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Said The Whale Apr 23, 2019
We have some exciting things brewing... Vancouver Courier News spilled the beans a couple days early and we love it!! EXTRA EXTRA read all about it:
Said The Whale Apr 23, 2019
The UnAmerican music video was nominated for a Leo Award today!! Congrats @johnnyajansen @foreshadowfilms @amazingfactory!! It’s the video that keeps on giving 🏆🏆🏆 @leoawardsbc
Said The Whale Apr 22, 2019
Hey Edmonton, how about this absolute dream lineup?? See you September 8! Ticket pre-sale starts tomorrow (password: ARTIST), general on sale April 26 🌲🌲🌲
Said The Whale Apr 21, 2019
Guess what the Easter bunny brought for us?? AN ONLINE MERCH STORE 🌲🌲🌲
Said The Whale Apr 20, 2019
MOONLIGHT is track 8 on our new album Cascadia. For some reason it feels appropriate to post this one today given the content of the vid...(for fans of behind-the-scenes trivia: this was Ben’s second complete take 😎😵🙃) A bit about the song: "It seems that everyone we know suffers from some form of darkness. It can be debilitating - even lethal at it’s worst. It’s astounding how our chemical makeup can control us and how the pressure we feel in daily life can pull us so far off course. It’s a personal thing and hard to express - but it’s real. Luckily in 2019, the stigma towards mental health is starting to fade away. There are people and organizations who devote themselves to supporting the struggles of others. It’s beautiful, and necessary, and without applause".
Said The Whale Apr 19, 2019
Band date night!!! @metric @julytalk @murray_a_lightburn 💛💛💛
Said The Whale Apr 18, 2019
The 10th anniversary of Islands Disappear lines up almost perfectly with our show at Malkin Bowl this September 6th. Every VIP ticket comes with a special edition vinyl re-release of the album pressed on translucent pink vinyl AND and intimate pre-show acoustic performance of a bunch of songs from that album AND an exclusive re-screen of a t-shirt from that era. (We are only pressing a very small amount of these vinyls, but if there are any left over from the VIP pressing we’ll sell them to the general public!) VIP tickets can be purchased here: 🌲🌲🌲
Said The Whale Apr 16, 2019
Director Johnny Jansen worked SO hard on this video. It has been nominated for the Prism Prize, which is decided on by a jury of industry professionals. BUT: you can weigh in, too. There is an Audience Award that you can vote for here: It takes about 3 seconds to vote, no sign up required. Let's show Johnny some love! He is neck-deep in the most INSANE video for Record Shop, and I'd love for him to pop his head up for air one day and find out that he won a sweet lil award <3 <3 <3
Said The Whale Apr 13, 2019
Happy Record Store day!! Today is a great day to go to a Record Shop near you and spend some money on music. #rsd2019 #recordstoreday #recordstoreday2019
Said The Whale Apr 13, 2019
Friday night lights with @natboltt / @wearethecity 💙💙💙
Said The Whale Apr 12, 2019
PLEASE SHARE!! We have started a GoFundMe to raise money for the schools at which we will be performing this Spring. 100% of the money will go directly to the school music programs at each host school (we will not be recouping any expenses). ***If you own or represent a business: we have tiered levels of sponsor benefits starting at $500, including logo placement on banners, social media mentions, and positioning in front of a large crowd at our Malkin Bowl show on Sept 6. (if you want more specific details on benefits we can send over a sponsorship information deck at your request). Think of it like advertising dollars for a good cause!! Any and all donations are greatly appreciated - it is our goal to present each host school with $1000 <3 <3 <3
Said The Whale Apr 11, 2019
Not your typical tour announcement, but that’s the way we like it: We will be playing at these 10 lower mainland schools this Spring in an effort to support young artists and raise money for their music programs. We are not being paid one cent for these shows - donating our time and all travel expenses. If you are a LOCAL BUSINESS and you would like to get involved with what we’re doing here, please DM us or email [email protected] and we can explain the entire scope of the project. This is just phase 1. 🌲📚🌲 We have set up a GoFundMe for those wanting to contribute to fundraising:
Said The Whale Apr 10, 2019
A very vibey poster for our Malkin Bowl show, illustrated by one of our fav local artists @anjajane. Get your tickets NOW if you want to be a part of this midsummer night to remember!!! Tickets:
Said The Whale Apr 09, 2019
Don’t let digital music kill the credits: this is Alex Bonenfant. He produced more than half of Cascadia. I met him on a train to Hamburg with a bunch of other music industry folks and we became fast friends. We joined the same hockey pool and made plans to record music via the chat feature inside that hockey pool, probably while negotiating a mutually beneficial trade. (Horvat for Burns?) As a producer he is a strong, calming presence. Confident and convincing in his ideas for how the songs should sound, and nurturing enough to talk you off the ledge when you wanna scrap the whole fucking thing and start over 😬 Alex was also the one who championed the idea of recording at Ben’s cabin on Gambier Island, which really set the tone for this record. We owe a great deal to this man. Love you @chucky_goodchild ! Let’s do it again sometime!
Said The Whale Apr 08, 2019
Cascadia has been out for 2 months now. Hopefully you’ve been able to spend some quality time with it. What’s your favorite song on the album and why?🌲🌲🌲
Said The Whale Apr 04, 2019
We tried to make some SuperCool™️ promo clips for our Malkin Bowl show on Sept 6 but the issue is: we are not super cool. Never have been, never will be. But we are embracing it these days and it feels good! Go get your tickets to see the dorks IRL. 🌲🤓🌲 Tickets here:
Said The Whale Apr 03, 2019
I am old enough to remember lining up outside music stores on release day, or even just casually spending an afternoon sifting through albums at my favorite record shop. My haunt was Teenage Rampage on E. Broadway in Vancouver. I used to ride my skateboard down there after school and chat up the people behind the counter. They would tell me about their favorite new bands, and I would spend every cent of my hard-earned money buying the albums. On super broke days they'd gift me and my friends sample mix tapes from Epitaph or Fat Wreck Chords or Spawner Records or whatever they had floating around. I consumed music with a voracious appetite, and discovered some amazing, formative stuff. If I remember correctly, one of the guys working at the shop also played in a band called The WPP. I got into his band, and went to one of their shows at the Langley Civic Centre. They rocked so hard that barely 2 minutes into their set, their bass cab came crashing through a giant window behind the stage and the show had to be shut down. I think Billy the Kid played that night too? ANYWAYS, my point is this: there was a time when we discovered music by going into a store and talking to a person. And sometimes it led to us seeing crazy shit like a bass amp smashing through a window and then watching 300 bummed-out punks filing into the streets of Langley looking for the next fun thing to do. Now, we discover music much differently. Some of the new discovery tools are great, don't get me wrong - I listen to my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify every week and almost always find something new that I love! It's an effective experience, and the algorithm is getting to know me quite well, but it's a bit...lonely. So if you've made it this far in the post, I'd love for you to do two things: first, I want to hear about a time when you discovered a new band by talking to a human (in real life) and how it led to something that never would have happened otherwise. Gimme your best story in the comments. And secondly, I implore you to visit a local, independent record store and talk to the person behind the counter. I GUARANTEE they will be super stoked to talk about music with you, and you might discover your new favorite band! One last digression - I took my two and a half year old son to Red Cat Records a while back and let him pick out a record. He chose the Moana soundtrack because it was a big fancy picture disc, so I made him put it back because it was like $35!! Fuck that! His second choice was an old Mickey Mouse Club record, which is way sweeter anyways. But honestly I can't wait till he says "screw you dad!" and listens to whatever he damn well pleases and I will have to just deal with it and try my best to maybe even like it. It wasn't going to be that day at Red Cat, and it sure as hell wasn't going to be a $35 Moana picture disc, but I DO hope that record stores survive long enough for him to really piss me off with some wack new shit that I don't understand, and I hope it leads him on an exciting adventure that ends in watching someone's bass amp come crashing through a window, or maybe even something cooler (if there IS anything cooler). LONG LIVE THE INDEPENDENT RECORD SHOP.
Said The Whale Apr 01, 2019
Look at these April Fools.
Said The Whale Mar 29, 2019
Found a vid of Jayce recording my fav part of Record Shop. If you’re wondering why the piano sounds all effed up in the recording of the song it’s because @stevebays put a really aggressive autotune on the entire piano track - since the piano wasn’t really in tune with itself, the autotune plugin is pushing and pulling the pitch of the whole take and it kinda gives that tape warble effect. Steve added the effect half-jokingly but then we all loved it. 🌲🎛🌲
Said The Whale Mar 27, 2019
I‘m taking some liberties with this lovely quote from Apple Music's official review of Cascadia. 🌲🤷🏻‍♂️🌲 (See for yourself:
Said The Whale Mar 26, 2019
A baptism, of sorts. SHAME is track five on our new album, Cascadia. The song is in response to the #metoo movement, which has been a powerful learning experience for most men. This song was largely inspired by Dan Harmon and his response to being called out for workplace harassment by a former female employee. If you didn’t follow that story, I urge you to google it - the entire situation was dealt with gracefully by both sides, and a lot of what Dan had to say was particularly resonant for me as a man. When speaking about the details of his harassment on his podcast, he said “I want [this story] to sound relatively unremarkable to you, because that’s the danger” and finished by urging listeners to “just think about it - no matter who you are or what position you have over or under somebody - just think about it....If we can make it a normal part of our culture that we think about it and possibly talk about it - then maybe we can get to a better place where that stuff doesn’t happen”. So that’s what this song is. It’s an invitation to think about gender and power dynamics, and a reminder of the importance of listening to women.
Said The Whale Mar 24, 2019
If you are on our email list, check yer junk mail. And then add [email protected] to your contacts so we never get filtered again! 📬
Said The Whale Mar 22, 2019
While we were recording Cascadia it became abundantly clear that Brad is one of the best drummers in this country (not that we had any doubts before!). He tracked most of the songs in less than 3 takes, and had sometimes only heard the demo that same day. Brad will tell you “there are some drum mistakes on this record” to which I will reply “there is drum FEEL on this record”. He’s a perfectionist - he treats drumming like an Olympic sport, and it shows. He’s 🥇in our hearts, baby! We share Brad with @scotthelman, @thereklaws, @runningvioletofficial, @iskwe and many more, and I know all of those artists would say the same about him. #BradleyAppreciationDay
Said The Whale Mar 21, 2019
Hey! If you like receiving long-winded emails (sometimes with cute pics attached) you should head to our website right now and sign up for our email list. Drafting one up this afternoon. 🌲💌🌲
Said The Whale Mar 21, 2019
If you wrote in to say you wanted us to come play at your high school in the Greater Vancouver Area, we are replying to emails right NOW. Stay tuned. This is turning into something much bigger than anticipated and we are very excited. 🤓🤓🤓 (If you didn’t get an email into us yet, there is still time. Read our previous post for details). Also: is there anything sassier than the scrunched up face of a high school girl? Jayce fuckin nailed it. 💁🏻‍♀️