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I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions
99 Cents
Master of My Make-Believe
Santigold Nov 23, 2018
30%-50% off on my whole store today through Monday! And a free tote bag with all purchases. Enjoy!
Santigold Nov 16, 2018
'Tis the season! Check out the new song I did with Tyler the Creator and Ryan Beatty 💡"Lights On"...out now
Santigold Nov 06, 2018
Have you ever asked yourself "In all the times I could have been born, why am I on the Earth right now, at this time?" Not sure if it's a weird question, but I think about it a lot. When I watch the news, I'm literally paralyzed at times. My heart just goes numb. It's all so overwhelming, so disheartening, so sad, it feels so defeating. But I remind myself, I am here NOW for a reason. I know I matter, I know my voice is power, and I will continue to use it. Please VOTE!
Santigold Nov 05, 2018
Since 2008.. The Classic Santigold Collection out now
Santigold Oct 31, 2018
#IsabelleLumpkin had so many great ideas for the first album cover, there were really like 20 we could have used! She’s such a generous and talented artist ❤️ #Creators
Santigold Oct 30, 2018
This year marks the 10 year anniversary of my first album ✨SANTIGOLD✨ I can’t believe it’s been so long! I am so grateful for the crack in the cosmos that allowed my little bit of light to shine through at that moment, and even more grateful for the roots it grew. Thanks to all of you who believe in Santigold.
Santigold Oct 12, 2018
This 1973 necklace commemorates the 45th anniversary of the historic 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision. 30% of proceeds will be donated to the organization, Physicians for Reproductive Health, to help them continue their important work. I’m wearing this necklace and proudly joining with allies across the country to remind people everywhere that we must continue to fight for equality and access for reproductive health here in the United States, and throughout the world. Here’s to 1973, and all the fabulous women and men who helped make that groundbreaking decision of Roe v Wade possible. Choice matters! #physiciansforreproductivehealth #prh #1973 #roevwade
Santigold Sep 15, 2018
I will no longer be performing on The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill Tour at the following dates due to the tour organizers' decision to reduce the support. So sorry to disappoint my fans. 9/14: Vancouver, BC @ Deer Lake Park 9/15: Seattle, WA @ ShoWare Center 9/22: Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre 9/26: Denver, CO @ Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Santigold Aug 30, 2018
Rastafarian elders, Downtown Kingston Jamaica 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 27, 2018
Mother and Daughter Uptown Kingston Jamaica 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 24, 2018
Dancehall Queen, Downtown Kingston Jamaica 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 21, 2018
Boxer, Kingston Jamaica 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 18, 2018
Women playing dominoes, Grants Pen Jamaica 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 17, 2018
RD Wednesdays, Kingston Jamaica 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 12, 2018
Shoemaker. Orange Street, Downtown Kingston, 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 11, 2018
Spice dub session at Big Yard Studios in Kingston Jamaica, 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 09, 2018
This breaks my heart. ❤️🌎 Winds and currents push thousands of dead fish together in a massive fish kill during the red tide bloom off the coast of Sanibel Florida
Santigold Aug 07, 2018
Biker. Grants Pen, Jamaica, 2018 #IDontWant #GoldfireSessions
Santigold Aug 04, 2018
Legendary Sound System Builder, Ronnie Jarrett. Wickie Wackie Beach, 8 Mile Jamaica. 2018
Santigold Aug 01, 2018
Thanks Spotify! 💥🏝Run The Road on Dancehall Official playlist 🏝💥
Santigold Jul 29, 2018
🔥🔊!!Studio day!!🔊🔥
Santigold Jul 27, 2018
Stream I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions - Stream - Spotify - Download - Apple music - Soundcloud - Google play -
Santigold Jul 27, 2018
Stream I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions - Stream - Spotify - Download - Apple music - Soundcloud - Google play -
Santigold Jul 26, 2018
New Music!! Check out my song “Run the Road” from my new project “I Don’t Want: The Gold Fire Sessions”, out everywhere tomorrow!
Santigold Jul 26, 2018
July 27, 2018 #IDontWant