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SAINT MOTEL Feb 19, 2019
The Scream 😱 photo by B. Barnéoud
SAINT MOTEL Feb 15, 2019
“You Can Be You” art for you on this Fan Appreciation Friday 🎨💙#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Feb 12, 2019
Just over the horizon 🌅🎶
SAINT MOTEL Feb 08, 2019
Happy Fan Appreciation Friday all, here is a stipple drawing by @leveluplesi made entirely with dots ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️🖤
SAINT MOTEL Feb 05, 2019
Neck massage 🎸
SAINT MOTEL Feb 01, 2019
Stay warm out there on this Fan Appreciation Friday, here is a “Local Long Distance Relationship” inspired sketch by @comicspools1031 🗽↔️🌴#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Jan 28, 2019
In the crosshairs #
SAINT MOTEL Jan 25, 2019
Lovely SMTV inspired artwork for you on this lovely Fan Appreciation Friday by Kenzie Bradley 💙📺🔥
SAINT MOTEL Jan 23, 2019
Now now now now now now now now X ♾
SAINT MOTEL Jan 15, 2019
Shine a little light on it 💡 photo by Nate Blvck Photo
SAINT MOTEL Jan 12, 2019
Spacey #FAF on this lovely Fan Appreciation Friday by @ch0fiaart 🙌🎨
SAINT MOTEL Jan 09, 2019
Lean into it⚡️ photo by Razy Faouri
SAINT MOTEL Jan 04, 2019
Fan Appreciation Friday is starting off strong this year with this amazing “You Fine” inspired art by the amazing Saint Motel Italia and @gloriabelardinelli 💙🎨#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Jan 02, 2019
It’s a long tunnel but the light at the end is brighter than ever and in 2019 it’s gonna shine friends 🎶🌞🎶 photo by @jasonw8photo
SAINT MOTEL Dec 22, 2018
For this Fan Appreciation Friday take a look at this meticulously perfect recreation of our music video for “Move” by these kids from Shih Chen University in Taiwan 🇹🇼#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Dec 20, 2018
Let the sounds rain down and wash away the silence 🎶⛈ photo by @aly.fae
SAINT MOTEL Dec 18, 2018
Spotlight city 🔦 photo by @aly.fae
SAINT MOTEL Dec 15, 2018
A cosmic Fan Appreciation Friday this week! NASA-JPL used “Move” as the wake up music for the Mars lander this week. This photo was taken by INSight’s robotic arm as Saint Motel was playing, which is out of this world AMAZING 🤯🙌🚀#FAF #MartianFAF
SAINT MOTEL Dec 08, 2018
Seems fitting for this week’s Fan Appreciation Friday, this is an insane number! 246 million minutes on the ol’ Spotify 😳 Thank you so much for you continued love you beautiful creatures you 💙💙💙 #FAF #WeAppreciateYou
SAINT MOTEL Dec 06, 2018
Caught in the crosshairs 🔦 photo by Aly Fae Photography
SAINT MOTEL Dec 01, 2018
Fan Appreciation Friday returns with this wonderful illustration by @lriley17 🙌🎨#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Nov 26, 2018
Beaming up 🛸 Less than half of Mars missions actually make it, so send over your good vibrations for a successful outcome for InSight today! 🚀✨ photo by Alex Perkins
SAINT MOTEL Nov 24, 2018
Amazing “At Least I Have Nothing” artwork from @lancelot.the.cryptid for you on this Fan Appreciation Friday ✨🎨#FAF
SAINT MOTEL Nov 19, 2018
Out of the darkness ⚡️ photo by @mranathema
SAINT MOTEL Nov 16, 2018
Happy Fan Appreciation Friday! Today we have these “Move” inspired eyes by @2_mundos_de_laah 🌊👁👁🌊