doing a special 4-floor daytime set on saturday to get the vibe ready for the likes of SABO Will Sabo Sabatini, Nicola Cruz and Martha van Straaten. Pura Vida! <3
saQi Feb 13, 2019
Very excited for the Valentine's party at Karma House Bali tomorrow! Going on from 9 to 10:30. Will have a bunch of special guest performers and new tracks so it's gonna live. Vibe is gonna be lush n sultry with tea, hookahs, Cacao, Elixirs, etc....Also, homies from KMLN are playing earlier in the night next door at Zest Ubud. We're selling all-in tickets for both parties if you wanna bounce around..;) <3
saQi Feb 06, 2019
So i did a remix for The Polish Ambassador that features the amazing female MC Nitty Scott. People def been loving it on the dancefloor. Its called "Angelita" and it was just released on the new EP "7". Checks it...πŸ’ƒπŸ”₯
saQi Jan 22, 2019
So im playing an event this weekend here in Ubud that is a fundraiser to provide beds for children in the local community. Really honored to be able to use my music to give a little bit back to this incredible place..❀
saQi Jan 03, 2019
Check out this playlist featuring my music and music from my Jumpsuit Records label mates! And remember, a percentage of streaming proceeds goes to our label non-profit, :) #regenerativemusic #jumpsuitrecords #playlistsfordays
saQi Dec 28, 2018
Getting pretty hyped for NYE! Playing in the VIP for midnight to ring it in. See you soon S.F.! <3
saQi Dec 21, 2018
Check out this playlist featuring my music and music from my Jumpsuit Records label mates! And remember, a percentage of streaming proceeds goes to our label non-profit, :) #regenerativemusic #jumpsuitrecords
saQi Dec 18, 2018
saQi Dec 18, 2018
Forgot to tell you guys on my fanpage...We got the grant for the language preservation project i've been working on in Oklahoma with Cheyenne/Araphao tribe! We're moving forward to set up a studio for the archiving of their traditional songs, stories and language. Thanks so much to Sydney Woodward and Hemmie Lindholm w Come To Life foundation for all your help and to Carrie Lehi, Victor Whitebird Orange and Ezra Lehi for leading the way. Also thankyou to all the fans and friends for your enthusiasm and support. Many more good things to come <3 saQi
saQi Dec 12, 2018
Check out this playlist featuring my music and music from my Jumpsuit Records label mates! And remember, a percentage of streaming proceeds goes to our label non-profit, :) #regenerativemusic #jumpsuitrecords #playlistsfordays
saQi Nov 17, 2018
My new album is out!!! Im very excited to bring you "Dust into Gold", a collaborative record I did with my dear brother Paskal Suraj Sayan and several other fine friends including Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali, Shazieh Shah, Sarasvati Dasi, Atallah and Pepper Proud. Honored to release it on Desert Dwellers label Desert Trax and have some sweet remixes done by SAAND and Treavor Moontribe. Give it a spin, share it up with the friends and enjoy...<3 Album art by: Sarasvati Dasi ;)