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My Guilty Pleasure
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Sally Shapiro Jul 19, 2019
Ten years ago!
Sally Shapiro Apr 20, 2018
Five years since the If It Doesn't Rain music video...
Sally Shapiro Apr 09, 2018
Johan has just released a track with Samantha Fox (Official), check out the music video!
Sally Shapiro Jan 24, 2018
We said we wouldn't make more music but we had to make an exception and record this song with the one and only Ryan Paris original! It's included in the soundtrack to the film Videoman which is out on Friday on Lakeshore Records. Premiere on Vehlinggo: Pre-order the soundtrack that also features a Johan Agebjörn feat Tom Hooker track, as well as lots of tracks by Waveshaper Official, Robert Parker and more:
Sally Shapiro Aug 14, 2017
10 years ago, He Keeps Me Alive saw the light of the day... (first on the North American version of Disco Romance, then on the European version of My Guilty Pleasure)
Sally Shapiro May 23, 2017
Sally Shapiro - If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind
Sally Shapiro Feb 14, 2017
Johan Agebjörn
Sally Shapiro Feb 10, 2017
new album by Johan Agebjörn & Mikael Ögren, check it out...
Sally Shapiro Jan 21, 2017
new music from Johan Agebjörn...
Sally Shapiro Dec 17, 2016
This month: 10 years since the first release of Disco Romance and the Anorak Christmas single...
Sally Shapiro Nov 18, 2016
Hello! We're summarizing our output 2006-2016 today with the release of our compilation, The Collection, including the best songs from our three albums, some tracks from other releases, some of them in mixes not released before (the extended mix of the Tensnake-produced Moonlight Dance) or only available on vinyl, CD or in some territories. Artwork by Mathias Schuckert. Featuring collaborations with Lovelock, Tensnake, Tommy '86, and Electric Youth. It's available as a digital release from iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc - hope you like our selection!
Sally Shapiro Nov 08, 2016
Timeline Photos
Sally Shapiro Oct 18, 2016
Discography of physical releases (incl compilation appearances) 2006-2016!
Sally Shapiro Aug 29, 2016
7 years since the music video to Miracle... (by Will Joines & Gilana Lobel)
Sally Shapiro Aug 14, 2016
Playing and speaking about music that has incluenced us by Mylène Farmer, Valérie Dore, Lena Philipsson, FPU (Peter Benisch) and Aphex Twin back in 2009...
Sally Shapiro Jun 06, 2016
We were sent this summery remix of Starman by French guitarist Rémy Marmonnier...check it out!
Sally Shapiro May 12, 2016
If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind is out today! Limited two-track 7" single (with download code for all four tracks) and four-track digital single. 1. If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind 2. Dangerous [David Guetta cover] 3. If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind (Tommy '86 Remix) 4. If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind (Ben Macklin Remix) Available from :) Today is exactly ten years since I'll Be By Your Side was released on 12". Johan DJed that day on the release party on the Disco Maniac club in Gothenburg. Sally was also there, incognito. So much has happened since then. Thanks for being a part of this journey!
Sally Shapiro May 10, 2016
Check out our last music video on Stereogum. It was made by Jarett Sitter (who also made the music videos to What Can I Do and Johan's You Passed Through). The single is out on Thursday!
Sally Shapiro Apr 29, 2016
As some of you have already read - and we are moved by your reactions - we have decided to let our new single be our final single. We are moving into different musical directions and we don't want to bore you with music made for any other reason than a commonly shared inspiration and love for the music. We want to thank you all for your support through the years. <3
Sally Shapiro Apr 28, 2016
New single out on May 12th on 7" and digital! Co-produced by mitch murder. Out on Fika Recordings. Get it from we also sell 30 signed 7"s that you can order from Johan's web site only (EDIT: THE SIGNED COPIES ARE NOW SOLD OUT) Listen below!
Sally Shapiro Apr 26, 2016
Check out our account on Vimeo for official Sally Shapiro & Johan Agebjörn music videos, in the best quality on the web, without ads
Sally Shapiro Mar 07, 2016
"People dance and have fun, to The Chase and Power Run"