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Pillar of Na
Such Things
Dark Arc
Saintseneca EP
Saintseneca Apr 14, 2019
last day of tour with @guster ! 😱chicago 2nite at the @therivchicago !! pic via @andrewjoshuacook & @monkee_oconke
Saintseneca Apr 13, 2019
Nice pic of Andy via @imprint_ent ! see y'all tonight in Grand Rapids at The Intersection with @guster
Saintseneca Apr 11, 2019
Big thanks to @dlaruemusic @snarlsband and all of you for making last night so special! Back on that @guster tonight in Covington, KY @madisontheater let’s rock
Saintseneca Apr 10, 2019
Big gig today! see y'all at Newport Music Hall w/ Dominique Larue and snarls
Saintseneca Apr 10, 2019
Beam smee up - to Charlotte NC we go! see ye at @neighborhoodtheatre w/ @guster
Saintseneca Apr 09, 2019
We're so glad y'all are digging our version of Wait A Minute, and thought it might be cool to share some other recordings for you to hear. This playlist has our take, as well as the original studio recording from the Seldom Scene's classic 1974 album Old Train, plus an updated take from their 2014 record on Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Long Time...Seldom Scene with some great commentary (featuring founding member Ben Eldridge's son Chris, whose own project Punch Brothers you may have heard of.) Then we have songwriter Herb Pedersen's studio recording from his 1976 album Southwest, plus a more recent live session with Chris Hillman for WAMU 88.5 - American University Radio's Bluegrass Country Radio. Enjoy!
Saintseneca Apr 08, 2019
Fish of the week 12
Saintseneca Apr 07, 2019
Florida friends 🐲see y'all tonight in Fort Lauderdale ! at Culture Room w/ @guster
Saintseneca Apr 06, 2019
nice gig pic from nashville -- via @jsommer_photography - Orlando tonight at @the_beacham w/ @guster doors are at 6 get here earleeee !
Saintseneca Apr 05, 2019
Big ol room tonite in ATL! see y'all @tabernacleatl w/ @guster ! happy fridee
Saintseneca Apr 05, 2019
Our new cover of Seldom Scene's “Wait A Minute” is out now on Spotify. Listen here, along with the rest of your favorites:
Saintseneca Apr 04, 2019
In case you missed it, our new single “Wait A Minute” is out now! This is one of our favorite Seldom Scene songs, and we’re so excited to share it with you all. Listen here:
Saintseneca Apr 03, 2019
Excited to share our cover of Seldom Scene's classic song (written by Herb Pedersen) “Wait A Minute.” Listen here:
Saintseneca Apr 02, 2019
Ashville, NC tonight w @okapi_scott at the @themothlight - see you there :-) doors at 8
Saintseneca Apr 02, 2019
bigggg show in Columbus on the 10th at Newport w/ Dominique Larue and Snarls. Tix at
Saintseneca Apr 02, 2019
Dark Arc came out 5 years ago today!!! dang... hard to believe. been in the van for 12 hrs today - plenty of time to reflect on the the weird wild ride it has been- thanks yall for listening 🌞❤️!!!!!
Saintseneca Mar 31, 2019
fish of the week 11 - tour continues tuesday in ashville at the mothlight in ashville!
Saintseneca Mar 29, 2019
📹see u tonight in dallas at @hobdallas ! w/ @guster !
Saintseneca Mar 28, 2019
Hello Austin ! we r here - see y'all tonight at @stubbsaustin with @guster !
Saintseneca Mar 28, 2019
Tour with @guster starts today!!! see yalll tonight in Houston at @theheightstheater ! doors at 7 ❤️
Saintseneca Mar 26, 2019
Lookin forward to the hometown gig w/ @snarlsband and @dlaruemusic ! see y'all next month
Saintseneca Mar 25, 2019
our tour w/ Guster starts on Wed!
Saintseneca Mar 22, 2019
HAPPY B DAY ANDY! 🎂🍡🍩enjoy your eatable arrangement
Saintseneca Mar 21, 2019
Fish of the week 10 this one kinda looks like a whale, but upside down it looks like an old man. freeeky
Saintseneca Mar 15, 2019
Fish of the week 9- 7 fishes. look for the eyes to find them