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SAINT MOTEL Dec 08, 2018
Seems fitting for this week’s Fan Appreciation Friday, this is an insane number! 246 million minutes on the ol’ Spotify 😳 Thank you so much for you continued love you beautiful creatures you 💙💙💙 #FAF #WeAppreciateYou
SAINT MOTEL Dec 06, 2018
Caught in the crosshairs 🔦 photo by Aly Fae Photography
SAINT MOTEL Dec 01, 2018
Fan Appreciation Friday returns with this wonderful illustration by @lriley17 🙌🎨#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Nov 26, 2018
Beaming up 🛸 Less than half of Mars missions actually make it, so send over your good vibrations for a successful outcome for InSight today! 🚀✨ photo by Alex Perkins
SAINT MOTEL Nov 24, 2018
Amazing “At Least I Have Nothing” artwork from @lancelot.the.cryptid for you on this Fan Appreciation Friday ✨🎨#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Nov 19, 2018
Out of the darkness ⚡️ photo by @mranathema
SAINT MOTEL Nov 16, 2018
Happy Fan Appreciation Friday! Today we have these “Move” inspired eyes by @2_mundos_de_laah 🌊👁👁🌊
SAINT MOTEL Nov 09, 2018
Time again for Fan Appreciation Friday! This week we present this super cool “Puzzle Pieces” inspired art by @emn.draws 🎨💙#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Nov 05, 2018
“I wrote this song with a good friend of mine, he cut me out and now I can’t sing a line. Sure I’m bitter, sure the whole thing hurts, but I guess it’s just time I learned...” #YoureNobodyTillSomebodyWantsYouDead Part 2 of the TWO saintmotelevision B-Sides:
SAINT MOTEL Nov 04, 2018
Late #FAF due to the B-Sides release but here is a beauty by @saintmotelupdates 🙌🎨💙 #FanAppreciationFriday
SAINT MOTEL Nov 02, 2018
“You might not see it but darling believe fine” Part ONE of the TWO #saintmotelevision #BSides check out the full version of “You Fine” here: 🎶
SAINT MOTEL Nov 01, 2018
Listen to the newly released "saintmotelevision" B-Sides here: Two B-Sides in honor of the Two Year SMTV Anniversary!
SAINT MOTEL Oct 30, 2018
Jumping with joy! Two unreleased SMTV “b-sides” coming out this week. Two year anniversary = Two B-Sides ✌️
SAINT MOTEL Oct 27, 2018
Hope you are having a spooky Fan Appreciation Friday! Here is some non-spooky and actually quite lovely art from @icantart, we think you very much CAN art 💙🎨 #FAF
SAINT MOTEL Oct 25, 2018
That was so much fun! Thanks again to everyone who came out. Excited for what we have in the works for next year... 🎶
SAINT MOTEL Oct 21, 2018
Two years ago today “saintmotelevison” was released. And while we are working like crazy to get next year’s album perfected, we decided to do something special. Two years, Two B-sides. Details coming soon but until then, happy #anniversary loves 💙📺💙
SAINT MOTEL Oct 20, 2018
Fan Appreciation Friday is back and today we have these three lovely pieces by @rebekahrendo 💙🎨 #FAF
SAINT MOTEL Oct 17, 2018
The parking lot at our studio’s been taken over by a retro-futuristic biker gang⚡️🏍🤖🏍⚡️
SAINT MOTEL Oct 16, 2018
Last night at the Ace in DTLA, DJing for a good cause at David Lynch’s Festival of Disruption 💃
SAINT MOTEL Oct 11, 2018
Been in a couple studios creating this album but today we get to play around in a room frequented by Sinatra, McCartney, hell...there’s even rumors they tracked some drums for “Thriller” in here 😱🎶
SAINT MOTEL Oct 05, 2018
Happy Fan Appreciation Friday everyone! Today we have this amazing “Destroyer” art from @monica_sketch 💔🙌
SAINT MOTEL Oct 04, 2018
Adding a “few” strings to the record today ;)
SAINT MOTEL Oct 02, 2018
When A/J and Dak combine to form A-Dak (or DakJay depending on who you ask) 🤛🤛🤜🤜 photo by @jimdonnellyphoto
SAINT MOTEL Oct 01, 2018
Some late #FAF for you made by @kitschh , here’s to the muses!💡🎨
SAINT MOTEL Sep 25, 2018
Wide angle vision 🔛 photo by @jimdonnellyphoto