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saQi Feb 13, 2019
Very excited for the Valentine's party at Karma House Bali tomorrow! Going on from 9 to 10:30. Will have a bunch of special guest performers and new tracks so it's gonna live. Vibe is gonna be lush n sultry with tea, hookahs, Cacao, Elixirs, etc....Also, homies from KMLN are playing earlier in the night next door at Zest Ubud. We're selling all-in tickets for both parties if you wanna bounce around..;) <3
saQi Feb 06, 2019
So i did a remix for The Polish Ambassador that features the amazing female MC Nitty Scott. People def been loving it on the dancefloor. Its called "Angelita" and it was just released on the new EP "7". Checks it...💃🔥
saQi Jan 22, 2019
So im playing an event this weekend here in Ubud that is a fundraiser to provide beds for children in the local community. Really honored to be able to use my music to give a little bit back to this incredible place..❤
saQi Jan 03, 2019
Check out this playlist featuring my music and music from my Jumpsuit Records label mates! And remember, a percentage of streaming proceeds goes to our label non-profit, :) #regenerativemusic #jumpsuitrecords #playlistsfordays
saQi Dec 28, 2018
Getting pretty hyped for NYE! Playing in the VIP for midnight to ring it in. See you soon S.F.! <3
saQi Dec 21, 2018
Check out this playlist featuring my music and music from my Jumpsuit Records label mates! And remember, a percentage of streaming proceeds goes to our label non-profit, :) #regenerativemusic #jumpsuitrecords
saQi Dec 18, 2018
saQi Dec 18, 2018
Forgot to tell you guys on my fanpage...We got the grant for the language preservation project i've been working on in Oklahoma with Cheyenne/Araphao tribe! We're moving forward to set up a studio for the archiving of their traditional songs, stories and language. Thanks so much to Sydney Woodward and Hemmie Lindholm w Come To Life foundation for all your help and to Carrie Lehi, Victor Whitebird Orange and Ezra Lehi for leading the way. Also thankyou to all the fans and friends for your enthusiasm and support. Many more good things to come <3 saQi
saQi Dec 12, 2018
Check out this playlist featuring my music and music from my Jumpsuit Records label mates! And remember, a percentage of streaming proceeds goes to our label non-profit, :) #regenerativemusic #jumpsuitrecords #playlistsfordays
saQi Nov 17, 2018
My new album is out!!! Im very excited to bring you "Dust into Gold", a collaborative record I did with my dear brother Paskal Suraj Sayan and several other fine friends including Fanna-Fi-Allah Sufi Qawwali, Shazieh Shah, Sarasvati Dasi, Atallah and Pepper Proud. Honored to release it on Desert Dwellers label Desert Trax and have some sweet remixes done by SAAND and Treavor Moontribe. Give it a spin, share it up with the friends and enjoy...<3 Album art by: Sarasvati Dasi ;)
saQi Nov 14, 2018
Very psyched and honored to jump on the road w Desert Dwellers for a 4-night Northwest run to help promote the release of my new album on their label. Hope to see you on the floor! 🕺💃🤘❤
saQi Nov 05, 2018
Can't wait to get down with you guys! :) Want to win 2 free tickets to the Nevada City show? Enter here. It's super simple. See you soon!
saQi Nov 01, 2018
Throwback! Who's still jamming to Broken Castles??
saQi Oct 31, 2018
Getting rather excited for my album release party soon. Stoked to have the musical magicians ATYYA and KR3TURE on the lineup. At this point it's looking like it'll sell out so grab your tix soon...;)
saQi Oct 26, 2018
I have something special to share with y'all today. Awhile ago I was invited to work on a collaborative project by my bro called Tap the Flow 24. The goal was to create a song, music video and art piece all in 24 hrs that we could release to raise money for a Native community to get clean water. We were very fortunate to have my good brother Wakan Waci Blindman lead the way and bring a song he composed as the core of the creation called "Grateful Within our Hearts". The track also features Kat Factor and Gordon Hellegers on vocals and kora. We produced the song at the incredible painter Oliver Vernon's studio and he painted a piece while we recorded. After working all day and into the night our crew braved a torrential storm over Donner pass to capture the sunrise at Donner lake and it was a truly beautiful moment in time. The experience brought so many different parts of my life together it was very powerful. As the song says I am Grateful within my Heart. Hope you guys enjoy it and please share...<3 100% of the proceeds go to support clean water for the Diné Community through the non-profit, Big thanks to Matt Widmann for shooting and editing for us and to Karuna Ji for all the help setting things up ;) We thank you for your support – Please SHARE this video and let’s make a real impact!! <3 ~Tap the Flow crew~
saQi Oct 23, 2018
Upcoming fall dates for my album release!
saQi Oct 10, 2018
Hope you're having an amazing day out there! Here's a playlist featuring some of my music and some new tunes from the Jumpsuit Records catalogue to keep you going!!
saQi Oct 02, 2018
Omg..I'm so excited! Leaving tomorrow for trip to Oklahoma to begin helping with an amazing project to archive the songs, stories and language of the Cheyenne/Arapaho people and begin building a sustainable farm and studio on their land. I've had some very generous donations of computers from some good friends to get us going. And my good brother Sydney Woodward has come forward to help make a documentary and start with a grant proposal for funding via his employer Guayaki Mate. It's all coming together. Please send us good thoughts friends and let me know if you have ideas or resources that might be helpful. ❤❤❤
saQi Sep 25, 2018
Here's a playlist featuring my music and some new tunes from the Jumpsuit Records family to get you through the day!!
saQi Sep 12, 2018
Very hyped for this Saturday in LA. Playing after one of my favorite dance music duos Just Emma. Thanks to Desert Dwellers for having me out ❤🤘😎
saQi Sep 11, 2018
Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Here’s a playlist featuring my music and a bunch of my Jumpsuit Records label mates to keep you going!
saQi Aug 25, 2018
Some fun shots from my sunset set at Shambhala Music Festival on The Living Room Stage. Had so much fun. I love you Canada! ❤🤘
saQi Aug 24, 2018
Throwback to 2013! Who's still vibing to my album Quest's End?
saQi Aug 08, 2018
So I've had the tremendous honor to be asked to play a 2 hr. set at Shambhala Music Festival Sunday night at my favorite spot The Living Room Stage in between 2 of my favorite acts El Papachango and Dirtwire. Putting together a bunch of fresh new jams and am so ready to rock with the Canada fam!!! 👊🏽🤘💣❤🇨🇦
saQi Jul 31, 2018
Here's a playlist with music from myself and some new tunes from my Jumpsuit Records label mates to get help get you through the day!