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Sage Francis Dec 10, 2018
A collaboration between two of the newest artists on Strange Famous has resulted in trippy video. Views, likes, and shares always appreciated, strange fam. 🤜🤛
Sage Francis Dec 10, 2018
Paralysis of productivity is real and awareness needs to be raised. It's when you have the most things to do in the shortest amount of time. Everyone who suffers from it should have a local TV news segment where a camera zooms in on their slack jawed face as it works its way into an ugly cry. For amusement and/or crowdsourcing purposes. This is going to my pitch to Shark Tank. Wish me well. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sage Francis Dec 03, 2018
Christmas is really trying to give Halloween a run for its money these days.
Sage Francis Nov 29, 2018
My forever grudge is a helluva grudge. Bless those who are able to forgive the unforgivable.
Sage Francis Nov 28, 2018
Makes more sense than “Cyber Monday” I guess.
Sage Francis Nov 28, 2018
Sage Francis Nov 21, 2018
I just stumbled across this video clip from when I played Turkey 6 years ago and had a good laugh. I had a "handler" who was designated to keep me safe from any and all messes. May you all have your own handler this Turkey Day. Because y'all are a mess.
Sage Francis Nov 21, 2018
Since I’m home for this holiday period we’ve decided I’m available enough to write personalized messages on whatever you decide to get for yourself or a loved one. Details in the link. 💜
Sage Francis Nov 20, 2018
I wore this shirt while touring. We only made one of them as a prototype of sorts. We didn't expect people to be interested in a "work shirt," but people kept asking me where they could pick one up. I finally have an answer for that: I must say, the threads are very official. Official enough to wear to things like: * job interviews * Thanksgiving sleepovers * wedding reception dance battles * jury duty * PTA meetings * Trader Joe's parking lots * election booths * Korean cat cafes * impromptu ciphers at hip hop funerals * uninsured trampoline parks * senior prom (if you're a security guard or chaperone) * midnight mass and/or Bohemian Grove * Scientology stress test centers * arm wrestling championships * demolition derbies * AA graduation ceremonies * Chumbawamba karaoke contests * presidential press conferences (I'm listing this one last as it's not likely you'll have this opportunity considering it's been 641 days since the last presidential press conference.) If you made it this far down the list, CONGRATS! I hope you never tire of all the winning.
Sage Francis Nov 19, 2018
Thank you to everyone who helped make today as special as it was for me. Considering how I'm in my purring years, I spend every birthday grateful of the fact that I've lived long enough to learn. Still living, still learning. Hoping to continue that pattern for as many trips around the black hole Sun as possible. In light of that, here's a new song I did for Seez Mics' album #LiveLongEnoughToLearn on Strange Famous Records. "Welcome to the beginning of the middle of the end..."
Sage Francis Nov 16, 2018
The first time someone interviewed me on the radio was in 1999 on Seez Mics' show in DC. In 2018 we are releasing his album on my record label. TODAY. It's called "Live Long Enough to Learn" and it's been a long time coming. It features contributions by Slug, Open Mic Eagle, Prolyphic, Aupheus, Cool Poindexter, Uncle Sage, and many more. So...I'm just going to leave this here for now and let you do what you will with this info. But then I'll return to make sure you did the right thing. Huge congrats to the fellow beard. Strange Famous...'til the grave shaves ussss!
Sage Francis Nov 15, 2018
One month from today I'll be in NYC playing my only solo show of 2018 opening for my favorite punk band, The Dead Milkmen. After that it's back to focusing on Epic Beard Men 24/7, but this is definitely a bucket list item. And it will help pay for all the toys I've been keeping my eye on. Double win fire emojis.
Sage Francis Nov 13, 2018
Play with the stinger, get stung. We celebrate Scorpio season 'round these parts, potna.
Sage Francis Nov 13, 2018
And as they say...
Sage Francis Nov 12, 2018
When Kevin from The Office looked in the camera and said, “It’s just nice to win one.” I felt that.
Sage Francis Nov 06, 2018
Not only did I VOTE, but I followed that grand civic duty by visiting YouTube and Reddit to downvote everything I don't like. Not all heroes wear capes...but I do.
Sage Francis Nov 05, 2018
Sage Francis Nov 01, 2018
In this edition of Throwback Thursday: It’s a beautiful day for Fall cleaning. I discovered the OG laser tag guns in my attic. I don’t imagine they let kids run around school with these anymore, but I can remember some exhilarating recess battles. I can also remember when a classmate brought a "dud grenade" to show-and-tell. It was a legit grenade and the teacher was like, "Hmmmm....OK, let's put this away just...just in case." I'm interested in the kind of stories some of you may have experienced in school which would definitely not fly these days.
Sage Francis Oct 31, 2018
Have a friggin'....supa Halloween. I worked out all year to make this costume work. Be safe out there!
Sage Francis Oct 31, 2018
I'm currently recording an album with one of my favorite producers ever. This producer is not interested in being named or credited, so I will respect that (unless the secretive approach changes) as we continue to bounce demos back and forth. I have no idea when I could possibly release this material due to other professional/scheduling/life conflicts, but this is what we call a “big market tease.” Even though I’m pretty sure we’ll avoid and/or get ignored by big markets. 2018 has been mean...mean...mean. It'll be an interesting 2019. In 2020...expect the hindsight, highly edited, rolling credit section of the screen.
Sage Francis Oct 29, 2018
National Cat Day! Had to help celebrate it in some official way.
Sage Francis Oct 29, 2018
8 years ago I was touring western Canada when I woke up to voicemails about my Dad passing away unexpectedly. I flew home to see him donned in a Red Sox jersey accompanied with a couple bottles of beer in his casket. I was like, "huh...wish I was included in the decision making here, but...nice." It would be nice if I could call him right now and share some choice words about baseball being a pain in the ass, but the Red Sox are champions once again and I'll never apologize for being a New England "homer." #GentlemansSweep
Sage Francis Oct 28, 2018
She wanted to confront her fears by watching the horror films that traumatized her as a kid. The rest of the night looked a lot like this. #ConfrontationalTherapy #HalloweenActivities #ItWorked #LoveIsScary #ILoveIt
Sage Francis Oct 28, 2018
As I state in "Three Sheets to the Wind," I get my 6th sense of direction from my mother. But I also get my regular sense of direction from my mother. Awful. It's a miracle that we were able to survive this long and not end up wandering through the wilderness aimlessly before GPS came about. 🙏
Sage Francis Oct 24, 2018
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