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Gsnt 3: The Troubled Times of Brian Carenard
Ready for Romance?
The Greatest Story Never Told - Chapter 2: Bread and Circuses
The Lab (feat. D12, Bizarre, Stat Quo, King Magnetic, GQ nothin' pretty, Saigon, Sean Price, Ruste Juxx, Block McCloud, Lazee, Clew Rock, Flexx, Nube, Magnum Coltrane Price, Adlib, Jessica Lamb, Anxious, Danny Diablo)
Who Want What (feat. Freeway, Saigon & Ras Kass) [Remixes]
The Greatest Story Never Told
The Bonus Story
All in a Day's Work
The Moral of the Story
Warning Shots, Vol. 2
The Raw
Welcome to Saigon
Welcome To Saigon
Saigon Dec 13, 2018
Very Very Very Important... NYC, Tri State Area PAY ATTENTION.... Please watch this video and contact Dr. Glenn Toby Dr. Glenn Sweety "G" Toby Ph.D @hamadimartin @thebbf For information on how U can LEND YOUR HELPING HAND..... Its the time of the year to be selfless and more giving in every way posssible..... God Bless U All... #bookbankfoundation #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Dec 12, 2018
Yo SMACK WHITE Where the Hell is Punch Bro.... Gotta get this funny ass nikka back on the scene.... This nigga is PURE COMEDY...
Saigon Dec 11, 2018
3 years ago today I met this gorgeous woman. We happened to be connected by something SUPER unlikely but it bought us SUPER close. Through Ups and Downs, offs and ons, in a and outside, she has been my Ryder for the past 3 years.. She's more than a Girlfriend, Friend, Lover or any of that... This is my RYDER. #3Years P.S. Middle Easter women are crazier than Latinas... #FactsOnly....
Saigon Dec 08, 2018
Wouldnt call it an Amazing Year... I havent put out any music in years but Im Thankful for the 300k ppl checking in, I'm not complaining at all but whose streaming these joints .. My 2 most Streamed songs are Come On Baby feat Jay Z and The Rules with Statik Selektah. Cool.... Weird to me....
Saigon Dec 08, 2018
What I visualize people doing with the music I write while I'm writing it.. Using it to teach the young ones. Still dont know why I always felt that responsibility as an artist... Oh Well.. #PainInMyLife #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Dec 06, 2018
New Artists/Producers.... Click the Link in my Bio... Build ya Profile, post ya Youtube/Soundcloud links. Build your BRAND & Get NEW fans and Get voted up to a Record Deal with the big boys.. #HipHopMyWay We not Playing in 2019.
Saigon Dec 02, 2018
Gangstas dont dance, we BOOGIE.. Tru Life is going what he call #TheLizzyShuffle and I'm doing a step called "The Bum Hip" cause I only got one hip that works because of a car accident, sooo I gotta improvise.. Go to YouTube now and check my bro Tru Life new video "Yan Yah" and stream that album "Walking On Water"... #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Dec 01, 2018
Bitwalk is the FUTURE..... Gotta check this out...
Saigon Nov 29, 2018
Super Great Meeting today with one of the REAL G.O.A.T.'s
Saigon Nov 28, 2018
Proud to have been a part of what many people say was the Best Show Ever Made... Wow... Ain't that some shit to tell ya Grandkids..... ๐Ÿ˜Ž Thank You @dougellin Jerry Ferrara @markwahlberg @gee.roberson And everyone else who made it possible.... Owwwww
Saigon Nov 27, 2018
This is that "Yo Kid Cudi, If U get caught with any of this shit, U aint get it from me" Pic........... Man on the Moon for real eh? lol #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 26, 2018
My new Project is called MY WAY.... As yall will see every song is MY this or MY that.... My last post is MY GUN, this joint is called MY GIRLS FACE, MY Streets, MY Sanity, MY Philosophy, MY Story...... Yall gonna love this project... I Promise... Soooo different #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 25, 2018
Dont get it twisted, there are good White Cops and Corrupt Black Cops.... I'm just a Boogie Down Production fan and this shit is kinda necessary...... True Hip Hop heads know #HipHopMyWay @teacha_krsone Thank You for Everything
Saigon Nov 23, 2018
White Cop on Black Friday..... SB: Not all Cops are bad Black or White but we gotta hold the Bad ones accountable.... #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 23, 2018
MOST Thankful for these 3.... Rayne, Lil B ans Milan..... And my Friends and Family. and remember, Blood makes U Related, Loyalty makes U FAMILY #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 22, 2018
Look what yall done Started. I'm at it. Shoutout @teacha_krsone For the LifeLong inspiration.... I tried to make music about NOTHING.. Shit dint work for me.... Leggo Moe Money - Moses Santana Iamrjpayne Where yall at.... HipHopMYWay
Saigon Nov 22, 2018
I asked if I should drop NEW music and due to an OVERWHELMING response and like 175+ comments saying YES... HERE U guys are ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ.. For the people who supported me over the years. SB: We MUST get rid of these GUNS in OUR Community. NEW SAIGON "My GUN" Produced by #DJCorbett Dir by @officialmikelo cut by @forthexperience Drop a ๐Ÿ”ฅ if u FEEL it.. #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 21, 2018
Should I Drop NEW Music ??????? I think the state of the WORLD needs it.. PPL need to LISTEN.... You cant be a RAPPER and a GANGSTER.. Just now how it works.... Tried to tell em. #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 21, 2018
Tune in to @hiphop_myway LIVE and check out the BEAST @lifeofmoemoney NOW .
Saigon Nov 17, 2018
It's Cold..... NYC 11/15/2018 #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 17, 2018
Go to HipHopMyWay.Com and VOTE Up the DOPEST new young MC outta Brooklyn... And follow him @lifeofmoemoney on IG and follow his story. #HipHopMyWay
Saigon Nov 16, 2018
This guy has the biggest head I ever seen on a human being... I was a fan of Terminator and Commando growing up so this was ill..... ๐Ÿคœ
Saigon Nov 15, 2018
My daughter is my favorite artist... She bout to build her profile at HipHopMyWay and ShEOENO ............... ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰ New Artist CLICK LINK IN BIO... start building ya BRAND.
Saigon Nov 14, 2018
Only thing I really miss about the music shit us performing live. Creating the music is cool too, but nothing like watching others enjoy it... The fake bullshit lying scumbags in the music business is the part I dont miss......
Saigon Nov 14, 2018
My guy @myleswilliam just bought it to my ATTN that I had 25k Followers on Spotify.... I didnt even realize what Spotify was until her explained it to me. I'm from the Affican Bootlegging my Mixtape Era... I had to ask him was that Good or Bad. He said it's good. I havent put out music in 5 years and People are still checking 4 me... Atleast 25k people... That's Dope.. #HipHopMyWay #ClickTheLink