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In Shadows Lost from the Brave
Saint Deamon Official Jun 25, 2019
Jan Thore is ready to rock!
Saint Deamon Official Jun 22, 2019
If you like, you can pre-order "Ghost" on Amazon and iTunes.
Saint Deamon Official Jun 20, 2019
Saint Deamon Official Jun 18, 2019
Ram It Down Records
Saint Deamon Official Jun 16, 2019
All you great people who against all odds missed out on the last post... Here we go again🤘🤘😎 SAINT DEAMON- "Captain Saint D", taken from the upcoming album "Ghost" (out August 30, 2019). "Ram It Down Records"
Saint Deamon Official Jun 14, 2019
Alright friends! Here you have it. Hope you like the song as much as we do. See you out there on the roads🤘🤘🤘
Saint Deamon Official Jun 13, 2019
Ok our friends! Tomorrow we will release our first single in many years. We hope that you will like the song and we appreciate your patience, tomorrow it will be party all night long🤘🤘🤘
Saint Deamon Official Jun 12, 2019
...on Friday...
Saint Deamon Official Jun 09, 2019
On Friday, June 14, we release our new single. Meanwhile, we send out our last recorded video as we did on the song "oceans of glory". I think this video is recorded in 2011.
Saint Deamon Official Jun 06, 2019
June 14 is approaching🤘🤘🤘
Saint Deamon Official Jun 03, 2019
While waiting for our single release, we will send you back in time when we recorded our third video "Pandeamonium". This is in May 2009.
Saint Deamon Official May 31, 2019
Ok people, buckle up- the countdown has begun....🤘🤘🤘
Saint Deamon Official May 28, 2019
Studio time👍
Saint Deamon Official May 26, 2019
Thanks for all the nice comments and sharing when we published that we signed for Ram it Down records. It warms in our Deamon hearts.
Saint Deamon Official May 24, 2019
Okay, our Deamon friends. Finally!! With persistence and unquenchable will, We crossed oceans of challenges, and at last- found our “safe haven”. We are extremely pleased to announce the signing with “Ram It Down Records”. What hardly can have passed unnoticed, we’ve been working on our all-important third album for quite some time now, (10 years to be precise, goddamnit, time flies when you’re having fun) And now, finally- the stars must be aligned-time has come. All we can say is that we are beyond proud!! and want every SaintDeamon fan to be able to sink their ears into the new material as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more to come.. Thank YOU for persistence Thanks “RamItDown” for safe haven. Jan Thore, Toya, Nobby, Jarle and our new “brother in arms” Timo Hoffman Kudos to our friend at [email protected] for making us look as we feel 😎🤘
Saint Deamon Official May 19, 2019
Here is a picture from our first gig (I think). We warmed up for TNT.
Saint Deamon Official May 17, 2019
while waiting for our video release we get back to 2008 when we recorded ”brave never bleeds” in Jens Bogrens studio.
Saint Deamon Official May 13, 2019
I think this drummer plays jazz😁 ,, Or perhaps I can be wrong😜. Jarle Byberg plays the shit out of the drums on the upcoming album. Watch out!
Saint Deamon Official May 10, 2019
While waiting for our new video to be released. Here is our first video back in 2007..
Saint Deamon Official May 07, 2019
First draft of our new video🤘 release?? Soooon🤘
Saint Deamon Official May 04, 2019
Saint Deamon Official Apr 27, 2019
From last weekś videoshoot! #photobyjonas
Saint Deamon Official Apr 24, 2019
The reality of Tetris.
Saint Deamon Official Apr 22, 2019
What a night, what a shoot - thx to all included for all energy provided - this is going to be a blast!!!!!
Saint Deamon Official Apr 21, 2019
Video shoot!!