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Sage Francis at Virginia Street Brewhouse (October 4, 2019)
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Sage Francis Aug 22, 2019
I like guns more than control. But I like gun control. Much 💜 to Prolyphic.
Sage Francis Aug 14, 2019
Modern Science.
Sage Francis Aug 13, 2019
We lost a warrior of a woman last week. The kids I grew up with knew her as the school nurse. I knew her as Grandma. She followed me from school system to school system, which means I couldn’t really fake my way out of any classes. I was always her Paulie, but eventually I was her “travelin’ man.” She got a big kick out of that. All of my travels and everything I've been able to do since just being her little Paulie; her first grandchild and only grandson. Being a traveling man comes with its fair amount of downsides though, which is why I wasn't able to attend her funeral service in Florida today. Wish I could have been there for her, my mom, and the rest of my family. It hasn't been easy, but it's not nearly as difficult as what she's gone through the past several years, so don't dare take this as a complaint on my part. Her suffering is over, and that's important. She was also able to meet the woman I'll be marrying this November. I told her the wedding date before leaving for the UK and she said, "Oh, honey...I don't think I'm going to be able to make that." I swallowed the truth of that statement in all its implications and did my best to let her know how well things are working out in my new weird world of family life. The ringer on my fiance's finger was given to me by my Grandmother a couple years ago, and we were lucky enough to show her its new home when they met last summer. That's a blessing all in itself. My Grandma, the silent warrior. Never very vocal about her hardships, but always acknowledging those of others. She absorbed life's punches and just kept on kicking ass as the women in my family tend to do. I'm so incredibly lucky to have been raised by people like that. Handling their business. Handling their lumps. Handling their pain and losses like bosses. I really hope the whole journey was more pleasure than pain when all was said and done. Let's do our best to make sure the people in our lives who deserve that receive that. I guess that's my final takeaway here. Rest easy and in eternal peace, Grandma Joyce. Thank you for all the love and care you provided. I have a feeling you know how much you're loved and missed. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Sage Francis Aug 01, 2019
Pretty vinyl, nasty music.
Sage Francis Jul 30, 2019
Some clever bastid was probably like, “Huh, dn?......that must be short for down. Definitely cuz, see, there’s a downward arrow. I got this.”‬ 👏PRUH👏MOTE👏THIS👏MAN. Anyway, we’re here England! R u dn wit da Epic Beard Men?
Sage Francis Jul 21, 2019
It’s probably not the best idea to get tatted up the day before an overseas trip, but they run a tight ship here and it’s very serious business. I’m in capable hands, folks. They’ll have to fill it all in upon my return though. Let the healing begin. 🙏🏻
Sage Francis Jul 19, 2019
I think I just made a friend with a random elderly woman on #WordsWithFriends today. I don’t know why that gets me so pumped. And that’s not even the best part of the day. Have a great weekend, weirdos! I'm off to Europe.
Sage Francis Jul 18, 2019
#TBT to the night before the #CopperGone tour in 2014. I'm officially in "write on your hand to remember everything before it's too late because you know you'll forget something important otherwise" mode. As I am before every tour. See you soon Germany, Slovenia, Croatia & UK!
Sage Francis Jul 13, 2019
Bask in the glory of this majestic reversible jersey on this blessed Caturday. What are YOUR offerings?! 🙏🏻
Sage Francis Jul 11, 2019
We made a song called "Crumbs in Every Bag" with Eligh of the Living Legends. We just released the music video for it today. You should listen, view, share, and celebrate with us. These are all FACTS. Epic Beard Men! #ThisWasSupposedToBeFun
Sage Francis Jul 07, 2019
The calm before the storm never felt so nervous.
Sage Francis Jun 27, 2019
"tHiS iS wHy wE CaN't HaVe NiCe tHiiiiiiiiiiiNgSSSSS!" #DemocraticDebate
Sage Francis Jun 25, 2019
When a 3 year old and 5 year old are constantly asking you questions, you want to do your very best to educate them while also accepting that you don’t know everything. So sometimes you have to say that pink chalk comes from pink skeletons. But then they get very scared and that’s a horrible idea.
Sage Francis Jun 25, 2019
5 year anniversary and 500,000 meows.
Sage Francis Jun 21, 2019
Sage Francis Jun 19, 2019
Sage Francis Jun 18, 2019
More heart than horns.
Sage Francis Jun 16, 2019
Strange Famous Records
Sage Francis Jun 13, 2019
We (the almighty Epic Beard Men) end our year of touring in Europe and the UK this summer. All info in the comments section. Hopefully the tariffs on fun aren't too crazy.
Sage Francis Jun 08, 2019
Our "Pistol Dave" video just hit 69,000 views. (niiiiiiice...) Should be 690,000 but who's counting?!
Sage Francis Jun 07, 2019
#ProTip for music openers: Chill on the banter between every song. This is not your "Behind The Music" moment. UNLESS you need a lot of filler due to the fact that you don't have enough music to speak for itself during your short set. That, in itself, speaks way more than the banter.
Sage Francis Jun 06, 2019
In this edition of #ThrowbackThursday we point out the outrageous fact that Copper Gone has turned 5 years old. What?! Can't be true. But it is. As part of the celebration, and as a thank you to our fans (some of whom have been around since the 90s...and boy does time fly) we are going to include a free copy of Copper Gone with other orders all month at We just finished moving the entire record label into the house I used to live in, and it's the same place where I recorded the album. Same place I grew up. That ol' Fortress of Solitude...why can't I quit youuuuuuu?! Each package will also include a ghost or two. We're really trying to clear the place out of all unnecessary items.
Sage Francis Jun 04, 2019
The 5 year anniversary of my #CopperGone album comes with a fair bit of serendipity. If you’re familiar with the album, you know that a lot of it revolves around my childhood home...a snug fortress of solitude in a wooded area of northern Rhode Island. As I mention in “Escape Artist,” I eventually purchased it from my Mother. I ended up spending a lot of time in that house throughout my 30s. Perhaps too much time at certain points…something that’s fully addressed on #MakeEmPurr. Due to extraneous circumstances beyond any of our control, I had to abandon that house at the end of last year in order to create a home. A safe and happy home with the loves of my life. On one hand it was a difficult decision to make, but on the more reasonable hand it was the easiest decision to make. Rather than try to rent or sell my old house (or literally knock it down…which was the most likely option considering all the work it needs in order to start over,) I decided to move my record label into it. Strange Famous Records is now living in the home where I recorded Copper Gone along with a lot of other material (some of which dates back to the 80’s.) We can *barely* fit all of our product into the limited space of the rooms, but we’re nothing if not resourceful, adaptive, and resilient at SFR. If I had more time on my hands, and greater liberty to discuss my situation without compromising those I care about, I’d share a lot more details about the album, the house, the label, and everything else that’s brought me to this point. You don’t need that though. And that’s the truth. I just need to share the fact that my youngest solo album turns 5 years old today and Daddy is so proud of what’s come of his little baby. For those not in the know: I’d be a real piece of garbage if I didn’t take a bit of time to shout out the people who continue to help Strange Famous do what it does as an indie label. It goes beyond the artists and the fans but, yes, you are all awesome. We are so thankful to have been working with you and/or supported by you for 20+ years. But SPECIFICALLY I’m talking about people like Storm Davis, the label manager, who somehow is able to make sense of things I’ve long lost the ability to quantify in an increasingly impossible music industry. He holds so much weight on his shoulders when it comes to our operation while coordinating things I simply don’t have the energy or mental capacity for anymore. A decade ago I’d probably scoff at myself for saying such a thing, but that guy really didn’t know as much as he thought. And that’s OK. This is life, this is growth, this is moving on. Additional praise goes to volunteers such as Matt Rego and Hugo Lopez for giving so much of themselves to Strange Famous over the years while dealing with all variations of critters in the corners of the haunted walls of this dead end house. Onward and upward, strange fam. Thank you to everyone who has allowed us to do what we do despite all of the odds. “COPPER…GONE… I had to take my time. To get my life together. Put everything in line. SAGE…FRANCIS… No need for me to tell 'em. I’m from the Epic Beard Men. I’m steady representin' STRANGE…FAMOUS… And slow and steady wins the race, fuckfaaaaaaace!”
Sage Francis May 27, 2019
One more time for the people in the back, it's Daaaaaave:
Sage Francis May 22, 2019
Boss: Your productivity levels have dipped as of late. We’re not really sure why, but we’re gonna need you to step things up a notch. Me:...