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Jens Jensen the Living Green (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Sam Hulick Nov 23, 2017
An oral history of Mass Effect: 10 years later, here's how the legend was born
Sam Hulick Jun 14, 2017
I've just released my soundtrack for the short film "Spoken Word," starring Lance Reddick! Get it now on Bandcamp or Amazon (links follows), soon on iTunes & Spotify. Bandcamp: Amazon:
Sam Hulick Jun 12, 2017
I'm excited to announce that, along with Gustaf Grefberg, I'm writing the music for the upcoming game "A Way Out"!
Sam Hulick May 25, 2017
Sam Hulick Oct 28, 2016
Be sure to check out your local PBS station's airing of "Jens Jensen: The Living Green" - this evening! I had the great pleasure of writing music for this wonderful documentary about the Chicago landscape architect.
Sam Hulick Feb 17, 2016
I'm excited to announce my latest project (not exactly what you might expect!), aimed at audio professionals: composers, sound designers, voice actors, and more. ReelCrafter is a new tool/service specializing in the creation and private sharing of demo reels. Hit the link to learn more!
Sam Hulick Nov 10, 2015
This oldie but goodie (from 2013) is finally available for download on Bandcamp!
Sam Hulick Oct 14, 2015
Check out a sneak preview of my new single, "Otherworldly," coming out next Tuesday! Available first on Loudr, then other music services to follow shortly (Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify).
Sam Hulick Jul 14, 2015
This was the epic build-up before the #Dragonspear trailer was first shown at the party up in Edmonton! #wardrums
Sam Hulick Jul 11, 2015
So, this was announced last night, in case you missed the news!
Sam Hulick Apr 20, 2015
New music Monday! "Ancient Sands" will only be available for download via Patreon if you act by April 30th!
Sam Hulick Apr 18, 2015
Just a heads up! This Mass Effect inspired track will soon be available for download to anyone pledging $3 or more on my Patreon page here: Here's a sneak preview!
Sam Hulick Mar 31, 2015
This summer I'll be scoring the sci-fi feature film "Juarez 2045" starring Danny Trejo! Learn all about the film here:
Sam Hulick Mar 29, 2015
Sam Hulick's cover photo
Sam Hulick Feb 20, 2015
Director Pauline Egan talks a bit about Through the Pane. 'Twas a huge pleasure to score this fantastic short!
Sam Hulick Feb 17, 2015
Happy to share a preview of the first Patreon-funded track for my new album! The track is tentatively titled "A Head Full of Stars." Hit the link to have a listen and read more details!
Sam Hulick Jan 12, 2015
New album track is in the works! Folks pledging on Patreon have already heard a work-in-progress.
Sam Hulick Dec 18, 2014
2015 is the year I'll be working more actively on my debut album, and I'm using Patreon as a platform to invite fans to take an active role in its creation. There are a lot of rewards in store, such as free album tracks months in advance before release, news of other projects I'm working on (films, video games), the ability to vote on which musical ideas get produced next, Google Hangouts, a detailed look into the music creation process, and tons more. Patreon will also give me the ability to hire musicians and pay for recording sessions, really upping the quality of my music. I'm also looking to partner up with an animator to produce music videos. I'm incredibly excited about this! As Facebook has been changing its algorithms that decide which posts get more visibility, I will be a lot more active on Patreon. I'll still post news announcements and such here, but most of the weekly interaction will be on Patreon. I hope you'll join me there and join me on this musical journey!
Sam Hulick Dec 15, 2014
I'm looking to partner up with an experienced animator, to create music videos. Details and submission info here:
Sam Hulick Dec 03, 2014
Three albums of mine are available for free for a limited time! Hit the link for the details.
Sam Hulick Nov 21, 2014
Hey everyone! Tomorrow at 12:00pm Pacific Time at the YouTube link below, Deniz Hughes will be hosting and moderating a talk on the topic, "How Much Formal Training Do I Need?" I'll be on the panel of composers discussing their formal musical training (or lack thereof!) and how much aspiring composers need to learn to get into writing music professionally. You'll be able to post questions that we can respond to, as well. Hope to see you there!
Sam Hulick Nov 19, 2014
Hey guys, I'm taking part in Movember, and those who donate at least $10 to this worthy cause will receive my entire Bandcamp catalog, as well as a couple other goodies! Hit the link for more details. Please send me a message to my Facebook page right after you've donated so I can set you up with the download. Thanks!
Sam Hulick Sep 30, 2014
Spent today mastering the Fates Forever soundtrack, which will be available for free! Should be released in the next week or so.